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Sun Transit in Aquarius in 2022: Effects on Moon signs

Sun is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. It is indeed the most powerful celestial body. Sun stands for the overall power and position of an individual. When the Sun transits in Aquarius, it is going to affect all Moon signs in different ways.

Sun Transit in Aquarius in 2022
The Sun is the sole power source of vital energy on this earth. Whether on land or on sea, it is the support system for all life forms on this earth. The transit of Sun in the sign of Aquarius on 13th February is very important in any individual horoscope. It activates the social network and psychological freedom of every individual to reconnect with the world in its own respective way. The transit of Sun in Aquarius gives a chance to every individual to revaluate their identity without any motive and appreciate all the natural entities of the earth as priceless and valuable gifts of nature.

A favourable Sun in any native’s birth chart makes him/her dignified, reaps respect and is blessed with good power and authority. The effect of the Sun however changes, based on each zodiac moon sign. Let’s survey the changes that the transit of the Sun in Aquarius brings in the various aspects of all zodiac signs.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 11th house that represents your gains, social friends, and fulfillment of your dreams and desires. On the whole, this transit is very progressive for your personal and professional arena where your efforts, when combined with your skills, will reward you with recognition at workplace and monetary gains. You will have the bliss of personal and professional worlds accompanied with good health. Chances of any overseas trip or pilgrimage are on the astrological cards.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 10th house that represents your career, fame, and ambitions. This transit is favourable especially for your career where you will have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and improve them accordingly. The transit of the Sun in the 10th house will promote you to have a balanced attitude in your professional and personal life. This will bring forth name and fame in your professional life and love life, help you gain regard and respect from your partner and your family. Change in your attitude will be an important ingredient for your overall success.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 9th house that represents your fortune or luck, gains in spirituality and international journey. The transit of Sun in Gemini sign predicts that it will be beneficial for you in your career with medium strength. However, you will be able to handle all your career prospects with diligence. Financially, it will be a progressive transit but avoid initiating any new task as this may affect your personal and family relations due to the overburden of work. Meeting with any spiritual teacher is visible and this transit will bless you with good physical, emotional, and mental health.


Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 8th house that represents your inheritance, sudden gain/loss, and challenges in your ventures. This transit period will not be progressive due to its placement in the hurdle house that will bring forth financial challenges in career and loss of valuables. Personally, you may have conflict with your partner /family, especially over any past event. So, try avoiding any clash that may disturb you emotionally. The placement of Sun in the 8th house indicates there are chances of getting attracted towards occult sciences and spirituality. However, be cautious regarding your professional, personal and health challenges.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 7th house of relationships that represents your personal [marriage] and professional partnerships, along you’re your social reputation. The effect of transit of the Sun in its own sign (Leo) will yield its own cup of challenges in your professional front where problems will erupt from various sources due to your partner’s negligence. So, caution is advised on your work front. On the personal panel, you will have to avoid any ego conflicts with your partner by maintaining an equilibrium. Take care of your social image and pay extra attention towards your mental and physical health for progressive movement in all aspects of your life.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 6th house that represents your health, debt, and enemies. This will be a positive transit for you which will help you to win over in legal matters, if pending. Your career prospects related to the government sector will be beneficial. Financial matters will be consistent as you will cater to expenditure only on your necessary needs. Personal relations will be with contentment, and you will have full understanding and support of your family. Health prospects will be good with good vitality and energy. Keep control over your expectations and maintain a low profile for consistent success.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 5th house that represents your love relationships, children, and speculation. Financial gains will be good through your career. Along with your intelligence and efforts, you will get financial consistency during this transit as you will be able to cash every gain yielding opportunities. Your personal relations will not be prosperous, so you will have to be more attentive for your personal happiness. Try to avoid any unnecessary clashes with your partner. Health will be normal but be attentive towards your general fitness by following proper exercise and healthy diet regime.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 4th house that represents your mother, domestic peace and prosperity, property, vehicle, and home business. The transit for Scorpio natives will not be very beneficial and challenges in your personal sphere will be visible as you may have to confront emotional imbalance with your close ones. Your professional front will be less favourable in relation to gains but career with work from home, freelancing and government jobs may be netfied with perks or promotion. Take care of your health by following or practicing yoga for mental strength and happiness.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 3rd house that represents your initiative, courage, information, and short journey. The transit of Sun in Sagittarius sign will be beneficial in different arenas due to your creative efforts and active actions with systematic execution of plans in your career. The personal front will be prosperous on the account of sound mutual understanding with your partner and loved ones. You can plan a short trip that will initiate some extra time to strengthen your personal bonding during this transit. Health will be good with strong fitness and vitality.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 2nd house that represents your family, finance, speech, and your accumulated wealth. The effect of transit of Sun on Capricorn sign indicates that the results will be of mixed strength with more negative trends visible at this time. Financially, the progress will not be positive with your investments and career gains. Therefore, you are advised to be careful regarding your financial management of wealth. On the personal front, there are frequent chances of facing conflict over financial issues with your family. At the same time, your relationship with your spouse/partner may be strained due to your harsh and rude speech. Keep your calm and have a cautious attitude to avoid any setback.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 1st house that represents your identity, personality, and self expression. The transit of Sun in Aquarius in ascendant or 1st house indicates a beneficial trend for your sign where you will gain in your career by your sincere efforts. This will endow you with professional perk or promotion. In your personal sphere, you will be blessed with good mutual understanding with your partner and family. Your will have good physical health with strong immune system throughout. Your wealth quotient will be sufficient in strength even after taking care of your finances.


The Sun in Aquarius sign will be transiting in your 12th house that represents your overall expenditure, loss, salvation, and foreign settlements. This transit of the Sun will affect your career with the burden of excess workload. You will have to meet your work commitments on prescribed time. So, this may cause a minor setback in your health due to work-related stress. The personal front and relations may have to bear the brunt of the pressure your career. Therefore, try to prioritize your career and personal goals on different horizons for their individual prosperity. Control over expenditure is essential to monitor your finances and avoid wealth stringency.

Overall, the transit of Sun in Aquarius sign indicates that every indiviual will have the power to observe their shortcomings in general and carry out calculated efforts and steps to rectify them to move progressively in life.