Mars Transits Aries, 1 June till 12 July 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

Mars' transit in Aries is a very important one since both Mars & Aries belong to the same element, Fire. This transit can bless you with courage, energy and the ability to independently deal with all tasks.

Mars Transits Aries, 1 June till 12 July 2024


Mars is a masculine planet in Vedic astrology; holding the ownership of Aries and Scorpio signs which blesses one with the positive qualities of being bold, energetic and independent in all tasks. A weak placement, on the other hand, can create inauspicious results.

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Mars is also responsible for creating Manglik Dosha in any horoscope, affecting one's marriage prospects, creating discord in marital relations or delay in marriage prospects.

This is an extremely significant transit since Mars is moving to its own sign, Aries; and both Mars and Aries belong to the same element, fire.


How will this Transit affect You?


Mars will render positive events in the life of Aries. You will feel energetic, full of action and plan to complete all your responsibilities easily on time. You will be appreciated at the work front by your superiors for your efforts and commitments and those in business may plan to create some new venture but it will be better to avoid any kind of haste to observe the pros and cons of your creative ideas.

Your family life will be average, with moderation in all your personal and familial relationships. It is suggested to remain cordial and calm in your behaviour by practicing meditation and breathing exercise.


Taurean natives need to employ certain changes in their behaviour and attitude both at personal and professional front. You will have to be very cautious in your professional endeavours, since any kind of negligence may burn a hole in your financial pocket.

You need to be flexible in your personal relations and be strong to accept your mistakes in order to clear any kind of misunderstanding with your partner and family to keep your relations intact and strong. Natives may face problems and obstacles in executing their efforts, but the positivity of results will be visible in the strength of personal relations and progress in your professional endeavours.


Mars is the planet of aggression so its transit to Gemini sign will trigger the touch of bitterness in speech, making it essential to maintain your decorum of behaviour before engaging into any communication.

Your professional life will be progressive and gains in profession are indicated especially those seeking job in military sector. The working environment of professionals will be good at the work place with visible chances of increment in salary. Refrain from engaging in any short cuts like loans to achieve your financial goals and work hard with your eyes focused on your goals and not the results of your efforts.


During this transit all the Cancerians will be in the active mode with an increase in workload. There will be an insight to handle these matters with good management. The professional achievements of the Cancer natives will fulfil during this transit but they will have to be practical in their approach and work according to the professional priorities.

You will have to be practical in your personal surrounding as overindulgence of work at home for others may affect your health. Taking care of yourself over others is very essential for your health during this transit.


The transit of Mars in Leo sign will be beneficial as Mars is beneficial for Leo sign. Your luck will favour you in your professional pursuits and gains through your father are also indicated. Your family life will also prosper due to efforts to maintain balance and harmony in personal and familial relations.

You will prefer to get associated with spiritual activities like yoga, meditation and read spiritual books for mental peace. Avoid getting involved in lot of work at the same time as it may affect your physical vitality. Keep a close watch on your health during this period.


Virgos will have to maintain the consistency of their efforts during this transit. You will also have to work hard to overcome any kind of instant hurdle that may arise. You will get good support of your associates in your workplace, but you not get the expected success in your endeavours.

You must work on your priorities one at a time and complete all your professional work and personal responsibilities with success without harassing yourself mentally. Some natives may evolve towards the art of living and meditation, in order to gain positive changes in life.


The transit of Mars in your sign may make you angry, so the venting of your emotions in a positive way is very necessary for the efficiency of your work and harmony of your personal sentiments. It will be a better option to adapt yourself according to the situation instead of controlling it with a negative approach, since it may create problems.

You can hope for progressive trends in the professional front, but keep a close watch on your partner’s health that can bring forth any set back. Any misunderstanding on the personal front will be sorted out by your efforts and harmony will be restored in your personal relations with your quick decisions.


Scorpio natives will progress well during this transit of Mars, as long as you are able to control your impulsive instincts in an appropriate moment. Avoid getting into any kind disputes in your professional workplace, it will improve your mental capabilities for good decision making.

If you are facing any health issues, your physical immunity will have the good power of recovery during this transit. You will be able to accomplish more work with a calm attitude and get over your professional rivalry with ease. You should avoid taking any risk for quick money during this time.


The transit of Mars in Sagittarius sign will bring forth lot of personal and professional opportunities. Professionals working in multinational companies will prosper and attain good profits through foreign deals and contacts through hard work and intellect for quick action and decisions.

Your personal relations will be cordial, ready to climb another milestone with bonding and affection. The transit of Mars may influence your temperament, so to avoid any kind of setback it is essential to enhance flexibility in your behaviour.


The transit of Mars may give you a quick ability of decision making, with caution over financial matters. Your partners or associates will support you in all your endeavours during this phase. Working professionals may get hike in salary as you will be able to impress your seniors with your good work and efforts.

Your home front would require extra attention since gains from property are indicated. Take care of your health by following a good diet and exercise regime for physical fitness. Your mother’s health will require medical consultation for its sustenance. Try to take help and support from your colleagues and family members, on both personal and professional front.


The planetary movement of Mars in the Aquarius sign will bring forth your bold instincts to tide over any kind of adversaries and the power to win over your professional rivals. This transit will bring good gains for professionals related to activities like sports, marketing, sales, and management due to the enhancement in leadership qualities during this transit.

This transit will be very beneficial, you need to be attentive on your goals and personal responsibilities on the same panel. You are advised to keep control over your ego as it may influence your discrimination power.


Overall this is a beneficial transit for Pisces sign as the progressive trends in all aspects of life are visible. The transit of Mars will bring an increment in the present salary and gains in income from other sources are also visible. You will also be able to complete your entire task within the committed time.

Avoid being dominating with your colleagues as they may not support you for your obstinate behaviour. During this transit your immune system will be weak and you may be susceptible from any setback in health matters. Take care of your health by avoiding spicy and fatty food. Follow a good diet and regular exercise regime to stay healthy and fit during this period.

Remedies to mItigate Challenges during the Transit

Irrespective of your Moon Sign, you can follow the rememdies below to lessen the negative impact of this tranit.

  • Seek blessings of elders and their opinion before taking important decisions.
  • Keep a square piece of Silver metal with you.
  • Add sesame seeds or raw milk to your bathing water regularly.
  • Meditate and keep negative thoughts away from your mind for a few minutes everyday.


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