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Mercury transit for Pisces Moon Sign

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  1. Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Pisces Moon Sign
  2. Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Pisces moon sign

Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces Moon, Mercury shall enter your eleventh house on 13th January 2020 and shall remain there till 31st January 2020. As per Vedic astrology, eleventh house represents income, gains, friends circle, networks, fulfillment of desires, ambitions etc. and Mercury’s transit here shall bring alive these themes for the natives of Pisces moon sign.

This is going to be a favourable transit as it shall bring achievement and gains. Your efforts and endeavors will reap benefits and rewards, which shall keep you motivated. You will come across lucrative job opportunities and business options and luck will favor you. However, speculative investments might not turn out to be as profitable as expected, hence should be avoided.

Your personal life will be joyous and blissful during this transit as you will be able to maintain a cordial relationship with your loved ones.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your professional life

Professional life of Pisces moon sign natives will see a positive upturn during this transit. You will get new job opportunities, which will turn out to be favourable. Your past efforts will bear fruits and your current projects will see the desired success.

Those involved in government work or jobs will face some obstacles initially but will eventually have gains. Working professionals will overall have a hectic schedule due to a lot of activity and involvement in multiple projects.

You will have a healthy relationship with your colleagues during this transit and they will be supportive of your ideas and endeavors. You should develop better listening and understanding abilities to be able to sustain the healthy and productive work environment. You also need to remain honest and committed to your work to have continued success.

If you are involved in business or planning to start an independent venture, this transit will support you in your efforts. You will be able to implement your plans as per your expectations and expand your growth prospects. However, you should seek advice of an experienced or elder family member before taking important decisions.

This is not a conducive time to indulge in speculative investments or ‘get rich quick’ schemes, as you might have to incur losses due to incorrect decisions. It is wise to invest your money in safe and trusted investment options and apply wisdom and logic before taking the leap.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn on your personal life

The personal life of Pisces moon sign natives will be happy and peaceful during this transit as there will be support from family and friends. Your elder sibling will help you and greatly contribute towards your personal as well as professional development. You should also maintain a respectful and modest approach towards your siblings to maintain a healthy relationship.

Singles will have a favorable time as they will receive proposals, which will initiate new love relationships in their life. You will generally remain cheerful and optimistic which will have a positive impact on your existing relationships as well.

There will be a pleasant relationship between married couples as there will be love and understanding between them. However, there could be minor differences and misunderstandings which can be easily resolved if you accept your weaknesses and flaws and work upon them.

Mother’s health will demand attention during this time as there could be minor health ailments. Your own health would also need care as it could be affected due to work overload and multitasking.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius beginning 25th December 2019 is going to take place in the 10th house of Pisces moon sign natives. Moving into your house of career Mercury is going to bestow you with good professional opportunities.

While, overall, it will be a promising period, some challenges may surface for business professionals and also for those who are related to government bodies, in any way.

On the personal front, health of your mother may require greater focus. Your own health will also demand some precautionary steps to remain stable.

Marital and love life will be filled with romantic expressions. You will also spend quality time with your partner, during the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius. Juts be careful of using any harsh undertones when faced with confrontational situations.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the personal life of Pisces moon sign

During the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you will get to spend quality time with your family members. Your parents will be proud of you and your achievements. You will experience a stronger connect with them. However, your mother’s health may deteriorate a little and will require care and attention.

  • Your will experience enhancement in levels of confidence and courage. Your logical abilities will help in resolving complex issues, effectively and in time.
  • Relationship with spouse will improve and will take a new turn for good. Your bond will grow sturdier and you will develop mutual respect and affection for each other.
  • Your liking for luxury items will grow further, during this time and you many tend to spend huge amounts on shopping for branded and exclusive items.
  • Happiness and harmony will further grow in your domestic life, as your spouse will achieve success in their professional life.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the professional life of Pisces moon sign

This transit is going to play a significant role in ascending the professional life of Pisces moon sign natives. Mercury’s presence in your 10th house is going to offer you success in your realm of work. Hard work, dedication and perseverance will help you reap good benefits from your professional endeavors, which will be long-term and enormous. For students, success in academics is given. But only if they put in their honest efforts in their field of education.

  • Laziness and haste is not for you if you want to succeed in this period. Patience and persistence will help you get through your professional goals with aplomb.
  • Your career will get new direction from hereon, as remarkable opportunities will surface in your realm of profession. Those who are working with a government body/agency or are in anyway have their work related to this sector, will need to be vigilant and cautious of their proceedings and actions.
  • Chances of job change are also bright, in this period. However, you must think through all the pros and cons of the opportunity before making the final call.
  • Long distance travel will be there, which will prove beneficial for your job or business. Investment in new ventures must be kept on hold or will be done with utmost care and attention.