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Full moon in Gemini

Full moon

The Full Moon on January 20, 2020 is sterling for completing a long term goal. The January 2020 Full Moon in Gemini will enable you turn your dreams into a real picture as you’ll get plentiful of opportunities for the same.

Full moon brings a period of climax and release. According to Vedic Astrology, this phase of Moon is considered to be auspicious in different cultures.

On one hand, Full moon can bring positive outcomes and on other hand, odds of shakeouts, debility and major changes are also there- if you’re ready for it!

Let’s discuss the impact of Full Moon on all 12 Moon signs

 Aries: Your Relation with siblings will get enhanced

Lord of the Forth house is transiting into third house. Third house is associated with speech, short travels, writing and creative skills. It is also considered as the house of siblings.

 The significance of Third House becomes more relevant as it creates a tendency to put self efforts in almost all areas of life. However, the placement of Moon in the Third House may make you a bit restless as Moon is the fastest moving planet in the entire solar system.

 But proper initiatives put in the right direction will balance out this situation. Relation with siblings will get enhanced and you’ll be more comfortable sharing thoughts and emotions with each other.

Positivity will prevail in almost every arena of life. Creative writing might offer an excellent career for the Aries natives. Short travels are likely and these would wind up amazingly productive.

At the same time, Moon is making an aspect at the Ninth House of Aries moon sign. Ninth house basically enhances a native’s fortune as it is the house of Fortune and Good luck.

It also makes a native religiously inclined. Hence, there is a high possibility of you building an unimaginable fascination for spiritualism. Your stars will favor your endeavors in all possible ways and you’ll get the fruits of your hard work.

 Long journeys are also initiated during the same phase and these would humongous gains and income opportunities.

 Taurus:  Your siblings will offer you support in all possible ways

Here, Moon has the lordship of the Third House and it is moving into your Second house. Due to the impact of this planetary placement, your communication skills will offer you some productive career prospects.

You’ll witness an enhancement in your confidence level and you’ll turn out as a strong individuality. Your siblings will offer you support in all possible ways and there won’t be any major issues at this end.

Wealth-wise, you will not face as such challenges or hurdles. Each and every effort of yours will be taken into consideration and you’ll receive desired monetary gains.

Accumulation of wealth is quite likely in this month. In case, your eyes were on your heritage property since a long time, you’ll receive uplifting news this month. Short journeys are initiated out and these could either be regarding work or leisure purpose. The same factor will enhance your financial stability as well as family co-ordinance by great means and actions.

Moon has an aspect over Eighth house of Taurus moon sign. This house brings with it sudden opportunities as well as challenges with the same strength. It surfaces hidden things and knowledge.

Due to this aspect, you may get influenced by deep studies and research work. You’re likely to build keen inertest in fields related to Astrology and occult sciences.

Health-wise, you shall remain extra careful. You should likewise manage your relationships with patience and perseverance.

 Gemini:Family relations seem pretty much cordial

Ruling over your Second house, Moon is supposed to transit in its own moon sign. Gemini, this Full Moon in Gemini will make you intellectually strong.

Your personality will get enhanced and you’ll emerge as a strong individual with positive mindset and specific skill set.

Family relations seem pretty much cordial. You won’t confront any kind of major challenges on home front. Rather, your house mates will offer you all kinds of support and assistance in every possible situation.

They’ll be extremely comprehensive and will value your professional life and busy schedule. Finances –wise, this period is promising handsome income opportunities for the natives.

 You wouldn’t get disappointed by any means as there are going to be a whole lot of wonderful chances for each one of you. Just keep going in the right direction, everything will be just fine!

Moon has an aspect over your Seventh House of Personal and Professional associations. Marriage prospects will wind up being immensely fruitful.

If you want to unveil your love relationship before your parents, this is an ideal time to arrange a casual meeting! Arrange marriages are also likely so you can start planning for the same.

A new business partnership may come up and this kind of association will prove very beneficial for your business.

 Cancer: You will get a chance to build a reputation in your organization

Moon possesses your own moon sign and it will be placed in the twelfth house of your birth chart. Frequent foreign trips are being marked out in this period.

You’ll be required to go out on work trips as a representative for a particular project or business deal. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll have to plan trips in such a way that it does not lead to losses.

