Transit of Saturn in Capricorn: Which moon signs will be majorly effected?

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn: Which moon signs will be majorly effected?


The transit of Saturn in Capricorn, taking place on 24th January 2020 is going to be a significant cosmic event. According to Vedic astrology this transit is going to have massive effects on the lives of people belonging to the 12 moon signs, however the range of these effects will vary for each sign.

Some signs will be majorly effected, on a more cautious level, while some will have mellowed results on various aspects of their lives.

To understand the intensity of this transit we must know that on the 24th of January the lord of the tenth zodiac is going to hold the reigns of its empire and thus, will operate on free-will. This will be the time to align with the energies of Saturn and be as obedient and sincere as you can be, to derive the desired results in the near future.

The subtext of Saturn’s movement in Capricorn remains the idea of learning and growing with faith and honesty and ensuring that you never divert from the righteous path.

In the current transit, Saturn will bestow its effects, majorly on the six moon signs (Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius), through its various phases like Kantak-Sani, Dhaiya or the most dreaded Sade-Sati (the period of seven and half year of Saturn in one’s life).

To know how various transits of Saturn will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

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Regardless of which phase of Saturn’s period you are in, you will have a roller-coaster ride with unexpected challenges, profound learning and deep understandings of life.

While transiting Capricorn, Saturn will have a remarkable journey through Uttara-Asadha Nakshatra. This might give tough times with unpredictable events, but during this excursion you will be able to create a strong foundation of grit and stability for a victorious life ahead.

Important dates during the transit of Saturn in Capricorn:

  • 24th January 2020: From this date onwards, Saturn will be in Capricorn, in the constellation of Utara-Asadha nakshatra, till the last week of January 2021. During this time, you will get the energy from the Sun, which rules this nakshatra. This will give you the opportunity to prepare the foundation for a success tomorrow and bring about positive changes in your attitude ad personality.
  • From January 2021 to January 2022: While still being in Capricorn, Saturn will move into another section in the constellation of Moon, which is known as Shravana. During this time, while on one hand you will witness an enhancement in your concentration powers, you will also be able to comprehend various things, at the same time.
  • From January 2022 to January 2023: Saturn in Capricorn will pass through the Dhanishta nakshatra, ruled by Mars. At this time, you need to align your energy with Mars, which has action and activity in its element. But with the presence of Saturn, you will learn your lessons in gaining perfection at workplace and other areas of life, in general.

In between Saturn will retrograde, as well. The retrograde period of Saturn will demand persistence, perseverance, patience and honesty. You will need to be attentive to embrace insightful learning, and cosmic intelligence through meditation.

Saturn will retrograde on the following dates:

  • 11th May 2020 to 29th September 2020
  • 23rd May 2021 to 11th October 2021
  • 5th June 2022 to 23rd October 2022

During its transit in Capricorn, Saturn will also have the company of Jupiter, in between. During this time, you will get to learn the value of commitment and gain the knowledge of managing your finances well.

Saturn will have the company of Jupiter on the following dates:

  • 30th March 2020 to 30th June 2020
  • 20th November 2020 to 6th April 2021
  • 14th September 2021 to 21st November 2021

As mentioned above, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn will have a conspicuous influence mainly on six signs of the zodiac belt. The effects of this transit on these six signs is outlined below:

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Gemini moon sign

In Gemini, Saturn will occupy the 8th house, during its transit in Capricorn. In Vedic terms, this position is called as ‘Ashtam Shani’. This will largely impact the following areas of life:

  • Research and analysis
  • Self-introspection
  • Unexpected events
  • Health and longevity
  • Spirituality and mysticism
  • Wealth and finance

The above mentioned areas will be negatively affected due to the influence of Saturn on the malefic 8th house. There will be sudden losses, unexpected and unpleasant events happening around you, during this phase. There will be a draining effect on your health and wealth and you will struggle to maintain the sanity of your mind.

Inclination towards spirituality will be your saving grace, but only to the extent of maintaining the equilibrium with reality. A pull towards deep learning and extensive research will be experienced, at this time.

Gemini natives will have to be highly cautious of their health, during this time. Sudden spells of illness may drain out the physical and mental energies of the native. Care should also be taken while travelling and driving, during this transit phase. The diagnosis of these diseases will be seemingly difficult, making the recovery stressful and strained. It will also cause troubles in your family life and wealth accumulation.

