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Mercury Transit in Pisces

Mercury is the smallest and youngest planet of the solar system. It will transit in Pisces from 24 March 2022 till 8 April 2022. This princely planet takes about one year to complete its celestial journey through all 12 Moon signs and explores the qualities of each sign for 14-30 days based on its movement around the Sun.

Mercury transit for Pisces

Mercury Transit into Pisces from 24 March 2022 till 8 April 2022

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, and it correlates with our analytical ability of reasoning, making quick and logical decisions. The logical power of beneficial Mercury in any person’s horoscope is enhanced. The analysis prospects and malefic Mercury will play tricks with the individual’s practical reasoning and give setbacks in analysis prospects over any event of life especially in relation to your career. The transit of Mercury in Pisces sign will be debilitated and combust during its transitory period due to Pisces’ proximity to Sun.

Effects of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on the Zodiac signs


Aries will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 12th house of loss and expenditure.

The professional front will not portray a rosy hue for both service and business sector as both arenas will demand extra effort to prove your calibre and hard work for your progress with a strong and calculated approach. You will have to face challenges and oppositions with your colleagues and subordinates in the lack of clear communication that may affect your professional regime. Avoid any kind of travel as it will result in unnecessary expenditure and rash behaviour that will not be fruitful for your career progress.


Taurus will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 11th house of gains and fulfilment of desires.

Your career will be favourable as it will give you good earnings from multiple sources, but you may avoid honest means to gain wealth that may prove less progressive for your career both as an employee and independent entrepreneur. Good coordination and communication will be beneficial for your career advancement and multitasking with appropriate timing will mark it with success in new opportunities. Avoid any kind of speculative approach over your career matters with your clients in any professional deal that will not be fruitful for you.


Gemini will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 10th house of career and profession.

Your professional approach will be with mixed strength that may bring inaccuracy in your analytical decision which may hamper your projects in hand. Gemini natives will have to avoid any kind of speculation over the career prospects both as an employee and independent entrepreneur as you will not be in a very confident morale. You will not be able to weigh the pros and cons of any professional situation and that may pull you down with professional insecurity.


Cancer will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 9th house of luck, fortune, long travel and spirituality.

Your professional arena will motivate you for relocation in your work front during this transit but it will not be progressive for your work profile. Employed Cancerians will have to make strong efforts to meet their professional commitments and maintain decorum in behaviour with superiors for progressive relations. Independent entrepreneurs may face professional setbacks due to their negligence and any kind of long travel will not be fruitful for your career endeavours. Avoid any kind of professional investment during this transit.


Leo will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 8th house of hurdles, fluctuations and inheritance or unearned money.

Your professional arena will demand vigilance over the work front in all aspects of your career. You are advised to avoid any kind of professional investment that will not reap any benefits or gains even in the long term. Avoid any kind of speculation in shares/stock market for your financial stability. Both the employees and independent entrepreneurs can plan innovative ideas that can secure growth and progress in your professional ventures but the immediate implement of ideas without scrutinizing its pros and cons, will not be fruitful.


Virgo will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 7th house of associations, partnership and journey.

Your professional mirror will be marked with confusion and chaotic outburst in your workplace. You will have to work hard to enhance your skills and eloquence of speech with your clients to complete your professional endeavours. You will have to be careful while using communication power with your partner as your behaviour may be marked with restlessness and this gesture may aggravate your differences in your professional partnership. Avoid finalizing any new deals and inaugurating new ventures as your plans will not meet your expected pinnacle and cause professional and mental setback during this transit.


Libra will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 6th house of enemies, debt and disease.

Libran’s will not possess their original gist of confidence over their professional calibre, so you will have to make sure to invest your efforts with analytical mind to achieve success in your professional goals. People in the service arena may face professional turbulence and relocation of job. Luck will not be progressive for the independent entrepreneurs, so investing in any new opportunities will not be beneficial. Avoid any kind of professional speculation during this transit as there may be low financial stability and more losses are evident.


Scorpio will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 5th house of love, children, speculation and creativity.

Scorpions will have to strictly avoid personal and professional speculation in terms of wealth quotient or as a result you may have to face financial stringency. Career ventures for both salaried and independent entrepreneurs will experience good growth and progress in their career due to their innovative projections in their respective fields. Any urge for relocation in job or making of new professional strategies will be beneficial. Any personal hobbies can be progressive for professional deals with your analytical approach during this period.


Sagittarius will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 4th house of stability and comforts.

Your mental frame will not be stable in terms of your career as there may be a prickly feeling of insecurity, but you will be appreciated for your hard work by your superiors. You will be recommended by your office management for your good skills and the results would be beneficial for your work profile. Independent entrepreneurs will experience good gains, reputation due to the introduction in their new creative ideas that make it possible to crack and capture good deals with your efficiency.


Capricorn will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 3rd house of initiative, courage and efforts.

The professional scenario of Capricorns will be very progressive especially for those in the service sector. You will be able to climb this success ladder with the support and coordination of your team and colleagues that will initiate your commitments on time. The business entrepreneurs will bring progress in their client relationship with good analytical presentation of deals with new strategies that will be well appreciated. Your financial increment will be moderate but the name and fame will be more due to your smart professional techniques.


Aquarius will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their 2nd house of family and financial stability.

Your professional front will be gainful and progressive due to your analytical wisdom and actions. You will be able to impress your clients with eloquence of speech and skills that will make you well known in your respective zones. Independent entrepreneurs will work on new professional horizons with the well-known Aquarian spirit to make a mark over success in their professional field and will overcome any hurdle with their intelligence.


Aries will perceive this transit of Mercury in Pisces in their first house or ascendant of self and personality.

Pisces will make a successful mark in their professional arena and gain some good earnings by their hard work and intelligence with the growth of financial stability for the expansion of the future growth of their professional ventures. Those in service sectors will have good timing to prove their calibre and make good money incentives with their creative ideas to improve and enhance their professional profile that will be improved by hard work and intelligent moves that will bless you with good growth and progress in your career.

Overall, we can conclude that the transit of Mercury in Pisces indicates that though Mercury is debilitated in this transit but manipulated hard work and efforts with intelligence can reduce the professional setback to a nominal point for all.