New moon in Leo and its impact on the 12 moon signs

New moon in Leo and its impact on the 12 moon signs


New Moon is going to move into the Leo sign on 18th August 2020. This is going to be a period of good financial growth, in general, for all the natives belonging to the 12 moon signs.

You will be confident to handle the challenges that might surface, in this period and also to outshine others in a healthy competitive spirit.

A check on attitudinal changes is advised, as you may tend to become overconfident, aggressive and boastful, during this New Moon in Leo phase.

You will take the risks, accept big challenges and will lead the pack , in times of crises, in order to find out likely solutions to the problem at hand, but you must remain grounded, to derive favors of this period.

The natives, at large, will command good respect in society and will earn good name and fame along with superior monetary benefits. Still, health will demand attention, during this period.

Nonetheless, specific results for all the 12 moon sign natives will differ basis the house in which this event will take place for them and also with regard to the association with the particular moon sign lord.

New moon in Leo for Aries moon sign

New Moon in Leo for Aries moon sign natives is going to be in the 5th house. This placement makes the natives a little restless. They want to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities to keep themselves occupied, else a feeling of distress may set in.

During this time, you will share close relationships with your children. Spending quality time with them will be your priority. In love and marital life, sexual pleasures will enhance the strength of your relationship.

Love life will be dynamic with flavors of expression. Overall, you will work for the betterment of your family and give due respect to their needs and desires.

In financial aspect, you will gain from speculative investments, done in an informed fashion. Impulsiveness decisions, on the other hand, must be avoided to evade loss of income, during this time.

Attitudinal changes may tend to disturb the peace in your life, if not handled well. Shrewd disposition could be a big roadblock in attaining personal and professional success, so be wary of such tendencies, during the New Moon in Leo phase.

Overall, gains from chosen profession are indicated, but hard work and concentration will be required, as you will be more focused towards the growth and happiness of your children, during this time.

New moon in Leo for Taurus moon sign

For Taurus moon sign, New Moon in Leo will take place in the 4th house. During this time, there are good changes for you to get inheritance from your mother.

Domestic happiness will be there, where harmony and mutual respect among family members will help build and maintain the peace. A close check on mother’s health will be required, during this time. Attention towards wealth accumulation through right sources and means will also be needed, for a pleasant period.

You may purchase some property, land or vehicle for your family, during the time of this New Moon in Leo phase. Relationship with spouse will be healthy and full of affection for Taurus moon sign natives, at this time. Love expression will be guarded but will be displayed, time-to-time.

Honor, respect and good association with government bodies or officials will ensue, at this time. This will bring about good income gains, in the long-term.

You must keep a check on your arrogance, which, at times, could prove harmful for your personal and professional attainments. Taurus natives may want to consider a greater focus on developing family-led business, during this time, as this is indicated to give out superior results.

New moon in Leo for Gemini moon sign

New Moon in Leo for Gemini moon sign natives will transit in their 3rd house. Moving in your house of communication and siblings, New Moon is going to hinder the pace of your relationship with your siblings.

You will be highly creative and intelligent, at this time, which will help you in getting through your set goals and achievements in professional life. Gains from work life are evident, as you will dare to take risks, but with a tactical approach, thus increasing your profits from professional endeavors.

Your love for travelling will improve, at this time, and you will go places to attend to work commitments and also cater to personal obligations, at times.

These journeys will largely be short distance trips, which will offer you good opportunities to expand your trade and spend time with your family, basis the nature of these journeys.

Apart from being daring, you will be generous enough to help your colleagues to have a fairly competitive environment, at workplace.

Workplace relationships will be cordial, at this time and familial relations will also be cordial, excluding the one you share with your siblings, which will witness some ups and downs.

You need to keep in check your dominating attitude, which could be the primary reason for the differences between you and your siblings.

New moon in Leo for Cancer moon sign

Cancer moon sign natives will have the New Moon in Leo positioned in their 2nd house. You will be spendthrift, in general, and would tend to spend on catering to the demands of your near and dear ones.

