Transit of Venus for Pisces moon sign.

Transit of Venus for Pisces moon sign.


Transit of Venus for Pisces is, in general, considered as constructive for the natives. Pisces moon sign is ruled by Jupiter and though Venus and Jupiter share a neutral relationship, they both being benefic planets do not give out much of negative results.

According to Vedic astrology principles, Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Therefore, more of positive outcomes is anticipated with Venus’s transits for Pisces.

Being the planet of love, Venus makes the Pisces natives more romantic, as partners they are adjusting and understanding, too. Yet, this placement of Venus can also make the natives somewhat moody and reticent.

At work, they tend to perform well and earn enough. Augmentation in name, fame and social status is also bestowed upon on Pisces natives by Venus, during its transit.

For Pisces, Venus rules the 3rd and 8th house and thus, the themes of these houses will be more profoundly manifested on the lives of Pisces moon sign natives, during the time of this transit.

Still, the results will keep on changing with the movement of Venus into the various houses of Pisces horoscope. Read the details below…

Upcoming Venus Transit Dates for the Year 2020

  Sign   Date
  Venus in Aries   29/02/2020
  Venus in Pisces   28/03/2020
  Venus in Gemini   01/08/2020
  Venus in Cancer   01/09/2020
  Venus in Leo   28/09/2020
  Venus in Virgo   23/10/2020
  Venus in Libra   17/11/2020
  Venus in Scorpio   11/12/2020


  1. Transit of Venus in Aries for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aries for Pisces will take place from 29th February to 28th March 2020. During this time Venus will transit through the 2nd house of Pisces moon sign natives.

This will be the perfect time to strengthen your bond with your family members. Plan get-togethers, enjoy and fun with your immediate family members and other relatives.

Married life will be harmonious and love life will blossom, at this time. Romantic encounters will be passionate and pleasant for Pisces natives, during the time of this transit. Love relationships will flourish and lady luck will smile on you, bringing prosperity across all departments of your life.

You will get to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of life – be it tangible or intangible. You will earn well and spend lavishly, too, mostly on buying items of extravagance.

Income gains through career and wealth accumulation from inheritance is foreseen, at this time. All of this will further help accelerate your financial position.

  1. Transit of Venus in Taurus for Pisces moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Taurus for Pisces moon sign, Venus will get positioned in the 3rd house. This transit will start of 28th March and conclude on 1st August 2020, during which Venus will also undergo retrogression, bringing about a period of restrain and revaluation for Pisces natives.

This period assures a superior social life, where fun, frolic and entertainment will define the larger picture of life. Indulgence in creative pursuits will further add a splash of excitement, during the time of this transit.

This is a great period for the growth of career, where assistance from friends, family, co-workers and seniors will be made available to you without even asking for it. With so much support, you are tend to focus on the larger objective and channelize all your energies into achieving your career goals.

Your business will grow and competitors will dread you, as luck and courage make you take the risks that will help you foster your trade and expand it beyond the conventional boundaries.

Venus, in this stage of transit will give you authority, affluence and all comforts and luxuries of life, without much efforts.

Some restrain will be required, when Venus will turn retrograde. Avoid starting any new projects during this time and making any new plans. This will rather be a time to reflect upon the past deeds and actions and make necessary corrections (if required) for a better tomorrow.

  1. Transit of Venus in Gemini for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Venus in Gemini for Pisces moon sign will take place in the 4th house from 1st August to 1st September 2020. During this time, Venus will offer you numerous wealth opportunities.

This period will be highly favorable for making investments in property, buying a house or vehicle. Your wishes will be dully fulfilled and you will attain satisfaction and mental peace, during this time.

You will be more home driven and will find happiness in staying connect with family, relatives and friends. This will be the time bond stronger with your various relations. An increase in socializing is also foreseen, during this time.

Happiness in family, accomplishments in professional aspects, indulgent lifestyle and a sound health will be the highlights of this transit period for Pisces moon sign natives.

On social and love sphere, you will make new friends, get connected to new people and may initiate a romantic alliance with one of these people. Your attraction towards opposite sex will grow, at this time, to help you fall in love, rather easily. However, falling out of love could also be a quick possibility, around this time.

