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Transit of Mars for Aries moon sign.

Transit of Mars and its effect on work relations of Aries moon sign:
Mars is known for its fiercely masculine nature in Vedic Astrology. It is characterized by a red hot appearance, emitting fire. When positively placed, it gives you strength and courage to take on the world; negatively it can make you aggressive and stubborn, thus spoiling your personal and professional relationships.

Mars transit each sign for around 40 days. Its effect on various moon signs is varied – depending upon where it is placed and what all houses does it aspect from its position. Specifically for Aries:

  • Mars is its ruling planet. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio.
  • Mars will aspect 4th, 7th and 8th house from its position in your birth chart.
  • Aries and Mars both represents fire and thus you need to keep a check on your aggression.
  • Aries is a moving sign and likes changes, which makes it a little unstable in job.
  • Aries doesn’t like being dominated. Under the influence of Mars, this tendency further increases, resulting in frequent disputes with the boss.

When Mars transits in the Aries moon sign, your work relationships will go through periods of ups and downs. How will you identify these periods? Read on to know…

When in 5th house: Work relations will improve

Mars will transit in your 5th house from 10th August to 26th September 2019. The union of Mars and Leo will cast a spell on your health and expenses, but will favor your work relations.

  • Your creativity will improve and so does your mental strength, which will allow you to cope up with everyday challenges of workplace. This attitude will gain you the trust of your employer.
  • Mars aspect on your 8th house will impact your health, which will hamper your productivity at work, but you will be able to get over it with your vigor.
  • This period offers you a possibility to earn enough income as Mars positively aspects your 11th house, but an aspect of Mars on your 12th house will result in corresponding increase in your expenditure, as well.

When in 6th house: Beware of your competitors

Mars will transit in your 6th house from 26th September 2019 to 11th November 2019, bringing about challenges in the workplace and rigidity in dealing with bosses and colleagues.

  • Enmity will arise between you and your colleagues, during this period. As your relationship with your co-workers suffer, your challenges at workplace will intensify. However, Mars will give you courage and strength to overcome these adversities.
  • Tensions brew up between you and your seniors, as Mars will aspect your 9th house.
  • An aspect on your 1st house, which gives you an arrogant nature may further worsen your relationship with your office staff and managers. This will in turn create obstacles in the way of your success at workplace.

When in 7th house: Work associations will fail

Mars will transit in your 7th house from 11th November to 26th December 2019. This will be a period of resentment and worry due to failure of work partnerships.

  • As your 7th house represents partnerships, Mars will negatively influence any work associations that you might get into during this period.
  • You will have a tough time working in unison with your colleagues and team members.
  • An aspect on your 1st house will make you more aggressive - this combined with Mars’s aspect on your 10th house will aggravate your relationship with your boss.
  • You will also lose out on your savings as Mars will also aspect your 2nd house.

When in 8th house: A level of understanding will be there with your boss

Mars will transit in your 8th house from 26th December 2019 to 9th February 2020. This period will be critical for health-related matters and corresponding struggle at workplace, but your boss will be considerate of your problems.

  • Mars fiery influence will give rise to health complications, during this period. You must also exercise caution while travelling, as it could be injurious to your health.
  • Mars’s aspect on your 2nd house will diminish your savings while increasing your expenditure. You might need to spend a considerable amount to attend to your health conditions.
  • Mars aspect on your 3rd house helps better your mental tenacity to fight over your health and finance related issues. In fact a satisfactory aspect of Mars on your 11th house gives you opportunities to amplify your income.

When in 9th house: Fortune smiles on you

Mars will transit in your 9th house from 9th February to 23rd March 2020, resulting in a favorable period for your work and work relations.

  • An aspect of Mars on your 3rd house will foster your metal strength and offers you opportunities to succeed at workplace, and its placement in your 9th house will improve your relationship with your seniors.
  • Your expenditure will go up, with Mars aspecting your 12th house, during this period – which may distress you.
  • Opportunities to travel will be there, and will mostly be work related.