Pointless expenditures should be curbed in all possible ways else they could give rise to irksome situations.

Here, Moon has an aspect over the Sixth house of debts and loan. Career related to job also comes under this house.

Job-wise, this phase will be fruitful in the sense that it brings with it career uplifting opportunities. Employees will get a chance to build a reputation in the organization. You’ll be sent on work trips, ensure that you make the best out of these situations.

However, certain health issues may come up in this period. These would lead to expenses and thus there is a requirement to take good care of oneself so that you do not have to spend a lot of amount on treatment and recovery process.

Maintain a strategic distance from disputes in this entire period otherwise; you may get involved in legal issues. This factor could further lead to excessive expenditure towards settlement of these matters.

 Leo: You might get a chance to form new associations which could be beneficial for your career

Lord of the Twelfth house is transiting in the Eleventh house of your birth chart. Eleventh house stands out as the Income House. This house brings with it prolific opportunities to enhance monetary status of Leo moon sign.

 No matter whether you’re into business or job, you will make pretty decent gains by your dedicated efforts and hard work.

 During this period of Full Moon in Gemini, Leo natives would love getting involved with their social circle. You’ll plan parties and outings with your companions.

At times, these personal meetings could take shape of professional bond and vice versa. You might get a chance to form new associations which could be beneficial for your career.

Moon has an aspect over your Fifth House of intelligence, emotions, creativity and education. It makes this period highly prosperous for the hard working students. If you’re preparing for some competitive exam or intending for higher education, you’ll receive uplifting news during this period of time.

You’re likely to verify a seat in your desired college. Along with this, the creative talents and skill of Leo natives will be taken into consideration and outcomes will be served on these basis.

This period will prove to be glue for the love relations, sticking them together in a pure bond of love.  Just, make sure that you do not get influenced by emotional strings. Rest everything will be just fine!

 Virgo: Domestic harmony will prevail in all the corners of your home

As per Vedic Astrology, Moon has the Lordship of the Eleventh House. And, at this time it is also transiting into the Tenth House. Therefore, it will bring gains related to career. Right amount of efforts if put in the right direction, will offer a period of financial advancemnet. 

Tenth house also deals with the karma, stating that you will receive outcomes equivalent to your efforts and hard work. This creates a need to be positive and to implant things in such a way that you get desired outcomes.

 During this period, freelance work will fetch decent gains. So, if you receive an opportunity for the same, you must consider it.  Your father will wind up being your support system and his constant support in career field will offer a promising period to you.

During the period of Full moon, Moon is having an aspect over the forth house of your birth chart. Domestic harmony will prevail in all the corners of your home.

Your family members will be willed to offer a helping hand to you at all possible steps. You may likewise buy a new vehicle in this period.

Land/property related investment will pay off pretty well in the near future. Careful observation is required while making such investments so that you create a safe path for yourself.

 Libra: Short journeys related to career will turn out to be extremely fruitful

Lord of the Tenth house (Communication) is transiting in the Ninth House (Fortune). Other significant areas covered by these houses are foreign travels, spirituality, courage and motivation.

As per Vedic Astrology, the third house in a birth chart marks out the native’s bond with their elder/younger siblings.

During the period of Full Moon in Gemini, both long and short journeys related to career will turn out to be extremely fruitful. Moon has an aspect over the third house of your birth chart.

Your excellent communication and presentation skills will enable you to win heart of your clients and you’ll bring back profitable business deals along. You seem to maintain decent relations with your siblings.

There will be constant support and understanding from both the ends.

Religious activities and journeys will become a part of your routine as you’re likely to get more involved in spiritualism. Ninth house will enhance your luck by great means.

You’ll get a chance to greet plentiful of golden opportunities. Support of your father will work as a cherry on the cake.

 Scorpio: Your creative mindset will be your valuable asset at this point of time

Moon has the Lordship of the Ninth House of Scorpio. At this moment of this, it is transiting in your Eighth house. Eighth house in the birth chart of a native brings to light hidden opportunities and challenges.

 It also surfaces some hidden treasures and events. Since it is the Lord of Ninth House of Fortunes, these hidden opportunities will take a positive shape in your life.

