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Transit of Mercury in Libra for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Pisces moon sign


The transit of Mercury in Libra for Pisces moon sign is going to take place in the 8th house. This calls for precautions, as uncertainties will loom large over your personal and professional life.

Commencing from 7th November and culminating on 5th December 2019, Mercury’s transit in Libra is going witness the retrogression of Mercury until 21st November 2019. This signifies review and reassessment of your past deeds and rationalization of the stuff you are going to implement in future.

Mercury Transit Reading

  1. Moving Mercury results for coming 3 months
  2. Results of Mercury transit on your career, communication, business, speech, expressions & personal matters.

There will be disturbances in your life as Mercury trek through Libra to occupy the 8th house of Pisces moon sign. It will be a periodic of mixed results, which will be more inclined towards cautionary phase than periods of satisfaction.

While there are indications of financial gains, turbulences in conjugal life will keep the morals of Pisces natives low, in this transit period.

On work front

Mercury rules the 4th and 7th house of Pisces moon sign natives and during its transit in Libra it will be moving towards their 8th house, bringing about monetary gains but stabilizing the progress at work front. You need to be cautious of your dealing with business partners and co-workers, in this period.

  • Income and expenditures will go hand-in-hand, in this period, with sudden or unexpected events causing an abrupt increase in your monetary outflows.
  • You are advised to tread cautiously while exploring business propositions and planning large-scale investments.
  • Do not put a blind bet even on your most trusted alliances in this times and be careful while signing off any documentations, in this transit phase.

On personal front

The transit of Mercury in Libra is not a good period for Pisces moon sign’s love and marital life. You will be faced with numerous challenges in your domestic life, in this period, which will create disturbances at home front. You will need to be very careful with your family relationships, as they will be pretty vulnerable, at this time.

  • The retrograde Mercury in Libra will give you opportunities to correct your mistakes to bring about a harmonious change in your work environment and will demand you to be humble and polite in your approach.
  • Doubts and confusions in love and marital relationships will put big hurdles in the way of sustaining these relationships. So, try to be more trusting and have faith in your spouse or love partner.
  • Unnecessary and unexpected travel can put stress on your health and well-being. Health of your spouse will also require greater attention and care in this period. As a result, health expenses may shoot up making a dent in your savings, during this transit period.