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Sun Transits Aquarius (13 Feb – 15 Mar)

The Sun's transit in Aquarius makes it possible to connect with the universe on a profound level while also providing you with a comprehensive, progressive & optimistic demeanor. By directing your inclinations, energies & views in the appropriate direction, it also bestows prosperity upon you.

Sun Transits Aquarius

The Sun is fiery and represents fatherhood, self-confidence and ego over individualism. Saturn, which rules Aquarius, is the planet of discipline and implies that success in life is certain if you have control over your ego and discipline in your work style.

  • The Sun's transit through the social and dynamic sign of Aquarius is a great cue for someone to change their course mentally and give themselves the mental freedom to re-engage with the world from all perspectives.
  • The Sun's transit through Aquarius is an excellent time and transit to begin movement and motivation in new undertakings or endeavors.
  • According to the planetary placement in your horoscope, now is the ideal time to establish the groundwork for any new endeavors and get them off to a successful start by channeling your knowledge properly.
  • It will bless you with a well-rounded personality that is progressive and characterized by favorable attributes; will bestow upon you success by directing your tendencies, efforts and views in the appropriate path.


How will this transit affect YOU?



Sun governs your fifth house of romance, children and speculation. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting your 11th house, which represents your gains, social connections and the fulfillment of your dreams and goals. The Sun's progression through Aquarius will help you be in control over your ego and self-confidence.

Your professional life will be progressive, with numerous trends that will highlight your professional aptitude. Your efforts and talents will be rewarded at work with promotions and salary increase. But maintain caution by keeping a close eye on your temperamental behavior since overconfidence and ego can be detrimental to professional endeavors.

Your personal front points to advancements and recognition in your social circle, where you'll meet new people thanks to your likable demeanor and ability to mingle with others without feeling awkward. Your personal and professional lives will be happy, and your health will be excellent.



The Sun rules your fourth house of domestic happiness, stability and motherhood. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting your 10th house, which represents your career, fame and ambitions. Your career will benefit from the Sun's transit through Aquarius, but your personal life will have average outcomes.

Your career will be greatly impacted by the Sun's transit through Aquarius since the Sun has more strength while it is in the 10th house of career. You will have the opportunity to gain the respect and approval of your superiors along with an improvement in your reputation at work, which may present you with excellent prospects for promotion as a result of your successful job performance. Along with strong potential in the government sector, there are good financial gains for the future.

Your personal life will have a moderate impact, but you'll need to work especially hard to synchronize your perceptions with clear communication in order to prevent any form of conflict in your relationships with your father or other loved ones. There is a possibility that medical expenditures relating to your father's health will be incurred.

To prevent any form of setback in your personal and professional life during this transit, stay away from your egoistic attitude.



Sun rules your third house of initiative, speech and siblings. The Sun in Aquarius will be moving through your 9th house, which represents luck or good fortune, spiritual advancement and international travel. Due to your perseverance and diligence in all of your endeavors, the Sun's transit through the Aquarius will provide favorable outcomes.

The third house is ruled by the Sun, which indicates that you will be rewarded for your patience and hard work with favorable outcomes. Your career endeavors will produce advantageous yet respectable good results. On the professional front, modifications are indicated; nevertheless, changes at work or in work strategies should be delayed until a better time. You'll be able to manage all of your professional opportunities with care. It will be a progressive journey in terms of finances.

As your propensity for spiritual and religious work grows, serenity and wealth will be bestowed onto your own realm. Long-distance travel is possible, especially if you go with your family, particularly your siblings. For total success, take a broad approach to family health, maintain control over your behavior and work hard and diligently.



The Sun rules your second house of family, finance and speech. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting your 8th house, which stands for inheritance, unexpected profits or losses and difficulties in your pursuits. Due to the Sun’s placement in the hurdle house, which will result in professional and financial difficulties as well as the loss of possessions, the Sun's transit through Aquarius will not be progressive for you.

On the professional front, there will be a variety of issues that will pop up out of nowhere and require your attention. Your efforts should be in good sync with the projects you are working on and with your coworkers. During this transit, stay away from any travel plans because they won't be beneficial for you. If you are involved in research related work or field, you may have the chance of gaining a good reputation.

Avoid any form of investment during this time since more losses than gains are predicted. The loss of valuable and important papers or documents might result from any type of carelessness. Your personal life does not present a positive image since your loved ones can see that you do not understand them. Try to avoid any disagreement that can upset your emotions. You may personally have disagreements with your partner or family, especially in the light of any prior event.



The sun rules your first house and ascendant. Your personal [marriage] and professional partnerships, as well as your social standing, are represented by your 7th house of relationships, which the Sun in Aquarius will be transiting. You will get unenthusiastic outcomes from the Sun's transit in Aquarius both personally and professionally.

Because difficulties will arise from numerous sources owing to your partner's irresponsibility, vigilance is suggested on the professional front. Your professional front will see success but will have its own cup of challenges. In order to avoid legal issues with your professional paper work, be sure to take care of any government-related things, such as tax payment. The secret to your professional endeavors' success and continued advancement is balance.

Maintaining harmony in your behavioral conduct with your partner/spouse and loved ones can help you prevent any ego clashes with your partner on a personal level. By including yoga and meditation in your daily routine, you may take care of your reputation in society and give special attention to your mental and physical health for your success in all spheres of life.



The Sun rules your 12th house of loss and foreign connections. Your 6th house, which represents your health, debt and enemies, will have the Sun in Aquarius transiting there. It is well arranged for the Sun's transit through Aquarius to have positive effects on you.

Your professional front will advance because the conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the 6th house of rivalry will expose professional hostility that might lead to mental stress, but you will be able to defeat your opponents with your diplomatic skills.