Your large-heartedness could deter the pace of your financial growth, during this time, so you need to watch out for your wasteful expenditures, to improve savings for a stable time in future.

You need to take care of your personal relationships, especially the one with your spouse, as challenges will be there in your marital life, during this period. Logical and tactful approach will help you in restoring the integrity of your conjugal relationships, during this time.

You are likely to get good gains from your mother, during this period. Inheritance from maternal side, is indicated, for some of you, during this New Moon in Leo period.

Financially, this will be a superior period. Income gains from career related to government or from influential positions will be there, during this period. Still, you need to keep a check on your expenditures, as chances of becoming overgenerous are high, at this time.

New Moon in Leo for Leo moon sign

For Leo moon sign natives, New Moon in Leo is going to take place in the lagna or ascendant house. You will be quiet confident and vigorous in your disposition, at this time.

However, laziness and irritability may also tend to engulf you, at times, during this period. These changes in your personality need to be taken care of extremely well, so that you do not harm anybody and yourself too with your errant and precarious tendencies.

Your focus on your professional life will be highly favorable in giving you good financial gains, during this phase of New Moon in Leo. Hard work will bestow you with enormous gains, but you need to keep your conscience clear.

On the other hand, self-indulgence and fake efforts will lend you nowhere and you may tend to incur losses, by following unfair means and practices, at tis ti8me.

The personal life of Leo moon sign natives will be healthy, marked with trust and affection, but you need to ensure dedication and loyalty in all relationships to sustain the environment of harmony, at home.

Health will require check, during this time, as your inconsistent temperate can lead to stressful situations, further impacting your physical and mental health in a negative way.

New Moon in Leo for Virgo moon sign

The event of New Moon in Leo will happen in the 12th house of Virgo moon sign natives. During this period you need to take care of your relationship with your father, more carefully.

Though there would be gains from professional front and personal life will also be more or less stable, you will be under some stress due to your unstable relationship with your father. This will reflect on your broader outlook and may hinder the pace of your growth.

It would be advisable to avoid unnecessary arguments with your father and be respectful towards him to maintain the integrity of your relationship.

While, you will earn well, you will also tend to spend, as much, so a check on expenditure is required to avoid financial stringency, in this period.

Professional endeavors will be gainful but efforts will be required on all grounds to attain success in career. Foreign connection will bring in greater benefits, at this time, so channelize your energies in this direction to expand your gains.

Foreign trip or abroad settlement is indicated, at this time, but it can only be realized with your determination and hard work.

New Moon in Leo for Libra moon sign

Libra moon sign natives will witness New Moon in Leo in their 11th house. You will have the intellect to pursue larger goals in life and to prove your mettle to the world.

You will not be afraid of the enemies and will take upon the challenges with aplomb. Competitors will be wary of you and you will have the guts to take risks which will prove beneficial, in the long term.

Both personal and professional relationships will be gainful, at this time. On personal front, you will have the support of your parents and spouse in chasing your ambitions.

On professional aspect, you will get good benefits from the chosen work field. Few efforts will be required to convert the odds into realities and mint immense income gains through courage, wisdom and commitment.

Still, support of co-workers, seniors and family members will be rather significant in achieving the desires of personal and work life.

Some sudden opportunities in career is bring about fruitful returns, something of the level that you haven’t even expected. So, be prepared for such surprising turn of events, during this time, which will lead to positive changes in life.

New Moon in Leo for Scorpio moon sign

For Scorpio moon sign natives, New moon in Leo is going to take place in the 10th house. This will be a flourishing period for the Scorpio natives.

You will have good gains in business or job and will derive good benefits through self-efforts. Dependence on others during this time can be detrimental for your career, so follow your instincts but think carefully before finalizing any deal.

Job change, increments, salary hikes, business expansion plans will thrive, during the period of New Moon in Leo for Scorpio moon sign natives.