Effects of this transit will also be highly visible on the professional life of the Gemini moon sign natives. Career results and achievements will be delayed and regardless of the amount of hard work that you might put in, success will remain a distant dream, during this time.

Despite all these setbacks, you can have a win at hand, if you learn from your mistakes and keep the hope alive. Working religiously towards achieving your gals, without taking up the shortcut to success will get you the expected gains, in the long-term, which will be sustained for life, through fair and just means.

Deviating from the moralistic path will swamp you up in the vicious circle of challenges and impediments, which will not go away any time soon.

Nonetheless, there will be an auspicious side of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, which will come through its aspect on the 5th house of Gemini moon sign. Consequently, you will see a positive influence on education, love life, children and other related aspects of this house.

Overall, relief will come by the end of 2020, when Gemini natives will start experiencing some positive changes in their lives.

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Libra moon sign

For Libra moon sign, Saturn will be transiting in their 4th house. This will be the Saturn Dhaiya phase (the 2.5 years period of Saturn) for the natives. The transiting Saturn will touch upon the following aspects of this house:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Property

The presence of Saturn in this house will increase the workload and challenges in your day-to-day jobs. Family life will be unstable with an aura of discomfort and upheaval.

The likelihood of estrangement from family is also there, at this time. This could be attributed to taking up job at a distant place or even relocation to a foreign country. Be careful while taking up short distance travels, during this time, which are indicated to be rather frequent, in this phase.

Your own health and that of your mother will be a matter of concern. Wealth accumulation will face obstructions and you have to take care family income and property related issues with utmost care and attention.

Dealings in property related matters and any high-end investments must be avoided, at this time, as chances of loses loom large, during this phase of Saturn. For those who are looking to buy a house of their own, for a long time, may finally be able to purchase one, now, but there will be numerous hurdles and delays in the process.

Any work related to government bodies or officials will have delays and you will need to put in extra efforts to get things done, at this time. You must also be very careful about your relationship with your father and seniors, at workplace, as these will go through some testing times, at this point.

Libra natives can look forward to moments of peace and contentment during the retrograde phase of Saturn. Also, patience and perseverance will help you in getting the things done and in maintain the sanity of your relationships, during the transit of Saturn in Capricorn.

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Scorpio moon sign

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn is going to take place in the 3rd house of Scorpio moon sign natives. This transit holds a great significance for Scorpio moon sign natives, as their Sade Sati phase will be getting over now. Therefore, there will be changes, on the positive lines, but nothing will still be instantaneous, so you have to be highly patient.

Aspects which will get effected, at this time, will be:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Siblings
  • Travel
  • Mental intelligence

While during your Sade Sati phase you just have been through a lots of ups and downs, this will be the time to reap the rewards of the struggle that you have been through. However, these rewards shall only be there if you have effectively learned your lessons and embraced the teachings of Saturn, during the Sade Sati period.

Now, this will be the time to utilize your accumulated share of knowledge, your understanding of the importance of patience and the philosophical teachings of respecting all what you get in life, in practicality, to get greater results.

As a result of this transit, you will get a new opportunities, including number of travel opportunities. Your communication skills will be enhanced to help you attain your life goals, and success, thereby.

Still you need to be cautious, especially during the temporary retrograde phase of Saturn from 30th March to 30th June 2020, as there are chances of getting into conflicting situations. Also, your tongue and tone will be largely harsh and inappropriate, at this time.

This period could be problematic for your finances, as chances of incurring losses are high, during this time. Your love life may also be disturbed and relationship with children will suffer, too, at this time. Though, this shall pass soon, and you must not lose your hope and keep a firm foot.

Post this retrograde period, positivity will return in your life and things will start to look up. You will have a peaceful domestic life, where your relationship with your siblings will be cordial and you will spend a lot of time together, travelling and hanging out.

You will be motivated to take on new challenges, bold and courageous steps at work. Overall, you will be optimistic and inspired to do better in life.

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Sagittarius moon sign

Saturn will be transiting in the 2nd house of Sagittarius moon sign natives. This will be the third and the last phase of Sade Sati for you. The effects of this transit can be largely felt on the following aspects:

  • Savings
  • Family
  • Health
  • Speech

Being the lord of the second and third house and transiting in the 2nd house makes the Saturn feel at ease. This homecoming will have an influence over your family relationships, unexpected gains, income, health and verbal expressions.

