Retrograde Mercury in Aries (21 April-15 May)

Mercury, the planet of communication and logical reasoning,rules speech, negotiation, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail, shipping, and so forth. The effects on different people during the retrogression would be different, but largely affect the above-mentioned areas.

Retrograde Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication and logical reasoning, will retrograde in Aries from 21st April to 15th May.

  • Mercury rules speech, negotiations, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail, shipping and so forth.
  • Mercury is the messenger of the gods; we use our intellect to express our thoughts by different modes of communication.
  • While retrograde, Mercury (the closest planet to the Sun) appears to go back from the earth and create optical illusion for us. Retrogression of Mercury will allow you to think before you react, at times you must take a pause and be in introspection mode to receive long awaiting news.
  • All the areas of communication and transportation will be affected when Mercury is functioning in a sluggish state.
  • During this period, it is advised to re-organize and reflect the present scenario in your life as in this scenario you might get into an argument, or your train or flight might get delayed.


How will YOU be affected by Retrograde Mercury?



This period is going to be a checkmate for your impulsive nature. It is advisable to think before you speak to avoid arguments and misunderstandings. Your enemies will overpower you in your professional field. Skin-related allergies can pop up during this phase, be cautious not to use any new cosmetic or bathing product.

Transit of Retrograde Mercury would influence you to become more vocal about the present situation, and this in conjunct with Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Rahu will also influence your decision-making ability.

You will take bold decisions which will affect your long-term finances. You will feel strengthened and empowered, but don’t get overwhelmed and involve yourself in any arguments or clashes in your personal and professional life.

During this period your personal relationships might get affected, creating misunderstandings and disharmony.

Also, it is advisable to take a break from your profession and plan a family vacation to spend quality time together and fill the gap.

As Mercury is your sixth lord, you must follow a fitness regime and proper lifestyle to avoid any health issues during this period. It is advised to do physical exercises and pranayama, which will keep you fit and healthy.



You must spend more time planning your budget to avoid financial loss. Your past investments might bring profits and you might be inclined to reinvest in the same for further results. You will find newer avenues for investments in share markets.

You may get new opportunities in business through foreign collaborations, which might be profitable.

Retrograde Mercury in your house of expenses with the conjunction of four planets will increase and bring sudden expenditure. You might feel exhausted and your hard work could be in vain. This is the challenging period wherein you would not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. Do not worry, things will gradually fall in place if you handle the situation positively.

Mercury is conjunct with major planets, and this would boost your energy to crack business deals in your favor with maximum profits. Think clearly and prepare yourself for all business meetings and professional obligations.

You might face health expenses, and this could lead to mental stress. It is advised to be calm in your personal and professional life. You might plan for long-distance travel, but it’s advised not to have too many expectations regarding the result.

There are chances to have a rift with your spouse, at times it is better to leave things and move on. Time is a big healer.



You will be elevated and in a joyful mode and will enjoy each and every moment with your loved ones. Let expectations take a back seat for now, and just live in the moment and feel the best you can. Plan short trips to strengthen the bond with your loved ones. Financially, you must plan long-term investment to make profits.

Retrograde Mercury in the house of hopes and desires will make you work hard to widen your networking skill. Do not get disheartened if things do not change as per your way, just keep up the good work and things will fall in place shortly after.

Your enemies will become powerful and will try to conquer you by giving you challenges. You just work as per your long-term plans which will be beneficial for your business.

It’s time to heal past issues and avoid confrontation with your loved ones. Avoid arguments with your family members as this might create damage and dishearten you. Refrain from long-distance travel as this might not be beneficial for you.

You would get opportunities to meet new people that would benefit you in future. Control your rage and do not use abusive language, this will create unnecessary controversies.



You will meet people who will help you build your business and finances. Acquire resources and implement innovative ideas to achieve success. Your subordinates would help you in your business growth. You will overcome your problems in professional and personal life through your intellect. Its time to work harder and be determined to achieve your targets.

Retrograde Mercury in the house of profession and karma will give you a spiritual inclination and an enjoyable journey. You will come up with new innovative ideas to widen your growth financially and will achieve success in fulfilling your goals.

