Full moon in Cancer

Full moon

In 2020, Full Moon in Cancer appears on December 29, 2020. As per Vedic Astrology, Full moon brings a period of climax and suspense as the relationship of Moon and Human psyche is closely related to each other.  

Moon in Cancer manifests itself by the need for adjustment and modification. Safety lies in thinking about your emotions and sharing them with others.

Sudden opportunities can come into existence where speculation of any kind can bring gains in personal as well as professional life.

Career oriented opportunities will create route for long journeys. Health issues will come up, which will shoot medical expenses.

Let’s discuss the detailed impact of Full Moon on all 12 Moon signs

 Aries: You’ll witness a positive development in almost every arena of life

Lord of the Forth house of domestic harmony is transiting in its own house. This transit is favorable in so many ways.

It is suppose to instill peace and harmony in personal as well as professional relations. You’ll witness a positive development in almost every arena of life.

 Home atmosphere will be very cordial and there won’t be any sort of issues at this end. Professional life will also enhance and you’ll build amicable relations at your work place.

Academic performance of students will upgrade and they’ll climb stairs of success and accomplishment. You’ll build sound connections with your relatives and your mother will try her best to offer you all sorts of assistance and comforts at her best level.

Moon has an aspect over your tenth house of Career. Profession related to business or job will be seen ascending on the success scale.

You seem to earn a reputed position in your organization and at the same time will receive appreciation for your committed endeavors and all the hard work that has been put in by you towards the growth of your current organization.

Your children will make you feel proud by his commendable performance in academics or professional life. Peace and harmony will prevail in all the corners and you’ll be more at peace of mind.

 Taurus: Moon will shower its blessings in your life by enhancing personal relations

Moon has the Lordship of the third House and it will transit in its own house during this Full moon period in Cancer.

 Being placed in the house of siblings, Moon will shower its blessings in your life by enhancing personal relations. You’ll receive healthy support of your siblings in this period of time and they may likewise help you in overcoming major hurdles of life.

They’ll help you resolve career related issues in the best ways possible. Your elder/younger sibling may get a chance to move to a foreign land. No matter how much distance creeps in, you’ll still manage to maintain amicable bond with them.

Having an aspect over the Ninth house of Taurus, Moon will favor you with bundle of opportunities, which will in turn intensify your financial stability. Your father’s guiding light will enable you cross all kinds of hurdles with great ease.

 Career related gains are also likely in this phase. There are chances of you building unimaginable fascination for spiritualism and this factor will diffuse positivity in your life.

 Cancer: You might build keen interest in deep areas of knowledge

Moon rules over the Second house for Cancer moon sign and it is placed in its own moon sign. Second house deals with speech and verbal communication. It also overlooks heritage property matters.

This house helps a native in accumulating wealth for Rainy Days!

During this period, Cancer natives will add decent amount to their savings account in order to keep aside certain sum to fulfill future emergency needs.

 Your excellent communication skills will be of great use in this period as these would enable you take over a productive opportunity.

Family relations will be pretty much cordial. You will maintain harmonious ties with everyone around. Your positive persona will win hearts of personal as well as professional associates.

Being aspected by the Eighth house, you seem to be favored by your stars and in the same process will greet you with additional sources of income.

Along with this, there will be some sudden opportunities arising out of nowhere which will further take you two steps upwards. Due to the aspect of the Eighth House, you might build keen interest in deep areas of knowledge such as Astrology and Occult science.

Be a little cautious of your health and make sure that you adopt proper dietary patterns.

 Leo: There are chances of foreign settlement in this period

Lord of the Twelfth house is transiting in the same house. Moon has an aspect on the Sixth house of Leo moon sign.

 This Full Moon in Cancer could possibly bring challenges in different areas of life. There are chances of foreign settlement in this period.

 So, if you’re planning for the same, you need to increase your efforts. Expenses are being marked out during this phase. These could be related to movement or even hospitalization.

Maintain a strategic distance from aggression and ego else these factors could possibly impact professional life in negative terms. 

However, if you are stuck in a court case, you’ll be relieved of it and will likewise turn victorious against your rivals.

It would be a good time for repaying the loans but, do not intend on taking a new one as it could bring troubles and stress.

Your spiritual interest may enhance during this time period. You’re likely to plan religious events and journeys with family or friends.

 Virgo: Your creative talents may give way to a new career path

Moon is considered as the Lord of Eleventh house and its placement in its own house mostly brings positive outcomes.

This entire period will prove to be highly prosperous for Virgo Moon sign natives. You’ll get ample of chances to greet handsome income opportunities.

 The period of Full moon in Cancer is highlighting the transformation of your career, in positive terms.

 A personal relation could possibly take shape of professional association and this kind of role reversal will be really beneficial for you in terms of professional advancement.

 You will be blessed with new open dimensions which can offer profitable business contacts to you.

Due to the aspect of fifth house, creative talents of Virgo may give way to a new career path.

Your creative abilities will prove to be very advantageous in this period, offering you a propitious period in the entire phase of Full Moon in Cancer.

 Libra: A great time to invest property gains into business

Here, Moon owns the Tenth house for Libra and it is placed in the same house for the purpose of harmonizing financial prospects in a smooth manner.

