Mercury Transit to Cancer Sign and its Effect on Moon Signs

When the princely planet Mercury travels and transits in to the sign of Cancer, which is a water element, there will be flexibility and adaptability. This transit will have an effect on all the moon signs, depending upon their favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit on all the zodiacs.

Mercury Transit to Cancer Sign and its Effect on Moon Signs


Mercury, the princely planet of the Celestial circle, has impact on all the moon signs during its transit. Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo and is considered to be powerful in speech, wisdom and communication and business, as per Vedic astrology. Mercury becomes a nurturing planet when it transits in Cancer from 25th July, 2021 and will stay there till 9th August, 2021 and then move to the Leo sign. The thinking and analytical process of every individual including the decision power, will be ruled by heart over mind that will be completely be dependent on the mood swings and feelings of the natives.

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So, let us take a look at the below astrological predictions of how it will affect each Moon sign.

  1. ARIES

The planet Mercury will transit in the 4th house of domestic peace and prosperity and it indicates that if you are in romantic relationship or are married, you will experience peace and harmony. There will be support and praise from your seniors and management in your job profile and those natives as business entrepreneur will be dedicated to their work and will get beneficial results for hard work. Take care of your health by following regular diet and exercise regime in your daily schedule.


The transit of Mercury will move in the 3rd house of efforts and courage of the Taurus sign and you will have the courage and initiative to achieve and complete all your ventures. Your communication, coordination and personal efforts will be enhanced and this ability will help you to earn well. Short distance travel may be on the cards. Your relationships will have good harmony in existing relations and bliss of new relationship will be revealed. Health-wise, it is advised to do a regular checkup to take any precautionary measures.


Mercury will transit into the 2nd house of family and finance and you will be able convince others with your eloquent speech in both personal and professional ventures. Gains from property and good wealth retention from career is indicated, which will reflect in your profession but be cautious about your politics in office as your opponents may have an extra edge over you. Take care of your health when one is physically fit by following regular diet and exercise regime to keep yourself active and healthy.


Mercury transit will commence in the 1st house of Cancer sign and you are required to take good care of your physical and mental health with proper medical vigilance to ensure advance prevention and treatment. Your work front will require fast tracking and completion of your ventures as there are indications that there will be gains and investments from foreign connections. There will be peace and harmony in your personal and marital relations where you will experience rejuvenation of relation with mutual understanding.

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  1. LEO

The planet Mercury will move into the 12th house of loss and expenditure in your transit horoscope and an upsurge in your expenditure can be expected. So, it is logical to keep a check on your expenditure or otherwise your expenditure will exceed your income. Professionally long distance travel for business or job prospects will be visible and that will keep a strict vigilance over your professional efforts and ventures as increment in salary or promotion is round the corner. Health-wise, it is recommended to keep good diet and exercise regime in order to see effective results in the future.

  1. VIRGO

Mercury, the planet will transit in Virgo sign into the 11th house of fulfillment of personal desires, as long anticipated wish will may shape into the bowl of fulfillment. Health prospects will be good with good vitality and health. Your relationships will be good with deep bonding and good mutual understanding, where you will have good social time with your associates and loved ones. Your career ventures will yield good results and there will be good earnings and good wealth retention from your career prospects.

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  1. LIBRA

With the transit proceeding of planet Mercury in the 10th house career in Libra sign, it indicates that you will see your family and personal relations progressing positively. There will be a spike in your career and your career ambition may prosper according to your expectation where there will be good income from foreign investment. Take care of your health with regular checkup as a precautionary measure to avoid any health hassle.


The planet Mercury will move into the 9th house of fortune and long travel where you could feel the sudden fluctuations of the positive and negative vibes in your life. So, take care of your health. Your career graph will bear the fruit of your efforts strengthening your wealth accumulation and foreign travels, which will further enhance your gains from foreign investment. Your personal and family relations will prosper with your vigilance over important matters with your wisdom which will strengthen your personal cordial relations.


Due to the transit of Mercury to Cancer in Sagittarius sign, this transit will be moving into the 8th house of hurdles, so you are advised to be vigilant over your health prospects and take good precautions for the maintenance of your health. Your professional arena will pose sudden problems and there will be pressures to submit your career ventures on prescribed deadlines. You will face stringency in financial matters and wealth restrictions can be balanced by investing in secure investments. Your personal and family relations will expect vigilance over your speech pattern for cordial relations among them


Capricorn sign will have the transit of Mercury in the 7th house of marital relations, where married couples and personal romantic relations will be enhanced with strong bonding and good mutual understanding with one another. Health-wise, you will feel strong and healthy with vital energy to carry out your work pressures easily. Career will be profitable as an independent entrepreneur and as an employee you will impress the senior management with your excellent work manipulation.

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The planet Mercury will transit into the 6th house of debt and disease where you will be able to repay your debts and loans with ease despite the fact that there will be a sharp rise in your expenses. You will have to be careful with your health prospects as you are advised to follow a good diet and exercise regime to keep yourself active and fit in the long run. You will have good career prospects where you will earn promotion on your caliber with hard work. Your personal relationship will require your attention and to update the romantic spark in your relation, you will require to spend some quality time together.


Mercury transits into the 5th house of love and children of the Pisces sign, where you will be willing to sink in any new knowledge and you will receive many new opportunities that will help you to enhance your financial quotient. In the relationship matters, this period would impart harmony and couples will experience happiness and bliss in their personal and emotional bonding of relationships. Any kind of negligence at the workplace will rob you from your career benefits and can lead to adverse and non- profitable situations. It is advised to have a controlled diet regime and exercise schedule to avoid any negligence towards health.