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Transit of Venus: How will it affect the love life of Pisces moon sign?

Transit of Venus in Pisces moon sign mostly brings positive results on love and family front. However, it will also sometimes make the native a little moody. Venus benefits the looks and speech of the Pisces ascendant but it also makes them emotionally fragile.

Venus transits each moon sign for nearly 28 days and thus quick shifts in love and family life are evident. So, you must not give in to a period of tests and trials as it won’t last too long, and if you can stay put in challenging times the rewards will be remarkable in the long term.

Venus transit in Cancer from 23rd July to 17th August 2019 makes you a creative lover

Transiting in your 5th house, Venus will enhance your creative skills. Your inventive ideas may infuse harmony and excitement in love and family relations. You will be quite original and interesting when it comes to woo your love partner. You also make for great parents, as you will be able to make your kids feel special all the time. While passion and romance will fuel your love life, there won’t be much care and loyalty towards the partner. You will be quite hard to please and your ego with be at the zenith.

Venus transit in Leo from 17th August to 10th September 2019 lead to frequent quarrels

Your love life will be smooth and subtle here as your career takes precedence. Hidden energies and passion in love life will be hindered. Emotions will be volatile and impulsive acts of love may disturb the harmony in love life. There are chances of getting into frequent arguments with the spouse or partner. You will tend to worry a lot about your health, in this period. If you can keep your demanding and worrying trendies in check you can turn out be rather dependable and affectionate partners.

Venus transit in Virgo from 10th September to 4th October 2019 breeds misunderstandings

It will be a time of increased confusion in love relationships. You will largely be dissatisfied with love matters and family life. Frivolous issues in marriage might crop up, during this period. However, these issues can be sorted out with effective communication with your partner. You need to patient and easy while speaking to your spouse or lover. Any haste in trying to pacify a critical situation might back fire. If you can curb the urge of having the upper hand you will be able to effectively balance out things at home and love front.

Venus transit in Libra from 4th October to 28th October 2019 asks you clear out any debts

Venus’s transit in your 8th house may be beneficial for some sudden money gains. Wealth gains are also indicated from spouse. However, you need to cautious in money matters. You also need to be more attentive towards their needs a demands of your family and spouse. It is also advised to pay attention to their health, in this period. Clear debts of any sort that might surface in this period – may be in the form of revival of a broken relationship. You may want to work upon it and give it a second chance. Causal encounters are not the thing for you and if you are looking to fall into love you would want to be in some serious relationship.

Venus transit in Scorpio from 28th October to 25th November 2019 offers opportunities to unwind

This period will give rise to discord in marital life. You will be insecure and restrictive in your approach to love. A state of dissatisfaction may prevail, which if not controlled may ruin your love life. However, long travel opportunities can offer you great prospects to take a break from your busy life, relax and bring in some adventure in your life. This would help fix issues in marital and love life and will aid in replenishing romance in your otherwise dull love life. These long journeys will also be helpful to those who are looking out for a love partner.

Venus transit in Sagittarius from 25th November to 16th December 2019 makes you image-conscious

You will give more emphasis to your status, as Venus moves into your 10th house. Your inclination to gain fame, status and financial security may hamper your love life. You will be a true workaholic here. All your energy and determination will be diverted to meeting career goals and in the course your family and love life will suffer. There will be disruptions in marital life and lack of care and consideration towards the spouse. You could also be a little grumpy and obsessive in your love life. Being more attentive towards your spouse may help even out things in this transit phase.

Venus transiting in Capricorn from 16th December 2019 to 9th January 2020 will give rise to hidden gestures of love

You will continue to pay more attention to your status and security needs. But, you will be more or less settled in your financial endeavors. This would help bringing your romantic side to the front, which will further aid in bringing joy to your marital life. You will have opportunities to go on social gatherings and outings with your spouse or partner and this will help strengthen your bond and understanding towards each other. Hidden gestures of love will form the basis of love in this period.

Venus transit in Aquarius from 9th January to 3rd February 2020 ascends your sexual desires

Sexual orientation will be at its peak in this period. However, you will be careful about your partner’s needs and sensitivities. Slow and sensual bed pleasures will form the basis of love and romance in this period. You will be compassionate and at times unconventional too in your acts of love. If you are single just put that feeling of insecurity behind and chase the one you love, because this transit period favors your love stars and indicates start of a romantic and sensual relationship with your special someone.

Venus transit in Pisces from 3rd February to 28th February 2020 puts more focus on self

The idea of self-worth is more visible in this period. You will focus on your physical appearance and will be anxious about how others perceive you. You may get on to acquire a lot of wealth from opportunities in your career. But you need to balance love relationships with wisdom. If you are single, you will be the center of attraction for many members of opposite sex as your charismatic personality will be highly vibrant for anybody to overlook it and resist its influence. You must keep a check on your possessive and superficial nature in this transit period.

Venus transit in Aries from 28th February to 29th March 2020 aids your love life and career

Transiting in your 2nd house, Venus will give you gains in both love and professional life. But you need to control your obsessive and bitter tendencies from obstructing the pace of your love life. You will value your relationships but will not think too much about this and this may unwittingly hurt the sentiments of your love partner. In grave circumstances this can also lead to breakups. However, you can sustain the harmony in your love and married life by being sincere and clear about your true feelings.

Venus transit in Taurus from 29th March to 1st August 2020 activates your love and social life

Your emotional expressions of love and romance will be low here, but, your pleasure senses will be highly active, in this period. Short romantic trips are on the cards which will give you ample space and opportunities to spend some quality time together and bring excitant in your love life. You will also enjoy a good social life in this period. Juts take care of your temperament and lack of confidence in this transit phase. Venus will also retrograde in this period from 13th May to 25th June. This may lead to some unexpected and sudden contradictions with your spouse or lover. However, once Venus will come back at its position (that would be on 25th June), these disputes will be resolved and any negative influence will be rectified.

Venus transit in Gemini from 1st August to 3rd September 2020 disrupts your domestic harmony

Transiting into your 4th house, Venus will cause disturbances in your domestic harmony and emotional stability. You may become too obstinate and indulgent for the comfort of your partner. There could be disputes and conflicts arising out of your differences on matters of domestic life. But, you will be able to mend this situation through mutual understanding and by working on clear and effective communication with your spouse. Take care of your finances in this period and control your impulse to get enticed towards luxury.