Success will automatically be driven by record of your hard work and constant efforts. Long hours of dedication will not at all go in vain.

 Make sure that each and every effort of yours will be taken into consideration and your fortunate stars provide you a clear path in difficult situations.

 You’re likely to receive appreciation from your boss for your part of contribution in the growth and development of associated organization.

 Your colleagues and juniors will consider you as an inspiration and this factor will make you reach on cloud nine. However, you’ll continue to remain grounded and helpful.

At the same time, Moon will have an aspect over the forth house of Libra moon sign.

This planetary placement will instill peace and unanimity in personal relations, thereby making home front a blissful place to live in.

 Things will flow with great ease and you can even invest property gains into business for the purpose of expansion. Such kind of investment will prove to be fruitful for Libra natives.

 Scorpio: You’ll start looking at life from a better point of view

Lord of the Ninth house is transiting in its own house, bringing good luck and fortune for Scorpio natives. The placement of your moon sign in the ninth house is promising a fortunate period for Scorpio natives in which there are high chances of foreign settlement.

If you’re planning for any such activity, you’ll receive uplifting news very soon. You may build an unimaginable interest in spiritualism and thus, will be inclined to participate in religious activities, rituals and programs.

 Your father will be keen to offer all sorts of assistance to you. You can reach to him in difficult times. He’ll be your guiding light throughout this period.

It has an aspect over third house of Scorpio moon sign. During this period, your self-efforts should be very strong.

You shall leave behind your irritable nature as this is the time to move out of your comfort zone. Make an attempt to maintain amicable tie-ups with colleagues, seniors and boss.

You must increase your initiatives as they seem to be a little low due to certain health issues. This creates an urgent need to adopt healthy dietary patterns and take proper medications.

 Monetary gains will be somewhat nominal and hence would require extra efforts from your end.

 Sagittarius: This Full moon in Cancer may bring upon an opportunity to take hold of your heritage property

Eighth house Lord is transiting in the eighth house itself. As per Vedic Astrology, Eighth house in a birth chart predicts sudden opportunities and challenges which could abruptly come on front.

This house highlights hidden knowledge of a native. Placement of your moon sign in this house could bring up financial issues so, try to be cautious regarding the same.

 Preventive measures should be taken in advance so that you’re able to overcome such irksome matters without any major difficulties.

There might be some retractions in your path and these could possibly cause disputes in the family. However, you’ll be wise enough to rectify the situation and bring things back to normal.

The aspect of Moon over your Second house may bring an opportunity of wealth accumulation. Your calculations and tactics will prove to be a game-changer, enabling you to maintain a proper balance between expenditure and savings.

Communication skills of Sagittarius will be marked as one of their greatest strengths. This Full moon in Cancer may bring upon an opportunity to take hold of your heritage property.

 Capricorn: Discord in marital relations could affect your domestic life

Being Lord of the seventh house of Capricorn moon sign, Moon is moving in the same house. And, it is likewise aspecting your ascendant during the same period.

 This planetary transit and aspect will effect marital relations due to the lack of understanding and compassion. Expressions of love will be missing out and this factor will altogether take your marital relation to a toll sideways.

 Your partner will often disagree with you and you both will not be able to reach common point. Clarity of vision will be omitted from your relation.

There will be a great deal of fuss and confusion in your domestic life and all these reasons are good enough to impact your work performance adversely.

This creates a need to make your relationship transparent so that your spouse knows about all the events happening in your life.

 Along with this, you ought to spend quality time with them and take interest in their professional life as well.

 Shower immense love and adoration on your life partner, after all they’re the ones who will always be on your side in all kinds of ups and downs. If you succeed in doing as such, you will surely bring a positive change in your marital life.

 Aquarius:  Try to keep yourself stabilized as far as possible

For Aquarius, Moon owns the Sixth house and it is likewise transiting in the same house. The sixth house brings forth challenges and health issues for the natives. Sixth house also signifies debts and loan.

There are odds of some health issues being detected during this period. Health-wise, you might not be feeling very active or stable. Regular medical visits and check ups are very much likely which will for sure add to the medical expenses.

But, this will bring sure shot improvement in your health conditions. After all, health comes before anything else!

Moon is having an aspect over the Twelfth house of foreign settlement, expenses and spirituality. Excessive expenses will be accountable for low financial stability.

Make an attempt to hold down pointless expenses because loan procedure will also involve risk and delays. In case, there is a very urgent need, you should reach your bank for financial assistance.

You shouldn’t take monetary help from other sources because you might get exploited by being charged very high rate of interest.

Try to keep yourself stabilized as far as possible so that you have enough power to fight back against challenges.

 Pisces:  New love relations may come into existence

Lord of the Fifth house is placed in the Fifth house itself. Long journeys related to higher education are expected. Any sudden opportunity due to creative talents can create foreign connection.

 New love relations may come into existence. Single natives can utilize this period as an opportunity to kick start off their love life. This Full Moon period will be filled with excitement and joviality.

 Even existing love relations will further get enhanced as previous issues will be rectified in all possible ways. Professional association may take shape of a love relationship.

This can also be a career boosting opportunity for the Pisces natives as you would get chance to modify your sources of income.