Mercury Transit Reading

Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Mercury in Scorpio for Capricorn moon sign-

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio is going to take place in the 11th house of Capricorn moon sign natives, from 5th December to 25th December 2019.

During this period it will be important for you to be benevolent as it will help you attract good omen to your life. Serving people who need your help is going to benefit you on many accounts – personally and professionally.

Therefore, it is recommended to be supportive and compassionate towards friends, family, co-workers and subordinates, during the transit of Mercury in Scorpio.

 Being eloquent will work wonders or you. However, if you misuse your speech in any given circumstance or situation, you will deviate the positive energies away from you.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your personal life

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio is going to bring favorable changes in the life of Capricorn moon sign natives. Starting with your health, to your family relationships and your love life, you will experience fruitful variations, in this period. You will have the support of your family and your spouse, which will help you accomplish set goals and targets in your personal and professional life.

  • You will share a good bonding with your elder siblings and they will be your guiding light in touch and challenging situations.
  • You will increase your social circle, during this transit period, when you make some new friends. These friendships will prove beneficial in the long-term.
  • Married couples will experience harmony and affection in their relationship. Mutual respect and understanding will be the highlight of your conjugal life.
  • Love relationships will blossom and will be full of passion and admiration for each other.
  • Health will be good and if you have been facing any issues for long, you will recover from them, during this transit phase.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your professional life

Capricorn moon sign natives can look forward to a favorable professional period, during Mercury’s transit in Capricorn. Good professional gains are foreseen. Communication skills, especially, verbal, will help you progress and prosper on the road to success. It will open up new growth avenues for you and success will come through pure honesty and dedication.

  • Hard work and sincerity will pave way for your growth in your respective trade. Whether you are a business professional or in service, if you will work with commitment and loyalty, this transit is going to give you huge benefits from your career field.
  • You will share good rapport with your colleagues. Relationship with boss and seniors will require some restrictions, but overall, it will be cordial.
  • A career in law, astrology or occult science is going to offer good possibilities of success and gains.
  • For students born under the Capricorn moon sign, this transit will offer short travels related to higher education.
  • Opportunities to acquire new skill sets will be there for working professionals, in this transit period, so be alert to grab such prospects for better career gains in the future.