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Saturn Transit in Capricorn: How Does it Impact Aries Moon Sign

Saturn Transit in Capricorn: How Does it Impact Aries Moon Sign


In Vedic astrology, Saturn is the slowest moving planet. Saturn is considered to be the planet of hard work, Karma, and discipline. At the time in life when you feel things are getting difficult even after you have put all your hard work into it, yet the desired result is delayed or in the worst case denied; then you can safely say that Saturn is the culprit behind it! Saturn is a planet who believes in putting all your effort and learns from the mistakes of the past so that the success that comes next will be well appreciated and sweeter for you.

As Saturn will provide results on a slower pace, so, one must remain patient with the results of their hard work as Saturn is a slow-moving planet with whom positive results are delayed but never denied.

A planet that helps you become disciplined, efficient in time management, meeting deadline will within limits, Saturn bestows the gift of quality of life that one can expect.

Saturn will transit through Capricorn for Aries moon sign from January 25th, 2020, to April 30th, 2020.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Various Houses

When Saturn Transits through Capricorn, it is the Lord of the Tenth House of Career and the Eleventh House of Income in the Aries Moon Sign. It takes around two and a half years to transit through a moon sign.

Saturn is the most feared planet of all as it is considered to bring bad luck and bad news wherever it sits and is considered a malefic planet. But that is not the case if Saturn is favorable in any people chart; it is the bearer of life turning positive changes in life. It makes people hard working and imposes the limitations of and fruits of our past life’s karmas.

During this transit the Saturn, it will have its aspect of the Tenth House of Career, Twelfth House of Expenses, the Fourth House of Mother and the Seventh House of Marriage.

The Story of a Favorable and Successful Good Career with The Saturn Transit: Tenth House

If Saturn transits to the Tenth House from the natal moon, it brings good news for you as Tenth House is the Karma Bhava or related to your profession or job. Just in case you are planning to make a change or move to a new job profile, this will be the right time to do so. The following are the good effects of Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Aries moon sign:

  • It is a favorable period for success in career
  • Reputation in society will enhance
  • Relations with seniors will also improve during this transit
  • There are high chances of growth and promotion to be experiencing during this transit

Extremely High Expenses To Be Experience During Saturn Transit: Twelfth House

In the event that Saturn is transiting to the Twelfth House of Expense from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the first phase of Sade Saati in your life. Following are the effects of Saturn transit in the Twelfth House of Expenses:

  • You will experience an increase in expenses. The expenses may also surpass your given income.
  • The accumulation of wealth will be an extremely tough nut to crack during this period.
  • You may face hurdles in setting overseas just in case you were planning to do so.
  • For those who are working overseas, it will remain a challenging period for you on foreign land.

Property & Family Will Remain a Point of Concern During this Saturn Transit: Fourth House

This period when Saturn transits in the Fourth House from a natal Moon will create multiple ups and downs in your life on the financial front. Following are the effects that you might face while the Saturn transits through the Fourth House of family Relations and Property Matters:

  • You r relationship with your Mother will remain strained
  • The health of your Mother will remain a matter of great concern so just be cautious about it.
  • This period is not favorable for the purchase of any land or property.
  • There are chances of you meeting an accident so just be careful while driving your vehicle
  • Also, if possible refrain from buying any new vehicle during this period of time.

Good News at Marriage Front with Saturn Transit: Seventh House

When Saturn transits in Capricorn for Aries moon sign from a natal Moon, it will be the bearer of good news and will be a good time to get hitched with the one you want! Following are the effects of Saturn transit:

  • Good period for getting married
  • This transit is a good time for all of you in business
  • Just in case you want to get into a relationship, it will be favorable for you and the relationship will last as well.
  • There will be not a better time to start a new business venture than this Saturn transit period for all those who are in business profile
  • This is a favorable period for those who are already in their business and will fetch good returns as well.

The most excellent way is to pursue a regimented approach in life and work hard which would steadily lead to refinement and end your search for the true self in life. So to conclude, we can say that the transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Aries moon sign is a favorable period for getting success in career. But you also need to be careful with your wealth management factor and keep your expenses and spending under control else things may swing the other way for you. For all those who are either looking for a relationship or want to get married and settle down in life, this transit looks favorable for you as well. Just be cautious while driving your vehicles.