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Transit of Mercury in Libra for Leo moon sign

Transit of

Transit of Mercury in Libra will take place in the 3rd house for Leo moon sign natives, beginning 7th November and concluding on 5th December 2019.

Mercury rules the 2nd and 11th house of Leo moon sign and during its transit in retrograde motion will be moving into the 3rd house to influence the communication and speech of the native. Short distance travels will be in the offing, in this period, most of these will be directed towards getting professional growth and achievements.

The retrograde motion of Mercury is going to last until 21st November 2019, during which you get to strengthen your bond with your siblings and set off to complete your unfinished tasks. This would also be the opportunity to get associated with a renowned group or a multi-national brand which you were trying to make connects with for long – for job or business possibilities.

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Watch out for your relationship with your father which may require greater compassion and consideration, during this period.

On work front

Leo moon sign is going to get benefited from taking up travel opportunities, especially, domestic trips for career growth and expansion, during the transit of Mercury in Libra. You will also be driven by your intellect and creativity in this period to foster new connects and implement long-due plans on ground. Recognition will come to you through ingenuity and humility.

  • You will be required to put in extra efforts towards your professional activities and actions to get the best results.
  • Make good use of your speech and eloquence in this period of Mercury transit to gain good business clients and make new professional connects.
  • Ensure that your behavior towards your colleagues and co-workers is amiable during this period, else it can go terribly wrong for your career growth.


On personal front

While the transit of Mercury in Libra is going to get you good support from your siblings, you may face tough times keep up with your father, in this period. Moreover, the health of your father is going to be a major area of concern, during this time. Your love life is going to take a backseat as most of your energies will be channelized towards getting professional gains.

  • Watch out for what you speak as the repercussions of indecent behavior with friends and family members will be hard to deal with.
  • There could be a moment when you need to offer financial or emotional support to your siblings or friends, so you will need to be prepared for any such unexpected event.
  • Greater focus will, be required on family and marital life as you will tend to be more involved with your career, during this transit period.