Overall, this will be a prosperous period, where destiny will lend good support to your efforts, but you just need to be careful about becoming too unperturbed about things, else realities could hit you bit harshly.

This period will bestow you with good health, besides superior wealth. Support and guidance of parents will be there at each and every step, during this time.

You will grow your network, during this time and will make new friends due to your affable attitude and optimistic disposition.

New Moon in Leo for Sagittarius moon sign

You will get benefits according to the intensity of efforts that you put in, during the time of New Moon in Leo, as it get itself positioned in your 9th house of fortune.

Sagittarius natives need to be rather alert to grab the opportunities in time, during this time, to maximize the gains that are indicated, in this period.

You will have the comforts of home and wealth, and in career, you will make good profits through your hard work and perseverance. Religious disposition, developed during this time, will enhance further, and will be of help in making sane decisions in career and in personal life, too, aiding in bringing about positivity in your relationships.

You will be wise and knowledgeable to think through the possibilities that will surface, during this time and make lucrative pronouncements, accordingly.

Sudden opportunities could arise, which will be rather fruitful. Plus, long trips, related to work will ensue, which will offer desired prospects in a platter for you. You must grab these opportunities at the right time, for superior results in future.

New Moon in Leo for Capricorn moon sign

New Moon in Leo will occur in the 8th house of sudden events for Capricorn moon sign natives. During this time, your health will require greater attention. You will need stay away from stressful situations and follow healthy eating habits for a hale and hearty period.

Acidity, inflammation of stomach will be some common disorders that can trouble you, at this time. Problems in personal life and relationships will also give increase stress and anxiety. Lack of harmony on marital and love will be the primary source of distress, for you, during this period.

Heated arguments, verbal combats and misunderstandings will test the strength of your relationships, during this time. So, you need to be careful about not stretching matters too long if you do care for your relations, which will be at stake.

Professionally, too, it will be a dull period, though things will be largely stable but no major triumphs will be there, during this time.

You will be restless, all this while and this will show on your overall attitude and demeanor. As a result if all these challenges, your wealth prospects will also suffer. Caution is advised in all financial matters, and investments must be made with higher level of due diligence, or should be avoided, if there is no criticality attached to it.

New Moon in Leo for Aquarius moon sign

For Aquarius moon sign natives, New Moon in Leo is going to take place in the 7th house. You will have a difficult time in dealing with your professional and personal relationships, during this period.

Aquarius natives need to ensure that misunderstandings in their conjugal life do not escalate to severe levels, and harmony must be maintained, under all circumstances.

Expressions of love and affection will be missing, in your marital life, at this time, but care for each other will remain intact. You must capitalize on this aspect to let your relationship stand the challenges of this transitory period.

You will be required to pay attention towards your personal health and well-being, at this time. Finances will be good, but only if you plan things wisely and effectively.

You need to handle your competitors with care, in business or job, as they will try to pull you down, during this period. Haste must be avoided and calculative approach should embraced for better results.

Luck will favor your prospects in foreign land or you will achieve success in this period through some foreign connection – be it some business, project, company or client.

New Moon in Leo for Pisces moon sign

This event will take place in the 6th house of Pisces moon sign natives. Focus on career will be required, during the time of New Moon’s movement in Leo.

Health will put forth some challenges in your path, which can derail your interest in professional attainments and personal growth, too. Still, you will be required to show the strength of your will-power, to overcome such situations and give due attention to your career.

You will have keen interest in areas of healing and alternative medicine and if you want to pursue these fields professionally, you will get good gains from it, in the long-term.

Your career will offer you some good opportunities but have to show up at the right time, to grab these prospects which anticipated to bring in favorable results in future.

You must be in a good frame of mind, all this time, to take wise decisions which will bring in harmony, peace and success in your personal and professional life.

Optimistic disposition, pious thoughts and positive approach will be your tools to win over any situation in life, at the time of New Moon’s transit in Leo.