You will gather rewards from your seniors and would receive appreciation in your workplace. Your way of working and presentation would be impressive.
Your spouse will support you in all decisions, which will be inspiring & strengthening for you.

You will meet many new people professionally, which will be beneficial for your growth. Your opponents might challenge you in various ways, but you will win over all obstacles.

Your social status will improve during this period. Your business will expand, and you will achieve financial freedom by taking important financial decisions. Enjoy your achievements with your family members and seek blessings from elders. You would plan a short trip with your loved ones and create beautiful memories.



Control your over-ambitious nature regarding your investments and finances. High expectations from returns on investment could dishearten you, take decisions by being grounded and logical.

Stop thriving on emotions and feeding your pride/ego, it will not serve any purpose for your financial growth. Avoid taking any important decision which includes your father at this time. As it might create disharmony and misunderstanding with him.

Retrograde Mercury in the house of luck and fortune would create differences with your father and elder members of your family. This is just a passing phase so it’s better to be under control and refrain from arguing.

This is not the right time to seek advice or guidance from your father, as their would-be difference of opinions. It is advisable to wait till this period is over and then think about it.

Financially, not a welcoming period, and do not involve in any investments or block your money in any assets. It is highly recommended that you maintain a balance in your personal and professional life. Constrain your expenses, consider saving, and avoid long distance travel as much as possible.

Disagreements with your spouse may give rise to disharmony in your relationship. You will be inquisitive to know everything about your partner which might create misunderstandings and anger issues between both of you. Learn to give some space, no one likes their freedom being stepped on. Take care of your mental health by avoiding unnecessary stress.



This transition might make you change your job, which brings more opportunities for something new and innovative. Be open to enjoy time with guests and go around to visit unfamiliar places. Control procrastinating over personal and professional matters. Take care of your mental and physical health.

Retrograde Mercury transiting in the house of change and secrecy, which will increase stress levels and anxiety in your life. You would lend money to others and would achieve financial growth, but it is advised to stop being anxious.

You can get full support of your spouse and love from your children. Guests can arrive at your place and make the ambience livelier.

Even if Mercury is in your favor, you still have to take all precautions while investing in any new projects. You might foresee changes in your profession which would prove to be beneficial and give you a name and fame in your career. You will be mentally peaceful and calm, which will increase your caliber to work harder towards targets.

It’s the correct time to reveal your secrets to your spouse, or any confrontations which will prove beneficial for your relationship. It will deepen your intimacy and togetherness.

During this period, avoid finding faults in others and poking your point of view on irrelevant issues. It is advisable that you concentrate on building up your relationships with everyone for personal and professional growth.



Retrograde Mercury will teach you to keep balance in your professional and personal life. You can seek help from your spouse and other family members in taking important decisions. Develop trust in your relationship and try to confront your past mistakes to develop love and care. Everyone will come forward to hold your hand if you are ready to trust them.

Retrograde Mercury in the house of relationship and marriage will make you feel deprived of love and feel disheartened or alone. You will not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way and will feel depressed. You will be clouded with negative thoughts and emotions, which will sabotage your own growth.

You will not be able to take decisions confidently. It is advised to trust your spouse and family members, as they will guide you towards the right path. Share your point of view in a polite way to avoid any discomfort in your relationships.

Not a good period for any financial investments. Negativity can take a toll on your health, however one of your old friends will uplift, encourage, and inspire your confidence for future. You must understand your own power and use that power to influence others to maintain a peaceful life. You can take a break from your hectic schedule by including new hobbies and learning, which will help you relax.



It is advisable not to lend money to anyone as it will not be returned. Your enemies will overpower you, but it’s a passing phase, be calm and practice self-restraint. You must take a proper diet and maintain a balanced lifestyle to avoid any health issues.

During any business meeting, you must prepare yourself and give an impressive presentation to crack the deal.

Retrograde Mercury is transiting in the house of debts and health. Your hard work will reap good results but refrain from giving loans to anyone.

Take a proper rest and do not worry too much about finances. You will receive better opportunities to reap good results from your investments. Your efforts will be recognized appropriately, this will encourage you to work harder and accumulate wealth.

