Transit of Mercury in Libra for Virgo moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Virgo moon sign


Mercury rules over the moon sign of Virgo natives and when it will transit in Libra it is going to bring about significant changes through its movement in their 2nd house.

This transit which is going to last for nearly a month, beginning 7th November till 5th December 2019, is going to offer the Virgo moon sign natives numerous opportunities to expand their wealth and enhance their savings.

Mercury rules the 1st and 10th house of Virgo moon sign born people and during its transit in their 2nd house the retrograde Mercury is going to being about changes in wealth accumulation and family relationships.

Mercury Transit Reading

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  2. Results of Mercury transit on your career, communication, business, speech, expressions & personal matters.

The time period until 21st November 2019 is going to bring about certain challenges on the work and domestic environment and will demand an in-depth analysis of situations to make better and informed decisions.

On work front

The highlight of Mercury’s transit in Libra for Virgo moon sign natives is going to be your extraordinary speech. However, there are indications of speech malfunction, too, in this period, especially during the retrogression period of Mercury. Therefore, it would be beneficial for your future professional prospects if you can watch out for your communications to your seniors and colleagues, at workplace.

  • Think, rethink, analyze and communicate is going to be the mantra for all Virgo moon sign natives during the transit of retrograde Mercury in Libra.
  • During the aforementioned period, Mercury is also going to pass through the Vishakha nakshatra of Sun, which will allows you to make new professional connects. Use this period wisely to progress your career in the right direction.
  • You will have an enhanced intellect and problem solving abilities, during this period, which will help you in facing workplace challenges with calmness.

On personal front

Your ego should not get bigger than your love and family relations, in this period of Mercury’s transit in Libra. This will be a lesson in life for all Virgo moon sign natives who will need to keep a check on their temper and embrace modesty to attain harmony and peace in their domestic life. Do keep an eye on your health, however, no severe medical condition is indicated, during the period.

  • Stay away from getting too involved in trivial issues at home front as it may cause bitterness in your family relationships. While you will be the anchor of peace in your family, it would take great efforts on your part to maintain sanity in relationships.
  • You will get earn and accumulate good amount of wealth in this period.
  • Your reputation in your family will improve and your marital life will also be stable, in this period. Verbal expressions may require scrutiny to avoid heartbreaks and stress in love relationships.