Sun Transits Aquarius, 13 Feb till 14 March 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

The Sun's transit in Aquarius makes it possible to connect with the universe on a profound level while also providing you with a comprehensive, progressive & optimistic demeanor. By directing your inclinations, energies & views in the appropriate direction, it also bestows prosperity upon you.

Sun Transits Aquarius, 13 Feb till 14 March 2024

The Sun is fiery and represents fatherhood, self-confidence and ego over individualism. Saturn, which rules Aquarius, is the planet of discipline and implies that success in life is certain if you have control over your ego and discipline in your work style.

This analysis is based on Vedic Astrology that uses Moon Sign for accurate predictions. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, FIND OUT INSTANTLY through the form below.


The Sun's transit through the social and dynamic sign of Aquarius is a great cue for someone to change their course mentally and give themselves the mental freedom to re-engage with the world from all perspectives.

  • The Sun's transit through Aquarius is an excellent time and transit to begin movement and motivation in new undertakings or endeavors.
  • According to the planetary placement in your horoscope, now is the ideal time to establish the groundwork for any new endeavors and get them off to a successful start by channeling your knowledge properly.
  • It will bless you with a well-rounded personality that is progressive and characterized by favorable attributes; will bestow upon you success by directing your tendencies, efforts and views in the appropriate path.


How will this transit affect YOU?



You will achieve growth in career in this period and may notice that people would want to meet you. And if things are challenging, the key is to get curious about what the universe is trying to teach you, rather than focusing on how it’s punishing you.

You’ll gain greater clarity regarding where you’re meant to invest your energy in terms of financial resources. You may also receive a major reward or remuneration from your workplace around this time.

You would be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way, which might bring relief from mental stress.

You will make financial profits, accumulate wealth and maintain a healthy personal life. Do not expect old investments to give you profits during this period.

You will be honest and trustworthy in your committed relationship. You will deconstruct your ego and connect more deeply with Self. You will meet old friends and relish the time. You’ll feel the urge to slow down in this period, visit your memories and reassess your life.



You will make profits via your financial investment plans. You will be guided to earn more profits by utilising your intellectual and leadership quality. Your ability to assert your needs and boundaries without compromising your values will strengthen your bond with partner/spouse.

As you reconsider everything you viewed as your life priorities, in your professional life an event may occur around this time that can make you realize that everything you once took for granted has changed, and you’ll never look at life in the same way again.

Sun’s movement will generally be positive but that depends upon your subconscious patten and, at times, it can be uncomfortable if you have any difficulty in your personal or professional life.

There can be some strains on the professional front which might disturb your mental health. Your sleep pattern will be disturbed which will create anxiety.
This transit will make you travel with your family members and rejuvenate yourself.



This period will cause anxiety to get your work done on time. It is advised not to get overwhelmed at work. You may go on pilgrimages and make a family visit. You will achieve success via long business travels and there can be get-togethers with family members.

You will have mood swings and it is better to stay away from situations that spoil your inner peace. Financially you will get many opportunities, your old friends, or those people whom you do not remember might connect with you.

You can also undergo a lot of confusion in this period, and probably might not take the initiative for any work, professionally and personally.

Your partner/spouse will have high expectations of you and would want to spend more time together, which if not fulfilled can cause some issues.

Pride and ego will not help in resolving misunderstanding in personal and professional matters. Be polite and you should be available to your teammates to clear their doubts and achieve professional goals.



This period can cause anxiety about accomplishing work on time. You will take initiative in research-based work or studies which will encourage you to invest time in your professional or spiritual pursuits.

This planetary shift will affect your decision-making ability and physical agility. You might indulge in daydreaming, procrastination or neglect your responsibilities.

It's vital to strike a balance between exploring the spiritual realm and staying grounded in your day-to-day life. You may also find yourself directionless and may feel clueless about making the right decision at the right time, which can affect your career, health and financial planning.

But then cosmic energies in this period will align you towards spirituality and help you to come out of negativity. Choose your words carefully while giving advice to anyone, especially family members.



This transit will help you search for your inner strength and caliber to prove your leadership quality in your professional area. But at the same time, you should not project your ego in the personal space upfront as that can create misunderstandings and conflict. Try to balance both personal and professional life to draw the benefits of this planetary position.

This transit is a favourable time for your investments, you will reap profits. As for your expenses in this period, spend time on research and invest patiently as this will have a positive impact on your professional life as well.

At your workplace, people might misunderstand your way of working and can create hurdles in achieving targets.

Take care of your speech so that there are no misunderstandings and conflicts with loved ones. On the positive side, this transit can help you let go of your anger and pent-up emotions at the workplace. You would analyze a situation and would work on it in an appropriate way, which will be beneficial for all.



You will be in the mood to connect with people who can take your life to the next level, and vice versa. You will get favors from government officials and government-related work.

You will meet bureaucrats and come in contact with influential people. It will be wise to listen to others’ opinion and then take a proper decision.

Overthinking will bother you and will reflect in your relationships in this period. Your attention might be drawn to gossips and other irrelevant matters, thereby wasting your time and energy.

Monetary gains can be expected if you invest in this period on long-term shares and equities. Also, there is the probability of receiving unexpected money.
Stop critical thoughts and finding faults with other’s work. Explore more warmth and love by giving surprises to your partner/spouse.

