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Effect of Ketu Transit in Capricorn

Effect of
Ketu is a mysterious planet, which in Hindu mythology is depicted by a headless body with fish-like lower half. It also has a gem affixed on head, which represents mysterious light. Ketu is a planet that relates to spirituality and emancipation, higher learning and wisdom, the ultimate goal of life, which is to be one with the divine. So while a strong Ketu pushes you towards illumination, it also detaches you from the material plane and worldly happiness at the same time. This is the reason its transit is crucial for us human beings. And since it stays in one sign for over 1.5 years, the effects of its movement stand valid and prominent for a long while.

This year, Ketu has changed sign on 18th August 2017 entering Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, an enemy of Ketu. This suggests that Ketu transit will bring some unexpected trends and patterns in life for the next 18 months, which could be both good and bad. Find out for your Moon sign below.


Aries, Ketu has moved into your 10th house of career from natal Moon. This will naturally be a difficult period in terms of reaching your professional goals. You will have to struggle hard to meet ambitions. Mother’s health could also be a cause of worry now. Luxuries and comforts won’t come that easy in the next 1.5 years. It seems Ketu’s move is not much promising for you, especially concerning domestic environment. But positively, opponents and enemies will feel weaker against you.


Taurus, Ketu is transiting your 9th house from natal Moon. 9th house represents luck, fortune, travel, spirituality, higher education etc. It seems that luck may not favor you much now that Ketu has moved into your 9th house. You may encounter hurdles and obstacles often and realizing goals could feel difficult. This transit may also take a toll on your father’s health and your own health may also come under the scrutiny too. Ketu in 9th house will also trigger spiritual travel and pilgrimages. This period is positive to explore religious pursuits and occult sciences.


Gemini, Ketu has now moved into your 8th house, the house of transformations, sudden possibilities, hidden secrets, misfortune, sorrow etc. Ketu in this house will give some unfortunate moments and disappointments so this is the period  when you need to maintain a calm disposure. Liquid money and savings will slow down a bit but you will spend in a controlled manner, which will help stabilize finances. Interest in occult, research and hidden knowledge like parapsychology will increase during this transit. But your mother’s health could become a cause of concern so pay attention from the start.


Cancer, Ketu has occupied your 7th house from natal Moon and this house relates to spouse, business partnership etc. Due to Ketu being in 7th house, your marital relationship might hit a rough patch. You should also exercise care in business dealings with clients, associates and co founder. New ventures may not be much successful so better wait before you give wings to your startup ideas. This is not the time to overburden but to take it slow. If you keep patience, it would be much easier to overpower opponents. Just keep a check on your health meanwhile.


Since Ketu is moving into your 6th house from natal Moon, the next year and a half demands a bit more caution in certain areas. Keep your health guarded and also avoid taking any loan during this period. This transit does not indicate a progressive period for career either. It will take serious efforts to attract success. While wealth accumulation will become a challenge, you will keep expenses under control most of the time. It will take serious efforts to attract wealth.


Virgo, Ketu transit indicates towards a difficult period for your children in terms of health and wellbeing. Students may also feel distracted and have difficulties in pursuing higher education. It will be hard to excel in competitive exams. There could be a temporary slowdown in your inflow of wealth. This might affect your overall prosperity for a while. Health also demands more care and attention.


Libra, Ketu transit indicates your mother will feel spiritually inclined now and may spend a lot of time in religious and devotional pursuits. Take care of her health though. Access to luxuries and comforts will be limited now and domestic atmosphere may also be less cordial than before. Level of harmony may be low at workplace as well. Your might have to deal with some unwarranted disputes during this period. It will pay well to be diplomatic and polite. Expenses will remain on track for the most part.


For Scorpio, Ketu transit will prove to be a game changer. Ketu is a malefic and in the 3rd house, its presence is said to bring positive impact if placed well. You will become bolder and more courageous now. Facing challenges will become a cakewalk. You will have a never-before will and courage to deal with things at hand, once and for all. In terms of relationships, your focus may shift away from marital life, which could affect harmony to some extent. Overall, this is the time to rely more on your efforts than simply luck.  


Sagittarius, Ketu transit period may affect your wealth accumulation to some extent. It seems you would splash out on wasteful stuff at times, which might shoot up expenditure. Your speech may become a bit rash, candid and mysterious, that others may find unattractive or even hurtful. On the positive side, the coming 18 months are good to learn a foreign language. You will also do well in overpowering enemies and opponents. It will be a much better period if you are in business than if you are employed. There will be some difficulties but overall, things will be in your control.


Ketu has moved into your ascendant, over natal Moon. This means that your temperament will be under strong influence of Ketu, so expect some mystery and diplomacy in your ways. Sometimes, others would find your speech and thoughts perplexing and even negative. People may not appreciate your attitude at this time and may tend to avoid you. This transit will prove to be a turning point if you are a student acquiring higher education. If married, coming 1.5 years period does not seem to be the best to plan progeny. Some issues may persist in married life too. Overall, luck may not render much support and it will pay to think well before you venture into anything new.


During the coming period, you are likely to tighten the purse strings and keep budget on track. However, this transit may not fare well for your mother and domestic environment so take special care. Some obstacles will be felt in acquiring and enjoying material comforts too. But positively, you will gain interest in spirituality and concepts like illumination. Foreign travel is also indicated during this period. You will also have an upper hand over enemies and opponents.


Pisces, Ketu is moving over your 11th house of income and gains. This will be a positive transit for you, so you could expect a boost in financial gains and income. Investments could be considered too. You will have success in all undertakings and overall prosperity will increase. Ambitions that you have long waited to fulfill will come to fruition now. However, your health might get affected too. Relationship with siblings could come under the bad influence but your friend circle will increase at the same time. This is a period to be more cautious in your marital relationship and progeny prospects too.