Mercury Transit Reading

Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 11th house of Aquarius moon sign natives. This period will bring around favorable changes in your life with many opportunities to succeed and grow.

You may enter a new phase of life, in this period and make new friendly relationships, too. Changes in work environment are also apparent and the likelihood of them being promising is high.

Financial gains will be superlative and you will be able to earn and save enough for the future. Still, caution overs speculations and unjust means of making quick bucks is advised.

Health will be good and so does your attitude. Positive thoughts and energies will surround you in this period and you will embrace the optimistic viewpoint towards smaller and larger things in life.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Aquarius moon sign

During the transit of Sun in Sagittarius, Aquarius moon sign natives will have a pretty good time with their life partner and love partner. The growth of your spouse in professional arena will benefit both of you. This will be the time to reinforce family ties and bring about positive changes in life. There will be joy and harmony in domestic life and you will make some new memories for lifetime, in this period.

  • New friends will come into your life, in this period. Some of you may also begin anew love relationship, which will be an enduring one.
  • Marital relationships will be cheerful and affectionate. There will love and respect for each other and you also mutually benefit each other for a secure life, together.
  • There will be good amount financial gains, through income gains from professional fields. Spouse will also do well in their area of work, bringing about accolades and tangible gains home.
  • While new and old relationships will have all the ingredients to be successful, some amount of caution would still be needed to maintain the integrity and sanity of these relationships.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Aquarius moon sign

This transit will bring about lot of new happenings in your professional life. Aquarius moon sign natives will climb new growth ladders in their professional arena, during the transit of Sun in Sagittarius. There will be success in all that you do in terms of profession, provided you are the right path and not driven by any unjust or dishonest means. The robustness of your professional life will help you reap good financial gains and all this will keep you delighted, throughout this transit period.

  • Sudden job or business proposals will come up. While in all possibilities these will have good success rate, still you are advised to be thorough in your research before taking the final call to freeze the deal.
  • Change in work or work environment will bring in positive outcomes. So, if it is a new job or new job location you will be in for good surprises and growth opportunities.
  • Business ventures related to digital mediums will grow stupendously. Prospects for service professionals is also bright in this domain or industry.
  • For those planning for a jib change, selection in interview will come through honest efforts. Success in competitive exams is also indicated in this period.