When in 10th house: Frequent disputes with boss

Mars will transit in your 10th house from 23rd March to 5th May 2020. Tensions of personal live will spill over your professional life making it a hard period for you to be an efficient employee.

  • You will remain at loggerheads with your boss, during this period. Mars’s aspect on your 1st house will augment your aggressive tendencies, which will further result in frequent quarrels with your boss.
  • Your family environment, love life and progeny related matters will experience a setback.
  • Your mind will be under lot of stress because of all this and you will lose grip on your professional life.

When in 11th house: Relationship with boss will improve

Mars will be transiting in your 11th house on 5th May to 19th June 2020. During this period, you will be able to enjoy good relationships with your boss and seniors.

  • Placement of Mars in your 11th house will positively influence your relationship with your boss and your income generation prospects. When in your 3rd house it will boost your chances of promotion.
  • Your success will not go down very well with your colleagues and they might develop a feeling of jealousy towards you, as Mars will negatively aspect your 6th house.
  • From its position in your 11th house Mars will also aspect your 2nd and 5th house, which warns you of your extravagance and arrogance.

When in 12th house: Team work will be unsuccessful

Mars will transit in your 12th house from 19th June to 17th August 2020. This will be a satisfactory period for you as an individual contributor, but you will not be able to perform well in group tasks. There will also be a brief period of retrogression in the 12th house from 5th October to 25th December 2020.

  • You might undertake long-distance travel for work related matters, during this period. Your expenses will shoot up.
  • Mars’s aspect on your 3rd house will make you mentally strong to take on workplace challenges effectively. Being too headstrong might lead to disagreements with colleagues at workplace, as Mars also aspects your 6th house.
  • Mars’s aspect on your 7th house will have a bad influence on all your partnerships – be it personal or professional. Thus, you will not be able to give desired results in any assignment that will involve team work.

When in 1st house: Rapport with boss will worsen

Mars will transit in your 1st house from 17th August to 5th October 2020. Your aggression will be at peak during his period. Post a period of retrogression in 11th house, Mars will again come back to your 1st house on 25th December 2020 and will be there till 23rd February 2021.

  • Transiting in the ascendant house, Mars will make you very aggressive and temperamental.
  • As you will defy dominance, your relationship with your boss will suffer.
  • An aspect on your 7th house will put hurdles in any work which will involve team work.
  • Health will need attention as Mars will also aspect your 8th house, during this period.

When in 2nd house: Hostility toward seniors will be evident

Mars will transit in your 2nd house from 23rd February to 15th April 2021. This period will be unfavorable for your health and professional well-being.

  • Your 2nd house represents your verbal communicating which will come under the negative influence of Mars, in its transit. Therefore, you must avoid using harsh language at your workplace as you might get into disputes.
  • An aspect on your 9th house will make you aggressive towards your seniors.
  • It will be a harsh period for your health and you may feel stressed out during this period.

When in 3rd house: Problems with colleagues and seniors

Mars will transit in your 3rd house during 15th April to 2nd June 2021. This period will cause unnecessary disputes with seniors and colleagues.

  • Your strong mentality and innovative approach will enhances chances of promotion at workplace.
  • An aspect of Mars on 6th house will result in problems with colleagues. But you will be able to combat any mean move taken by them to hinder your progress.
  • Disputes with senior will be common, in this period, as Mars’s aspect on your 10th house will make you rather aggressive towards them.

When in 4th house: Differences will crop up with boss

Mars will transit in your 4th house from 2nd June to 20 July 2021, causing troubles in your personal life which will lead to failure at work front.

  • There will be disturbance in your family life and your work life will be hindered, simultaneously.
  • Mars’s aspect on your 7th house will put hurdles in the way of your work associations.
  • An aspect on your 10th house will create differences between you and your boss.