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Mercury Transit in Capricorn

When Mercury retrogrades into the sign of Capricorn, this will have an effect on all the moon signs especially on your relationships - both professional and personal and also your health, depending upon your favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit affecting relationships on all the zodiacs.

Mercury Transit in Capricorn

All the transit movements in the cosmos are like the picture gallery in the photo album depicting the future events of all horoscopes. The transit of Mercury in the Capricorn sign from 29th December 2021 reveals that the cosmos energy of Mercury will pave us on the ladder of practical efforts rather than on emotional swing of thought process to complete any unscheduled task.

Practical execution of all ventures objectively and breaking your routine of work and pleasure with equal balance will bring more success in your account. This transit will be progressive in correlating your intelligence and efforts in bringing transformations in your personal attitude and professional chores by solving the root of the problems.

The transit of Mercury into Capricorn sign has the natural skill of motivating every moon sign for setting up ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. Mercury will be moving from a fire sign to an earthy sign, which will initiate more stability and humility in the life of individuals.

Effects of Mercury transit for all Moon signs

Aries - Career Progress

Mercury, the lord of the 3rd and 6th house, will move its transit steps in the 10th house of career for the Aries natives. This transit will give you strong initiative to work hard during this time frame which will be beneficial and progressive for you. Those individuals employed in the health industry or finance sector will have a beneficial time with consistency in their growth.

Business entrepreneurs may face professional challenges due to restricted finances but will be supported by their siblings and father which will bring in smoothness in your working arena. The content writers may get opportunities to earn well from their work due to the execution of innovative ideas with success.

Taurus - Expansive Thinking/Growth

Mercury, the Lord of the 2nd and 5th house, will move its transit steps in the 9th house of long travel and spiritual inclination for the Taurus natives. The transit will be progressive when combined with hard work and intelligence as the Taurus professionals will get success if they are involved in judiciary platforms. Those natives who are involved in family business will get the good dividends of their efforts.

Your religious inclination will be enhanced, and you will love to learn the unknown realms of spirituality with the help of any religious teacher. Personal relationship may climb the ladder for permanent commitment and this transit will be auspicious for your personal relations.

Gemini - Obstacles /Sudden Gains

Mercury, the Lord of the 1st and 4th house, will move its transit steps in the 8th house of sudden hurdles and gains for the Gemini natives. You will be in a witty and mischievous frame of mind with good sense of humor which will attract the attention of the others. You will possess strong convincing power which will give you unexpected monetary gains through career ventures.

Avoid going overboard in your verbal expression as it may backfire on you resulting in personal and professional setbacks. Your health may pose problems during this time so the intake of balanced diet along with good exercise regime for your physical fitness and meditation to relax you mind will be very beneficial for you.

Cancer - Personal/Professional Alliance

Mercury, the Lord of the 3rd and 12th house, will move its transit steps in the 7th house of marriage and partnership for the Cancer natives. Married couples may face undefined separation from their spouse due to the travel plans of either partner. Alignment of singles may come fore, and you may find a perfect partner in your friend or through a friend.

Your professional prospects will be lined up with practical and logical points which will book good gains and beneficial aspects for future through strong future prospects. Avoid being undiplomatic in your personal and professional approach with your subordinates and your loved ones.

Leo - Career/Health Progress

Mercury, the Lord of the 2nd and 11th house, will move its transit steps in the 6th house of service and health for the Leo natives. This transit will be favourable for you in terms of monetary gains but is likely to pose confrontations with your family members. Those in the banking/sales or marketing arena will get good gains due to eloquence of speech and convincing power that will develop new customer relationship.

Loan approval or change in job location will be as per your comfort. You may have to face lack of mutual understanding with your partner and family which may increase the mental stress, but you are advised to keep your mental health strong by resolving your issues with decent communication.

Virgo - Creative Career/Personal Intelligence

Mercury, the Lord of the 1st and 10th house, will move its transit steps in the 5th house of creativity, love, children, and speculation for the Virgo natives. You will be inclined to use your intelligence and skills where you will have an organized approach in your home and work front. You can apply your intelligence and creativity to convert your hobby into profession as it will give you expected results.

You will perform well in all your responsibilities and assigned roles with efficiency due to your diligence which will bring forth career advancement and personal happiness with family especially with childbirth or child progress.

Libra - Gains/Expenditure

Mercury, the Lord of the 9th and 12th house, will move its transit steps in the 4th house of domestic peace and prosperity for the Libra natives. Career prospects will be favourable and successful especially for those in the judiciary sector. Those of you, who are pursuing any work may have your work recognized and receive an acknowledgement; so, you may receive increment in your professional work.

You will spend generously on providing materialistic comforts to your family along with a pleasure trip marking on your astrological cards to spend quality time with them. There will be an increase in your expenditure that will range more than your income. So, vigilance over your expenses is necessary.

Scorpio - Opportunities and Relationships

Mercury, the Lord of the 8th and 11th house, will move its transit steps in the 3rd house of short travels, siblings, and initiative for the Scorpio natives. Professionally, this transit will be progressive by switching of jobs to preferred location with good opportunities, but your progress may be marked with jealousy from colleagues who may try to tarnish your image. Concentrate on your work for good career progress.

Your personal relationship with your partner will be cordial, resulting in good coordination and good understanding among your family members. Avoid any kind of clash with anyone as a small issue will tend to be converted into big misunderstandings which may hamper your peace of mind especially with your siblings. Take care of your physical and mental health.

Sagittarius - Finance and Relationships

Mercury, the Lord of the 7th and 10th house, will move its transit steps in the 2nd house of family and finance for the Sagittarius natives. You will be endowed with good convincing power of speech which will be progressive for your professional gains in ventures and will work as a bridge to pave smooth way in personal and family relationships.

You will be sharing a good bonding with your partner. Single natives will have a golden chance to find their soul mate during this transit. Professionals will make good profits from past endeavors, as you will be able to make good relationship with clients by grabbing good deals that will enhance your professional and monetary profile.

Capricorn - Practical Intelligence and Actions

Mercury, the Lord of the 6th and 9th house, will move its transit steps in the ascendant house of self identity and personality for the Capricorn natives. This transit will make you strong in your perception and action where your impressive style of communication will make you famous in your social circle.

Your professional circle will be impressed with your convincing power that will create opportunities for good relationships with your clients and earn better perks. You will have good relationship with your spouse/partner with good mutual understanding and this mutual coordination will be extended even with your parents and family.

Aquarius - Health and Expenditure

Mercury, the Lord of the 5th and 8th house, will move its transit steps in the 12th house of expenditure and health for the Aquarius natives. This transit will be less progressive as far as your professional arena is concerned and there will be delay in the realization of your routine task. Avoid any kind of professional travel as it will not be beneficial for you.

Take care of your health in a general way by eating healthy food and avoid oily and spicy food for your good health. Incorporate meditation in your daily schedule to keep yourself calm and confident or you may tend to entertain clashes in your personal and family life without any logical reason. Take care of your finances as many unforeseen expenditures are likely.

Pisces - Gains and Relationships

Mercury, the Lord of the 4th and 7th house, will move its transit steps in the 11th house of for the Pisces natives. Your professional approach will be very sturdy and that will give you professional gains with promotion in your present job along with additional surge in income from various sources.

Relationships will be in harmony, and you will have good cooperation with your partner. You will be endowed with domestic peace and prosperity where you will have extra soft corner for your mother and children. Overall, this transit will be auspicious for your finance, health, and materialistic gains.

The transit of Mercury will enhance your reasoning, making decisions with logical reasoning and all will execute their ventures with practical output of actions.