  1. Transit of Venus in Cancer for Pisces moon sign

Venus will transit in Cancer for Pisces from 1st September to 28th September 2020. This transit will belong to the 5th house of Pisces horoscope and this the events controlled by this house will largely manifest, during this time.

Consequently, matters related to progeny will witness positivity, during this time. Children will bring in happiness to you, you will connect with them on a deeper level, spend more time with them and in turn they will make you proud of their achievements and actions.

Your own creativity and knowledge will get a boost which will further help you in pursuing your professional desires, more confidently and effectively.

Luck will favor you in gaining more wealth, through speculative transactions, as well. Romantic encounters will be varied and passionate, but do try to stick to a partner who really feel special to you.

This is just the right to open up your heart to somebody you like for a long enough time now. Support of friends, family and elders is going to be with you, at this time to turn this love alliance into a more committed and sturdy relationship.

  1. Transit of Venus in Leo for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Venus in Leo for Pisces moon sign will take place in the 6th house from 28th September to 23rd October 2020. This period will not be much positive for you, and you will have difficulty concentrating on growth and expansion of your personal and professional life.

The challenges, at this time, will be immense, largely associated with your health. A bad state of health will make you irritable and depressed and the effects will be visible on your professional and personal realms.

Caution while travelling is advised, at this time as chances of mishaps are there, in this time period.

You will find it difficult to pace-up things in life, to stay motivated and alert and thus risks in business and obstacles in service will start to ascend, causing you a stress. There could be instances when you may have to face humiliation for actions and conduct, which can be further draining for you.

At this point, the best thing would be hold on to things, try tying the loose ends and never give up on yourself.

For married individuals, there will some relief through a turn that is imminent in your conjugal life, around this time. Still, don’t be impulsive in jumping to any conclusions.

  1. Transit of Venus in Virgo for Pisces moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Virgo for Pisces from 23rd October to 17th November 2020, conflicting situations in marital and love life could manifest.

Transiting in your 7th house, Venus will not give much favorable results to Pisces moon sign natives. There will be hurdles in stabilizing things at professional front. You will struggle to earn a livelihood, and will be in a perpetual state of distress.

Colleagues and co-workers will be unhelpful and may try to deter your growth at workplace, so stay alert and active, all this while.

Consequently, your health will show signs of wear and tear and problems related to reproductive organs. Besides, mental unrest will also surface, at this time.

Conflicts with spouse and love partner will be there, which needs to be handled with care and calmness, else dissatisfaction will hover around your personal life.

A wave of positivity is expected to come via rewards and recognitions that will be bestowed upon you by higher authorities and influential people or government bodies, for which you work with or are connected to, in any way.

  1. Transit of Venus in Libra for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Venus in Libra for Pisces moon sign will take place in the 8th house from 17th November to 11th December 2020. This transit will usher positivity in your life, once gain.

You will be able to let go of the things of the past and carve a new future with hard work and determination, during this time.

Troubles and worries will mitigate, eventually and you will step into a much happier and profitable phase, as Venus will make a move into your 8th house, during its transit for Pisces.

You resolve the issues in your personal life and will embrace the happiness and harmony of marital life. Love life will also be blissful. Romantic encounters will bloom with passion and intimacy and new beginnings will flourish.

Wealth status will augment as you go on to purchase landed property, house and conveyance. Income gains will also increase, during this time.

Those who are looking for love will find their soulmate, during this time. Luck will also favor in starting a new venture or taking up a new job, in the period of Venus’s transit in Libra for Pisces moon sign.

  1. Transit of Venus in Scorpio for Pisces moon sign

The transit of Venus in Scorpio for Pisces will take place in the 9th house from 11th December 2020 to 4th January 2021. This will be a period of spiritual enlightenment for Pisces natives.

Moving into your 9th house Venus will incline you more towards the religious and spiritual sentiments. You will start to derive happiness from participating in religious events and doing good for others.

Philanthropic acts done by you, during this time, will help you garner good name and fame for yourself and you will earn respect in society through such deeds, in the long term.

Possibility of pilgrimage is also there, during this time. Favors of luck will bestow you with good job and personal life, where bonding with spouse will strengthen and children will bring in happiness into your life.

Professional endeavors will succeed and you will earn well to fulfill the wishes and desires of your family members. You may also initiate something new in your chosen career field, during this time; results of which will manifest in upcoming months, mostly on a progressive scale.