Your Fortune As Jupiter Transits The Horoscope

Today Jupiter will enter in Capricorn sign, which is its debilitation sign. Planet of expansion enter in the restriction and limitations. Jupiter being debilitated will have a limitations to display its positive strength because of influence of Saturn. Jupiter in Capricorn blesses a native with high degree of self discipline, honesty and ability to make correct decisions. This combination gives the ability to do hard work with sincere efforts. It also inclines the native to spiritualism.The effect of debilitated Jupiter on 12 moon sign will be discussed in our upcoming article. Today we see "Your Fortune As Jupiter Transits The Horoscope"

Your Fortune As Jupiter Transits The Horoscope


The planet Jupiter is the Lord of a thoughtful individual who is gifted with the power of higher intelligence. It is the personification of lady luck which represents spiritual wisdom. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is famously known to be the giver. It is well known for being the most generous planet who will not hesitate to any limits to help out that is beyond one’s expectation. The placement of Jupiter in charts characterizes views with spiritual orientations to it. In short, we can say that Jupiter is the planet responsible for all the positive aspects of life such as spirituality, success, accomplishments, intellect, good fortune, and prosperity.

The planet Jupiter takes one year to transit through one moon sign. Therefore, this implies that he takes a total of Twelve years to transit through all the twelve moon signs since each moon sign has a set of 12 houses in one’s birth chart. These houses rule and lay down the map of how the story of the native’s life unfolds at every turn of life’s stages.

As per the Vedic astrology, Jupiter’s Transit result is directly proportional or in accord to the ascendant of the House. Hence, the ascendant becomes the deciding factor for the nature of the result of Jupiter’s transit as whether it will be beneficial to completely harmful for the native.

In this particular article, we will only discuss the prediction about Jupiter’s Transit based on the house. Hence, other aspects such as Moon Sign and Ascendant are not our point of discussion here.

Jupiter Represents

As commonly perceived, Jupiter is known as the Guru who takes you out of the path of darkness towards the light of wisdom. In Vedic astrology, it represents Education, teaching, administrative field, clerical job, religious activities, spiritual knowledge, religious places, prosperity and wealth and many more.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the First House

If Jupiter is placed in the first house, it is known to bring immense prosperity for the native and will bestow the blessing of an abundance of wealth and riches as well. With the Jupiter placed in the first house, it blesses the native with a humble, honest and religious nature. Yet the blessing is not all cakewalk as the native may have to face disappointment to be faced in the personal and love life.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Second House

If Jupiter is placed in the Second House, it means that the people associated with the advisory domain will get high benefits from this Jupiter transit. The native is gifted with a deep, influential and impressive voice that will help them win over hearts of those around within seconds. The abundance of wealth and riches can be seen on the card for the native during this transit.

During the planet Jupiter’s visit to the second house, you may have to face disappointment on the relationship front as there will a lack of satisfaction especially at your end.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Third House

When Jupiter visits the Third House, it becomes a beneficial affair for the native. He/she will gain profoundly from extensive travels. This transit looks goof for participating or being part of some religious activities. Native is assured to gain prosperity and will be blessed with a divine gift of good and well-behaved children.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Fourth House

During the transit of Jupiter in the Fourth House, those who are associated with the field of real estate or property matters are going to gain big from this transit. Prosperity will be a constant aspect of the native’s life and he/she will share a cordial relation with his or her mother. The native will also gain from certain advice given by their mother on certain issues. They are high possibilities of getting unexpected gain from some unknown source.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Fifth House

If Jupiter is transiting in the Fifth House, this implies good news for those who are still studying. Those who are students currently especially the ones in the senior years, this transit will prove to be good from an education perspective. This transit also helps in enhancing the intelligence of the native. Prosperity is a permanent factor followed by unexpected gains. The native will experience a rise in his or her prosperity quotient along with unprecedented growth especially once he or she enters the middle-age.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Sixth House

During the transit of Jupiter in the Sixth house, the health of the native will remain moderate especially in the liver and stomach area. There will be no traces of wealth and prosperity in the life of a native at all. Disappointment and bad phase will prevail in the married or conjugal life for those who are married and in the love life of those in a relationship.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Seventh House

The native will have to face a pretty choppy road ahead in their conjugal life during the transit of Jupiter in the seventh house. This means the marriage will go through many ups and downs in life. During this transit refraining from any partnership especially in business will be a good idea as any joint venture may lead to deep or huge losses. Even though Jupiter in the seventh house majorly brings sad and bad news for the native but he also bestows the native a blessing of humble nature and honest character. Any work related or connected to religious fields will be a good career choice for the native. Traveling and abroad connection will also stay in favor of the native during this transit.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Eighth House

During Jupiter’s transit in the Eight House, the native suffers from low immunity power for their entire life. Health will remain moderate yet will be a matter of concern forever. Despite moderate health, the native will have good wealth and financial situation in life. Native’s abroad links and connection will also keep the ball in his/her court and will fetch good results.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Ninth House

For those who have the Jupiter transiting in the Ninth House, will be financially sound in life. They will have a bright and promising career and will experience positive growth and changes on the career front which will slowly and gradually reap fruits of the labor put in. education and teaching field will be good career options though.

  1. Jupiter in the Tenth House

If the planet Jupiter is placed in the Tenth House then the native will have a good career but will remain a bit unstable and will have a low commitment with the organization he or she associates with. Thus, there will be way too many organizations reflecting on their resume throughout the career. The matter related to real estate and property will be beneficial for the native. This transit will also bring stable success followed by immense prosperity and abundance of wealth and riches. The native will share a good or cordial relationship with his or her father. The native will also benefit from his or her good relationship with his or her father.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Eleventh House

When Jupiter is transiting in the Eleventh House, the income or financial status of the native will skyrocket. The native will show negative aspects of character such as aggression and stubborn nature that will reign over. This, in the long run, will ruin native’s life completely. Education, Teaching, and Administrative roles seem to be good job prospects for the native.

  1. Jupiter Transit in the Twelfth House

Just in case the Jupiter is placed in the Twelfth House in the native’s birth chart, he or she will extremely benefit from various religious activities. The native will possess an honest and loyal nature. On the professional front, education and teaching profiles will be a good career choice. With the Jupiter transit, the financial or income status will fluctuate from time to time. The native will share a disappointing relationship with his or her father.