Mercury Transit Reading

Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Mercury in Scorpio for Libra moon sign

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio is going to take place in the 2nd house of Libra moon sign natives, from 5th December to 25th December 2019.

The second house is the significator of speech, family and accumulated wealth. For Libra moon sign natives, the transit of Mercury in this house is going to bring in happiness on the home front.

There will be mutual respect and understanding among the family members and you will prosper together, as a unit.

Your dedication and sincerity will get you good recognition at your workplace. You will earn well through your profession and also through accumulated wealth. However, hastiness in financial matters should be avoided.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your personal life

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio is going to be a promising time for the family relationships of Libra moon sign natives. Your home front will function well without any major hiccups or misunderstandings. However, married individuals must keep a check on the health of their spouse, during this time.

  • You will have a religious disposition, during his period, and you may undertake a pilgrimage with your family members, mother or spouse.
  • Sudden wealth gains are foreseen and unexpected expenditures are also visible, in this transit period.
  • A strong financial status will help you repay your loans and you will also be inclined to put your money in safe investments.
  • Respecting elders, especially your parents and grandparents is going to bestow you with choicest of blessings for a prosperous future.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your professional life

You will have improved communication skills, during the transit of Mercury in Scorpio, which will help you make a good impression at your workplace. For Libra moon sign born students, this will be the time to begin a new journey away from their home for a bright future.

  • You will get the recognition and appreciation for your work, as you will be able to amaze your managers, seniors and bosses with your eloquence.
  • You will get the opportunity to learn new skills sets, and it will be a revolutionary step for your professional journey.
  • Chances of higher education, for those who are keen on acquiring more knowledge are high, in this transit period.
  • Frequent short journeys related to education or career are anticipated, during this time.
  • Profitability is ensured from foreign land or global clients. Professionals in digital domain or business can look forward to a promising month.