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Venus transit effects on love life of Leo moon sign native

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is correlated with wealth, values, beauty, bonding, energy, love, commitment and a feeling of connection with family and spouse. Venus manages the faculties and the sense mind and the feeling of satisfaction. Furthermore, from various perspectives, Venus has what we as a whole need. We get up in the morning and feel like having delicious breakfast, be around decent individuals and have charming and lovely encounters. This personal satisfaction originates from Venus. She gives us the mindfulness that we can be happy and cheerful.

When Venus transits Cancer: Ups and downs in love life (23rd July 2019 to 17th Aug 2019)

Your relationship will be filled with high and low points. On a positive note, you will have a profound bond with your partner/spouse and will radiate with warmth of love.

However, there are odds of issues in your relationship. You will receive hot and cold reaction from your partner. There will be absence of comprehension between both of you which will cause a great deal of fuss in your relationship.

When Venus transits Leo: Passionate bed pleasures (17th Aug 2019 to 10th Sept 2019)

Love has a special place and an extraordinary significance in Leo’s life.

You’ll be very demanding and demonstrative in the matters of love. Sexual orientation will be passionate and physical expression of love through sexual orientation will be strong. 

There will be requirement for both physical and emotional satisfaction in your life. Along with fulfillment of physical needs you’ll need emotional support of your partner as well.

When Venus transits Virgo: You’ll go out of your zone to express feelings to your partner  (10th Sept 2019 to 4th Oct 2019)

You’re extremely delicate and insecure in the matters of love. You do not express your feelings to someone that easily.

But when you’re profoundly infatuated to somebody, you won’t hesitate to make the first move to work towards betterment of your relationship. Coming along the lines, you will take required actions and efforts to improve your bond because you would want to save your relationship at any cost. It is advisable to play safe in making a move in your relationship. 

When Venus transits Libra: Time to get a clarity in your relation (4th Oct 2019 to 28th Oct 2019)

You’re the one for whom luxury and comfort are the basic wants and so you can go to any extent to get these two factors in your life.

You will go on a short trip or outing to a luxurious resort/hotel with your partner. This get away will enhance your bond and will take your relationship to a next level.

Energy level in your relationship is positive but you’re not clear about the commitment part from your partner’s end. If you see yourself in this relationship for a long term at that point you should take clarity from your partner’s end too. This will clear out all the fuss and misunderstanding.

Your talent and creativity will fetch you an incredible amount and will become a source of your income.

When Venus transits Scorpio: A better understanding level with your partner (28th Oct 2019 to 25th Nov 2019)

Your mature approach in all forms of relationship- be it domestic, social or love-will enable you to create better understanding with your loved ones. This excellent quality of yours will enhance your bond with each one of them and as a matter of fact you’ll hold a valuable position in their life.

It is advisable to avoid haste of any kind, both in personal and professional life. It may result in demolishing a valuable bond.

When Venus transits Sagittarius: A descent way adopted to express feelings (28th Nov 2019 to 16th Dec 2019)

A hidden talent of your child may come up on the front and make you incredibly proud. This surprise will make you feel fantastically pleased.

Expression of love towards partner will be done in a descent and subtle way. Passion will be subdued in your relationship. Emotional orientation of love will be passionate and physical attraction/needs will be on a normal level.

An existing friendship might convert into a love relationship as there is a possibility that a friend of yours might come up with a love proposal.

When Venus transits Capricorn: Haste of any kind such be avoided (16th Dec 2019 to 9th Jan 2020)

Relationship and romance should be balanced and handled with tender love and care. Haste of any kind should be avoided. You should give ample space to each other and deal with situations with utmost love and understanding and shall prioritize each other’s career.

You’ll be more focused on your career and work towards attainment of financial stability. Wet pleasures will be there but with more controlled energy.

When Venus transits Aquarius: You’re likely to receive ton of unexpected attention and love from your partner’s end (9th Jan 2020 to 3rd Feb 2020)

You will receive a lot of attention from your partner/spouse but do not take it for granted otherwise the consequences would be troublesome.

At the same time remember that ‘Actions always speak louder than words’. So no matter how much you feel for a certain person, until and unless you don’t open about your feelings through some sort of actions, he/she won’t appreciate your efforts. It is very necessary to make your partner feel special or out of the world by taking him/her out for dates, long drives, outings etc.

When Venus transits Pisces: Showers of love from both ends (3rd Feb 2020 to 28th Feb 2020)

You will find out certain new ways to make your partner feel special and to improve your bond with him/her. You’ll go out of your way to make that person feel out of the world.

Your partner will shower the same amount of love to you and you won’t feel deficient on this part. But remember not to take this blessing for granted otherwise you’ll have to confront unimpressive circumstances.

When Venus transits Aries: You’ll prioritize personal relations over profession (29th Feb 2020 to 29th March 2020)

 Your partner/spouse and your family will be on the top of your priority list. You’ll be extremely focused on your love and personal life and will work towards enhancement of your bond with them.

Abstain aggression and rage and maintain a strategic distance from brutal and unimpressive tone and language otherwise this can result in demolishing your relationship with them. Try to be more understanding and keep yourself calm and composed.

When Venus transits Taurus: A blended period (29th March 2020 to 1st Aug 2020)

You’ll crave for luxury and comforts and hence will work really hard in order to bring these two factors in your life. Your profession/business will become your topmost priority and you’ll b extremely committed towards your work.

You’ll coordinate love, passion and friendship by proper judgment and reasoning and not by the flow of your emotions.

Venus will b in it retrograde/reverse motion from 13th May 2020 to 25th June 2020.

This is where your heart will take the lead and all the decisions will be taken on account of love bonding and not by proper reasoning or judgment.

You won’t be able to focus that well on your career because your flow will be towards love bond. This will result in financial instability.

Venus will become direct once again from 25th June 2020 to 1st Aug 2020.

Things will come back to normal. Your work performance and income will be stable and you’ll start functioning according to a proper logic and strategy.

When Venus transits Gemini: Romantic dates, long drives, PDA and what not! (1st Aug 2020 to 3rd Sept 2020)

You’ll develop a deep bond with your partner/spouse along with physical expression of your affection for him/her.

There will be sudden modifications in your conduct as such public display of affection to make your partner feel more special and loved such as holding hands on a romantic date or offering a rose in a public place. These little acts of affection will bring you both even closer to each other and bring a factor of surety in your relationship.