Some disturbance may come in your financial position, you should plan your budget and cut out unnecessary expenses. Through your hard work and self-efforts, things will fall back in place, and you will have financial abundance.

You will achieve a good number of profits through investments which will improve your comfort and luxury. Furthermore, you will enjoy multiple benefits during this period, and there will be a drastic increase in happiness. Remember to align it in a proper way to earn financial growth.

You should not take hasty decisions and control your impulsiveness before taking any financial decisions.



You will be more creative and innovative in your work area. You would plan surprises for your spouse and relish the moment. Its time for you to enhance your bond and joy your life by spending more valuable time with your loved ones. In your profession, you will get many opportunities to prove yourself.

Retrograde Mercury in the house of imagination and creativity will give you opportunities to make money through speculative investments. There is a conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter along with Retrograde Mercury which will give you innovative ideas in investments in share market; it is advised to seek guidance from professionals.

However, your impulsive habit of blowing your money on expensive items regarding money management and finances should be restricted. Your aggression to make money will help you to fulfil your desire. Your mind will be filled with aggression and anger, which will not help in enhancing clarity of thought to make a right decision for finances.

Get some professional advice before making significant financial and investing decisions. There might be aggression and disharmony with your spouse and other family members, it is advised not to get over ambitious and over-expect in the relationship. This situation might give you problems and disturb your inner peace. Learn to make peace with yourself and the situation.



If you are planning to invest in properties, real estate, or any other fixed assets, then its not a good time. You must hold back a few important decisions. Your mind will be in a constant thinking mode, it is better to take up relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. You must focus on hard work and determination to create a bright future.

Retrograde Mercury will create disturbance in your happiness. Its not a good time to invest in real estate and properties as you will not get a profitable deal. Your mind will not be in a state to take profitable decision. You will be busy fulfilling family obligations and other responsibilities.

You will achieve professional growth and will reach new avenues to prove your mettle. Your hard work will reap the results only after undergoing stress. During this period, things will not show up easily. This period will make you work harder to achieve certain love goals in your life.

You must spend some quality time with your loved one to understand them better. You will be overwhelmed with the relationship which might create anxiety and misunderstandings. The communication part should be kept transparent to avoid discrepancies. This period will be a little rough and might create aggression and anger with your romantic interest.



There will be business travels and formation of new business connections. You will be interested in developing your knowledge, which will improve your professional skills and increase your business prospects. Your willpower and determination will bear fruits and financial gains. You must maintain a cordial relationship with your siblings.

Retrograde Mercury will increase your energy level by presenting new opportunities related to your income; stability shall be there. You will be more inclined towards attaining knowledge, and study for your professional growth.

This is a good time to make investments and earn good returns. You will be determined to achieve your targets and will even plan short but profitable business trips. You will be motivated to meet new people and enhance your finances. You will try and will be dutifully rewarded with life-changing experiences.

You will work diligently to achieve success in your love life. Take control of your habits for your wellbeing and relish the movement with your spouse. You will fulfil your family responsibilities and will spread happiness in your family.

Take care of your possessive nature and stop expecting things from your loved ones. Just give space to all and enjoy the moment.



It’s time to grab the opportunity to make money with your resources. You will pay back your financial dues and will be able to save for your future.

You can invest in share markets and earn profits. There might be disharmony and misunderstandings with your family members and loved ones. You will plan to travel with your romantic interest as well.

Retrograde Mercury will enhance your flow of income. Retrograde Mercury will be conjunct with Sun, Rahu and Jupiter which will expand your mind and create new ideas for financial growth. You will be able to gain profits from your investments and share markets.

Delayed payments will be cleared and you will receive few payments that were stuck-up in the past. This placement will bring financial stability, and you will reach new avenues in learning how to invest better, thereby bringing good returns.

It will be good to make use of this time to progress in your romantic life. This period will give you various creative ideas for long distance travels and you might cherish the moment by increasing intimacy with your romantic interest. You will maintain a compatible relationship with each other. This is the period when you will cherish every moment and create beautiful memories together.