This will be a positive transit for you, one in which you will prevail in any ongoing legal difficulties and benefit from employment advancement in the government sector. Financial affairs will be stable since you'll limit spending to what's really essential.

There will be happiness in personal relationships, and your family will fully understand and support you. It is crucial to take care of your health when under stress because this transit will cause changes in your sentiments and connection with your partner.

The future of your health will be bright and you'll have plenty of energy. For sustained success, keep your expectations in check and maintain a low profile.



The Sun rules your 11th house of gain and fulfillment. Sun in Aquarius will be transiting your 5th house, which stands for your romantic relationships, children and speculation. You will have both professional success and less satisfying relationships on the personal front during the Sun's transit through Aquarius.

Your hard work and planned efforts, along with your dedication to your goal and consistency in your work will improve your professional prospects. With your intelligence and hard work, you will be able to maintain your financial stability during this transit because you will be able to take advantage of any opportunity that will result in financial gain. Your progress will be boosted by a change in location or profession now.

Because of your workload or personal negligence, your personal relationships won't be successful; therefore, you'll need to pay more attention to your own happiness. In a romantic relationship, try to prevent any pointless argument and show your partner the same affection you feel for them.

Health will be normal, but pay attention to your overall fitness by including yoga and meditation into your daily routine along with appropriate exercise and a good diet.



The Sun rules your tenth house of career and status. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting through your 4th house, which stands for your mother, household harmony and prosperity, possessions, transportation, and family businesses. The Sun's transit through Aquarius won't be balanced or advantageous for you.

The personal front won't be very beneficial and you'll likely confront difficulties since you could have emotional disharmony with your close ones. You'll have to deal with difficulties, family expenses and a major requirement to manage personal/family concerns for professional success.

Your professional front will be less favorable in terms of gains, although if your career includes working from home, freelancing or working for the government, you may be rewarded with bonuses or promotions. Maintaining a healthy balance between your personal and work lives is crucial since doing otherwise might lead to professional changes that are detrimental to your growth.

Follow or practice yoga for mental strength and happiness to take care of your health, since these disruptions may be at the root of mental stress.



The Sun rules your 9th house of luck, spirituality and long travel. Your 3rd house, which is representative of your initiative, bravery, knowledge, and short journey, will be transited by the Sun in Aquarius. Due to your methodical efforts and astute acts, the Sun's transit through Aquarius will be progressive and advantageous.

Due to your creative efforts, active activities and thorough implementation of ideas in your work, your professional prospects will be beneficial in all areas. On the professional front, you will have the support of your colleagues and associates, but watch out since some may want to profit off your success and reputation. Avoid any form of brief travel during this transit since it might harm your professional credentials.

Your personal front will thrive with strong mutual understanding with your partner and loved ones; there may be a short trip that will initiate some additional time to build your personal ties. You will have the opportunity to experience love and passion in your romantic relationships with your partner. Strong fitness and energy are favorable to good health.



Sun governs your 8th house of difficulties and unexpected gains and losses. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting through your 2nd house, which stands for your family, finances, speech, and accumulated wealth. With proper and honest efforts, Sun's transit in Aquarius will produce positive outcomes for you.

The placement of Sun and Saturn in the 8th house is likely to result in significant financial gains, sudden professional advancement and favorable outcomes for those in government-related jobs; your career will benefit from your efforts and hard work when combined.

Due to ego conflicts over the issues at hand, your relationship with your father may suffer. Your relationship may deteriorate as a result of ego-related disagreements with your spouse or partner and the likelihood that you may speak with more animosity. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain equilibrium in your behavior when interacting with others on a personal and professional level.

You are urged to take good care of your health with a balanced diet, by exercising regularly and practicing yoga and meditation.



The Sun rules your seventh house of marriage and partnership. Your 1st house, which stands for your identity, individuality, and ability to express yourself, will be transited by the Sun in Aquarius. A favorable trend for you is indicated by the Sun's transit through Aquarius ascendant or first house.

You will experience a positive trend on the professional front, where you will advance thanks to your tireless efforts, which will earn you a bonus or promotion. Your workload will expand as a result of your high reputation, but it is strongly advised that you maintain a balanced attitude and aptitude because your egoistic actions might harm your professional growth.

Due to your prompt efforts and actions, you will be blessed with good understanding with your spouse and family, even if this transit may cause difficulties. In both your personal and professional interactions, maintain your stance.

Throughout the transit, you will have good physical health and a strong immune system, and you will maintain your health and fitness.



The Sun rules your 6th house of debt, sickness and rivalry. The Sun in Aquarius will be transiting through your 12th house, which stands for your expenditures, losses, salvation, and foreign abodes. Your work endeavors will have an influence on your personal relationships during the Sun's transit through Aquarius.

Your professional endeavors will suffer as a result of the stress of having to complete your obligations on time, which might have a negative impact on your health. You could succeed in your international business operations as a result of this transit, but it's important to keep an eye on how costs for business travel are managed.

Try to focus your work and personal ambitions on distinct horizons for their respective success since the influence of your career pressure may fall on your personal front and relationships. Controlling your expenses will be crucial to keeping track of your finances and avoiding financial restrictions on both personal and professional levels.

Follow the remedies listed below, irrespective of your sign, to lessen the negative effects of the Sun's transit through Aquarius:

  • Offer water to the Sun every day after taking a bath in the morning. The offering of water forms a prism of white light that acts as a color healing therapy over your body to increase physical fitness.
  • Touch the feet of your father or other father figure before leaving the house or after waking up and ask for his blessings to help you succeed in life.
  • Make monetary donations to old-age homes, orphanages or other organizations working for the underprivileged to improve your general well-being.