Mars Transit to Leo And its Impact on all Moon Signs

When the planet of energy, assertion and passion – Mars, travels and transits in to the sign of Leo, which is a fire element, great changes are in the way. This transit will have an effect on all the moon signs, depending upon their favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit on all the zodiacs.

Mars Transit to Leo And its Impact on all Moon Signs


Mars, the bold and hot planet, is transiting to embrace the affinity of the Sun in its sign Leo on 21st July 2021. This transit will bring innovative ideas of change for the rest of the summer with the clear reason that as Mars will slide into the zodiac sign of lion, which will bless us with the cup of bold confidence full till its brim. This transit is the catalyst to review all our inner perspectives in a neutral way so that we are able to harness the personal bold energy of Mars and move forward in a positive way.

Mars is the significator of property and it will bless any individual with the asset of property when it is connected with the house of assets. It will bestow the courage to the native to become good surgeons when it will make connection with the house of education and profession. The transit of Mars will have its vessel full of energy as its Leo sign [emotions] as the vigorous and zeal of Mars is controlled in Capricorn sign with its lord Saturn with its quality of hard work and its debilitated sign Cancer where the high intensity of these Martian natives is reduced by the submerging quality of Cancer sign. The marking of this transit will be the extra shining of emotions which will be heightened during this transit till September 2021 till it moves to sign Virgo.

Observing the Guidance of Mars on all Moon Signs

  1. ARIES

The planet Mars will possess the 5th house of education, love relationships and children in transit and it may bring out the heat of the relations, if not handled with care and diplomacy. Health is the main concern due to the placement of Mars, which may bring stomach issues. So, you are advised to avoid spicy food for your good health. Your financial prospects will be good and there are good chances of sudden gains along with favorable time for medical students. Romantic relationships should be kept under control as the intensity of emotions may cause rift in your relationships.


The planet Mars will possess the 4th house of domestic peace and prosperity in the transit. This transit will be beneficial for investing or selling of property with wealth increment possibility according to your expectation. The health prospects will have to be focused on your mother’s health and wellbeing by scheduling her routine checkup and giving proper medication. Marital and love relations will face some conflicts in relations, so you are advised to relax and handle your relations with mutual understanding with your partner.

Professionally, it will a profitable period for medical professionals, engineers and those in police and military services but keep a vigilance over your finances.


The Gemini natives will have the transit of Mars presiding over the 3rd house of strength, valour and younger ones. This transit will bless you with the courage and the initiative to complete your entire task efficiently. Professionals aspiring for new jobs or job switch will be benefitted due to their efforts in the right direction. Your relationship with your younger siblings will not be cordial and you may get involved in conflicts for petty issues but you will have the luxury of making new friends and spending some pleasure time with them in traveling. Keep all your activities in moderate mode to balance all parameters of your health.


Mars is yogakarak [beneficial] for Cancer natives and it will possess your 2nd house of accumulated wealth, immediate family and speech during its transit. Your personal and family relations will require vigilance over your speech for the cordial relations with everyone. This is a progressive period for professionals that will bring good options for good earnings and in the same manner students will also benefit from their educational prospects based on their dedication and effort. You will get good results with less efforts but keep vigilance over your health with proper diet and rest is required.

  1. LEO

Mars will be posited in the 1st house or ascendant for the Leo natives in transit which will bless you with confidence but you should assure that you are not loaded with over confidence and ego in your professional prospects. Your love relationships will make you extra bold but you have to be vigilant over your partner’s feelings too and develop more mutual understandings with calm perspectives in marital relations. Professional prospects will be successful with government collaboration but you are advised to be extra careful with your health as over work or stress may cause some minor health issues.

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  1. VIRGO

The planet Mars will be posited in your 12th house of expenditure in the transit and this transit has the mixed strength results for you in all arenas of life. Financial prospects will be good for both employees and independent entrepreneurs with monetary gains but on the other hand you may neglect your health and get overstressed due to your commitments and face sleepless nights. Natives with foreign connection can attain benefits in regard to their profession. Avoid any kind of argument with your partner both in your romantic relationship or marital relations.

  1. LIBRA

The planet Mars will be posited in the 11th house of gains in Leo sign for Libra native, which will give strong determination and will to overcome any kind of adverse or challenging task. Your financial prospects will be successful due to your hard efforts and you will be able to sustain your wealth retention. Your love relationship will be on the contradiction mode and you are advised to tackle any conflict with your partner with mutual understanding for the cordiality of your relationship. You have to keep vigilance over your speech with family as you may be harsh in your expression with your loved ones. Health prospects will be good.


Mars will adorn the 10th house of profession and this transit will be progressive for the natives working in a government job or in projects in collaboration with government. You are advised to follow all professional protocols with honesty. There will be harmony and peace in your family and marital relations along with romantic inclination in your personal relations and love relationship. You will be healthy with intact immunity but vigilance over your mother’s health is required with scheduled medication and medical consultation.

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Sagittarius natives will have Mars transit in the 9th house of fortune and long travel, which may have some professional or religious inclination in nature. The students and teachers will have a progressive transit in relation to your educational prospects where you will attain next level with your wisdom. You will have warm relationship with your family but try to avoid direct confrontation with your father. Romantic relationship will reveal strong and cordial relationship, where emotions will reveal bonding with deep connection and the feeling to take it to the next level for permanent commitment.


Mars is exalted in nature in the Capricorn sign which indicates that this transit will be in the 8th house of hurdles and sudden change of events in Capricorn native’s life but it will be beneficial. The transit will not be progressive in terms of your health and you are advised to follow good diet and exercise regime for sustaining your immunity for good health. Your professional projects will bring sudden gains of income but keep your professional information shielded from your rivals. Avoid getting into conflict with your family or partner for maintaining the serenity of your relationships.


Mars will be transiting through the 7th house of partnerships, vocations and married life and relationships. Professional entrepreneurs will have good gains with name and fame with your clients for your trusted professional techniques. Job professional will have good work partnership with their associates and colleagues that will enhance their professional achievements. The natives who are married or are in love relationship are advised to keep calm and check on your behavior pattern or it may top up your relations with contradictory emotions. Keep a check on your health prospects.

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The planet Mars will be transiting through the 6th house of your health and job prospects of the Pisces native. Your job prospects will give you success with hard work and effort but you will have to sustain the respect and indulgence in relations with your professional associates. You will have to take care of your financial prospects as there may be misbalance due to unexpected expenditures. Be cautious in relation to your health as this transit may bestow you with low immunity. Avoid getting into any kind of hassle with your family and personal relations as calmness in relationship is always beneficial.