In case there were some issues at home front, these would be resolved by mutual understanding and affection.

The natives are likely to build interest in fields related to Astrology and Occult Science. Your creative mindset will be your valuable asset at this point of time.

The aspect of Moon over your Second house will be really beneficial in the accumulation of wealth. New Moon in Gemini will bring uplifting news for those Scorpio natives who were keeping an active eye on their heritage property since a long time.

Moreover, verbal communication will be your strong point and this powerful approach will enable you fight back against unethical things.

 Sagittarius: Business associations will take a positive shape

The Lord of the Eighth House is transiting in the Seventh House of Sagittarius moon sign. Marital relations will be pretty much smooth and a flavor of co- ordinance will be brightly seen in such ties.

You’ll love spending quality time with your better half. The period of Full Moon will carry you both considerably closer to each other. Your marital relation will be based on grounds of loyalty, affection, trust and respect. You both will make ample of efforts in order to maintain cordial relations by every possible means and method.

Minor issues will be neglected by both ends and if something major occurs, you’ll resolve it by your sheer understanding and maturity. This factor will make your domestic life worth living for.

In similar manner, business associations will also take a positive shape. This period is ideally fit to commence a new business partnership. Existing ones will also flourish. Moreover, business which comes under such associations is meant to grow and prosper.

Having aspect over your own moon sign, Full moon in Gemini will enhance the personality of Sagittarius natives. Your mindset will be very clear.

 You’ll emerge out as a confident human being who is prepared to give a tough fight to the challenges. Your perspectives will get changed and you will act more maturely and wisely.

 Capricorn: You might establish connectivity with foreign delegates

Here, Moon rules over the Seventh House of Capricorn moon sign and it is moving into Sixth house of your birth chart. As per Vedic Astrology, sixth house is concerned with career related to job. It is also known as the house of loan, debts and challenges.

It is aspecting the Twelfth house of Capricorn moon sign.  Due to this impact, there could be some travel related to job/service. Your presentation or meeting will wind up being quite successful and you’ll bring back profitable deal/project. Expenditure put on this kind of trip will not at all go in vain.

There is a possibility of you establishing connectivity with foreign delegates. However, too much of movement may bring some health issues for the Capricorn natives.

 Hospitalization is likely which will be extremely essential for recovery. This condition will bring sure-shot medical expenses which can be curbed if your mediclaim is updated on time.

 Aquarius: Married couples; this is a perfect time to plan a family’!

Ruler of the Sixth house is transiting in the Fifth house of love relations. It is the house of progeny and education.

Love relations seem to be pretty much cordial where little-little drops of care and understanding will moist your relation with extreme adoration.

 The partners will develop respect for each other’s profession. Happiness through love relations is very much likely.

This transit is favorable for a successful love affair and it will bring harmony in your existing relations. You’ll wind up being a warm-hearted person who is very much affectionate towards their partner.

Parents shall be prepared to incur expenditure on higher education of their child. Your child’s extraordinary performance may give him/her a chance to verify their seat in desired college.

But, this factor will require expense from your end so keep your resources intact.

This period carries progeny prospects, thereby enhancing the chances of new addition to the family. ‘Married couples; this is a perfect time to plan a family’!

Moon is having an aspect over your Eleventh house of Income. This aspect will bring plentiful of career shaping opportunities for you.

Looking over your Income house, Moon will enhance your financial stability in such a manner that you’ll witness constant up gradation in monetary prospects.

Putting resources in safe investments will wind up giving humongous gains in the near future.

 Pisces: You will surely make decent profits on record your hard work and dedicated efforts

Lord of the Fifth House is moving towards Forth House of Pisces Moon sign and at the same time, it is overlooking at the Tenth house of your birth chart.

Gains through property/land are striking out in this period of Full Moon in Gemini. Pisces natives may put forth an urge to buy a new vehicle at this time.

Relation with mother will shape up pretty much and she’ll support all of your endeavors and motivate you to fight back against challenges as and when required.

Having an aspect over tenth house of Pisces moon sign, Moon will modify career options for the natives.

You seem to take a better and smoother road and this change will most probably take you higher on the success scale.

You will surely make decent profits on record your hard work and dedicated efforts.