You must minimize your negative thoughts during this period, be it personal or professional. Remember that egoistic behavior will not help you, just be polite and go with the flow.

You should arrange more team meetings and work on producing quality work with your colleagues.



You will be able to take a call on the direction you want to go. You will have a good financial hike and invest in fixed assets. You will have foreign collaborations and earn a lot of money.

Cosmic alignment will bring you sudden changes in your financial situation. You will enjoy a high status and hike in finance.

You can earn profits by investing in shares in this period. But proceed carefully and ensure that the papers and other prerequisites are in order.

Planetary influence might initiate your trigger points to create chaos in your harmonious life, for which you can face repercussions. But then other planetary influences will control the negative situations, which will balance your temperament.

Try adopting a less demanding approach towards others and yourself. Connecting with Self will help you feel connected with your loved ones as well.

Start investing in short-term instruments with the help of financial advice from professionals.

You will finish pending work and might receive the good news which you have been waiting for a long period. Enjoy the moment by celebrating with everyone.



Your partner might demand more attention and love. Love and intimacy will prevail, great time to redefine your relationship and its boundaries. Maintain budgets for savings.

You will be inclined towards doing more work and spending extra time at your workplace. Through hard work and determination, you can achieve professional goals. Your hard work will be recognized by seniors. You will have clarity in professional decision making.

Take care of your father’s health in this period. Your intellectual quality will help you in attaining a good name and respect at your workplace.

However, the initial days of this transit can be quite disturbing for you, all your superiors and subordinates will create disharmony in the organization. People will not submit their assigned work on time, which might aggravate your anger and irritation. This period can also be a roller coaster for you as your team might not coordinate.

On another note, this period will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You would explore a new hobby, a different approach to romance, or simply would plan adventurous trips with your companion.

You will invest and earn monetary gains in fixed assets and real estates during this period.



This period will give you the insight to let go of your rigid approach in behavior or thoughts that no longer serve or fulfill your purpose and embrace the coming changes on a positive note.

This transit of Sun will give you the intelligence of healing, self-care, and fast decision-making ability to overcome challenges. But do not reveal any professional secrets to your colleagues as you might face false allegations. Truthfulness and honesty will take you a long way.

You will find major changes in your daily routine as Sun’s transition is going to change your work, lifestyle and thinking patterns. You will introduce new working patterns and rules in your work space, which will be appreciated by your seniors.

This period will pave success in the blocked area of your life. You might get rewards and incentives for your work. You will be filled with new ideas, but implementation might be confusing and delay things, so a positive approach will bring good luck in your business or profession.

You will value the inner spirit, straightforward and a submissive attitude. You would like to be a free spirit in your workplace and would take decisions on your own with respect to the welfare of everyone.

Your obliging and caring nature needs to be in balance to maintain harmony in your personal and professional relationships. It is beneficial to listen to your spouse/partner’s point of view on financial matters.

There might be a few misunderstandings and conflicts in your love/marital life. You will find relief from health issues, if any.



You will try to introduce creative and innovative ideas in your business ventures and financial investments, but situations may go up and down for a while. Short term investments will not be favourable in this period.

It will be beneficial if you invest in shares and mutual funds in this period.
You will be blessed with a team at work that will be determined and very efficient. You may build up a career with required insights and assistance. But do not get swayed by an egoistic approach as it will negatively impact your professional growth.

Over-expectation vis-à-vis team members might pull your morale down. This is a period when you will have many innovative ideas for your career but there can also be anxiety and stress.

You would be overburdened with work; but take the leap of faith and wholeheartedly embrace the path.

This planetary position will make you have a microscopic view in your relationship and can make you dwell on your spouse/partner’s flaws. You can change your perception by prioritizing positive traits. Focus on those that make you feel content and you will find qualities of your spouse/partner worth cherishing.



This transit will give you beneficial results in family business and partnership business. But you might become indecisive while taking important decisions due to confusion.

You might not get good returns on old investments in this period.

Misunderstanding and conflicts can prevail between you and your spouse/partner. You will have differences of opinion and there can be a challenging environment in the family. This period will add to family stress with disagreements. But things will soon resolve through children’s intervention and support.

A family vacation at the end of the year will fetch happy moments.



You might face adversity due to laziness and procrastination but gradually will achieve targets through your hard work. You might get involved in new goals and can become greedy at times but there will be a surge of passion.

There will be unexpected expenses in this period, which will put pressure on you. There can be some financial loss, if you are not careful.

There can be some illusion and confusion as well about your financial situation. But your hard work and determination will change things in a positive manner.
You will have to analyze the situation better if you wish to clinch a business deal. Overconfidence can draw challenges, particularly financially – take care not to make any wrong investment.

Investments related to property/house will yield benefits. There can also be some unplanned expenses on renovation and travel, which can affect your savings.

There can be a rift with your spouse/partner; at times, open communication will mend the situation.


Remedies to Mitigate Challenges of this Transit

Follow the remedies listed below, irrespective of your sign, to lessen the negative effects of the Sun's transit through Aquarius:

  • Offer water to the Sun every day after taking a bath in the morning. The offering of water forms a prism of white light that acts as a color healing therapy over your body to increase physical fitness.
  • Touch the feet of your father or other father figure before leaving the house or after waking up and ask for his blessings to help you succeed in life.
  • Make monetary donations to old-age homes, orphanages or other organizations working for the underprivileged to improve your general well-being.


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