Transit of Mercury in Libra for Libra moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Libra moon sign


Transit of Mercury in Libra begins on 7th November 2019 and shall culminate on 5th December 2019. For Libra moon sign natives, this transit is going to take place in their 1st house, which represents their personality, physical characteristics, behavioral traits, temperament and immune system.

The above explanation pretty well sums up the significance of this transit for Libra moon sign born people, who will witness a remarkable change in disposition, during this transit of Mercury.

Mercury, which rules the 12th and 9th house of Libra moon sign is going to be in the retrograde state till 21st November 2019, while still being transiting in Libra.

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This period will ask you to step back and analyze what went wrong at what point which stopped you from attaining your goal and fulfilling your desires.
This period will also make you realize the importance of elder’s advice, as the guidance from seniors, at workplace and from your mentor and father is going to lend you the necessary support to sail past the challenging periods of Mercury’s transit in Libra, successfully.

On work front

The transit of Mercury in Libra is going to make the Libra moon sign natives take on repetitive tasks. They will be unsure of their actions and would thus resort to double and triple check on things. This could be quite frustrating and may give rise to mental stress, if not kept a check on.

  • You will get the chance to connect with people outside your realm of work, which would be broaden your horizon and offer you a different perspective towards professional achievements.
  • The extra efforts that you will put in dong single task would not give you greater results and could be a source of dissatisfaction. However, positive thinking will help you in keeping your sanity at workplace.
  • Do not hesitate to take advice from your seniors at work, whenever in doubt and do not even ignore their suggestions if you want to succeed in your professional endeavors, in this transit period.

On personal front

The transit of Mercury in Libra in your 1st house will strengthen your relationship with your father, who will be your biggest support system in this period of ups and downs. Though luck will favor you on domestic front, you will still need to put in efforts to leverage the perks of destiny.

  • Your love life may blossom through some connection from across the globe. However, be prepared to fight off certain roadblocks in the way if you consider turning this relationships into a long-term association.
  • Mental peace could be little disturbed, during the transit of retrograde Mercury in Libra. Meditation is advisable to ward off stress and embrace sanity, at this point.
  • Think positive and be with positive people and friends, during this period, to ensure you stay focused and calm when dealing with personal matters.