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Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign

Transit of

To know how various transits of Mars will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

  1. Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign
  2. Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Libra moon sign

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign

Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius from 8th February to 22nd March 2020. For Libra moon sign this transit will take place in the 3rd house of communication, short journeys and siblings.

Being the ruler of your 2nd and 7th house, the transiting Mars is going to offer you a period of mixed intensity, where creative ideas will bring you recognition but family ties especially those with siblings will need care and attention.

You will be inclined towards spiritual and religious activities and this will help you in purifying your thoughts and be more reasonable in your judgments.

A major focus of this transit is going to be on your communication skills, so keep a watch on it and don’t get too aggressive in your tone or expressions, during the time of this transit.

Tracing the positive effects of transit of Mars in Sagittarius for you

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will bring about numerous opportunities for Libra moon sign natives to mend some old ties and get back into old or broken relationships. This is your shot at redemption, and if you can use it optimally, you could be able to bring in more peace and harmony in your life.

This transit will boosts your desires and chances to travel, most of these would be short journeys, undertaken for the sake of work or for a family reunion or get-together. These will largely be unplanned trips, which will make your life somewhat busy and eventful.

You may get proposals from some old friends to initiate a new love relationship. Fun and contentment in marital life is also indicated, during this time.

You will have increased level of interest in spirituality, philosophy and religious activities. Participation in such events will increase, at this time. You may also host some religious celebrations at home with your family members, during the time of this transit.

A new hobby or skill will boost your creative abilities and if you pursue it further, it can also lend you effective financial support, in the future.

Guidance of elders, seniors at work and with boss will offer you insights into handling the most complex of situations, during this time. So, listen to them and understanding their viewpoint to be able to ward off challenging situations.

Beside, your female colleagues will also be a source of support and supervision, at workplace. Playing heed to their suggestions and recommendations will help you in staying on the righteous and prosperous path.

Success is assured in academic and research related work, during this time. For students, it will be a highly favorable time to plan and execute growth in higher studies. But remember that there is no substitute for hard work.

Areas of concern during the transit of Mars in Sagittarius

During the transit of Mars in Sagittarius, in your 3rd house, your relationship with your siblings might get affected, due to some unnecessary arguments.

Do keep a check on such trivial disputes, else you will find it difficult to handle the situation, and then it could have some long term implications on your relationship with your siblings.

Keep a tab on your communication patterns, both at home and at workplace, as chances of hurting somebody through your nasty undertones is high, during the time of this transit. Aggressiveness in communication will give sudden loss and less support of luck.

Try to avoid new business deals, at the time of Mars’s transit in Sagittarius. Libra natives are recommended to clear all the backlogs first, before moving onto newer opportunities, for better chances of success. This is also not a good time to investment in any land or property.

Peace at home will be disturbed, at this time. This could lead to stressful situations, which can further hinder your sleeping comfort. Excessive workload could also contribute to the same.

Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Libra moon sign

Transit of Mars in Libra for Libra moon sign natives is going to take place in their 1st house from 10th November to 25th December 2019.

This transit is going to be very significant for them as it is going to affect their personality by getting to transit in the ascendant house of the Libra moon sign natives.

The association of Mars with Libra is going to intensify your aggressive disposition, making you highly temperamental. This attitude may prove detrimental for your career and for your personal life, as well. Therefore, you need to exercise control on your errant tendencies.

This is also going to be a challenging period for the health and well-being of your mother. So, you are advised to take care of her, and do not ignore even a minor healthcare need that may arise, during this period and get immediate medical assistance for her.

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On work front

The transit of Mars in Libra is going to give some opportunities to connect with people outside the gamut of your profession. These people will help you get a different perspective towards life which will aid you in getting closer to your professional aim. Your innovative dispositions will give rise to a unique business idea in this period and you will get the necessary support, mainly from your new connections to nurture it further.

  • You will tend to dominate your co-workers and colleagues which may ruin your association with them.
  • Take care of your day-to-day dealings with business partners and associates as your temperamental outbursts can play a spoilsport in the pace of growth of your venture.
  • Avoid travelling in this period as it could be unfavorable for your finances and also for your health.

On personal front

Libra moon sign natives need to have calm and composed communications with their near and dear ones in the transit period of Mars in Libra. Too much aggression and indulgence in marital life may lead to tensions in the conjugal relationship. Health of family members, especially, that of your mother need care and attention, during this time.

  • You will be a little insecure in your marital and love life. However, you will also have the power to sense deception, which will help you in getting saved from being cheated on.
  • You will be pretty dominating in this transit period, which may lead to stress in your personal life.
  • Meditation and spiritual programs are going to help you in staying calm and focused. It will also help you in distressing yourself, to avoid any major health complications.