As stated, this will be the last lag of the Sade Sati period, and it is going to bring about some steadiness and relaxation in the lives of Sagittarius moon sign natives.

This phase will be better off than the last 5 years of Saturn’s Sade Sati, still in the remaining 2.5 years of its stay, you need to ensure that you optimality put to use the lessons that you have learned under the guidance of Saturn, so far.

Treat this period as a test of your grit, determination and obedience. Keep a track of your steps, but do take up new initiates as there will be numerous opportunities waiting for you, during this time.

Finances will be stable, new investment opportunities will surface, but be practical and alert while putting your bet in any of these prospects.

Health will also recover, however, some precaution will still be required, so be aware of what you consume and how you deal with stress, in day-to-day life.

Don’t go for any major investments, related to house and property, especially during the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn or in the retrograde period of Saturn.

Watch out for your language and do not curse anyone during this last phase of Sade Sati. You need to be cautious with your words and commitments, otherwise your reputation will take the beating.

Nonetheless, you can have a breath of relief as most of your challenges will start settling down, but it will require you to be highly patient and persistent in your attitude, to give you the desired benefits.

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn moon sign

Transiting into the 1st house (ascendant/lagna) of Capricorn moon sign, Saturn is going to offer a highly challenging period to Capricorn natives, as they will enter the second phase of Sade Sati period. This phase of Sade Sati is considered as the most critical and thus extreme caution is advised on various life areas, during this time.

The aspects which will largely get effected during this phase will be:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Health
  • Personality
  • Outlook towards life

Challenges and hurdles will ensue in these mentioned areas. Health will require greater attention and so does your attitude.

Every step you take in this period has to be measured and calculated. Averting risks will be advised and focus on safety and security will be must, at this time.

The focus will also be on clearing the previous backlogs, before moving on to the next chapter in life. You will be at the peak of Sade Sati period, which will conclude in January 2023. You will need to have the grit and will of steel to stand the challenges of this phase. But, as they say the hardest lessons are learnt in toughest of times, the learnings from this period will lay the foundation of a sumptuous life for you, provided you hold your ground, throughout this time.

The courage to fight the odds will be offered to you from time-to-time by the nakshatras that Saturn will pass through, during its journey in Capricorn.
Utilize this period to enhance your comprehension, logic and wisdom while embracing the power of patience, perseverance and ethical values.

This period is going to offer you enough prospects to transform your outlook, attitude and personality for the greater good in coming years. However, it will be up to you to identify, grab and utilize such opportunities for a prosperous life ahead.

For Capricorn natives, the last phase of Sade Sati will be from January 2023 to March 2025, which will bring about some relief in routine struggles and delays.

Transit of Saturn in Capricorn for Aquarius moon sign

Saturn will transit in Capricorn in the 12th house of Aquarius moon sign. This will be the beginning of Sade Sati for the Aquarius natives. The effect of this period will be largely visible on the following aspects:

  • Unplanned expenditure
  • Subconscious voice
  • Health
  • Abroad travel/settlement

This first phase of Sade Sati for Aquarius will continue till January 2023. This period is going to bring about a lot of changes in your life, which will be sudden and unexpected.

This phase is going to lay the foundation for the upcoming years of your life. You will need to make some tough choices, go through the turmoil of taking some difficult decisions and stand up through the sea of challenges, but, all of this will eventually pay off in a splendid way, if you stick to the guidelines laid down by Saturn.

You may experience job change or change in location of your job, which will be difficult to adjust to. But success will come through research related and spiritual careers.

Independent professional will get success in a foreign country and business professionals will get good proposal from places which are far from their homeland. These opportunities will demand lots of effort and persistence, as Saturn will be governing your moves throughout.

Some health-related expenditures and expenses related to pilgrimage or foreign travel could be there, in this period.

During the time of Saturn’s retrogression from 11th May 2020 to 29th September 2020, there will be some sudden expenditures on traveling, health-related expenses and other unplanned expenditures.

Saturn will also influence the 6th house of health, so you need to be cautious while in the retrograde period of Saturn.

Beyond the retrograde period, there will be some opportunities majorly related to shifting your base to a foreign place. But whatever is the case, hard work, determination, patience and perseverance will be required to attain all things, during this time.