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New Moon in Aries for the 12 Zodiac Signs

The New Moon is the first lunar phase of the moon, when the moon is almost invisible to the naked eye. It is the first citing of the waxing crescent moon. The new moon phase, known as Amavasya in Vedic Astrology, comes about every lunar year, each one having a very different meaning in Astrology. The current one is a new moon in Aries, and to mark it in our calendar, it would be, 5 April 2019, and again on 5 May 2019. With the philosophical new moon in the territory of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, the ambitious and passionate fire sign, there will be varied celestial activities influencing the different zodiac signs.

As per Hindu tradition, it is regarded as extremely auspicious to dedicate the day of the Amavasya for performing the customary rituals for the ancestors. It is believed that praying for them on this day would bring peace to the departed souls. Hindus thereby fast on this day and offer food to their ancestors, so that peace comes to the souls who haven’t been reborn.

From an astrological point of view, the phases of the moon have a huge impact on our personalities and energy levels. Now that we know about the New Moon, let us take a look how the new moon can influence each zodiac sign differently and how this lunar phase can bring about a change in our lives and attitudes. So, gear up and see how this new start of the moon fares in the Aries moon sign, and what new experiences it brings for us!

This is an article based on your moon sign. If you still do not know what your moon sign is, click here to find out how to know what your moon sign is!

Aries Moon Sign: When the New Moon transits into the Aries moon sign, you will be in the spotlight, and the stars will make you inner desires come true. This would be the best time to plan for an important task, as being in its home sign, all you Aries moon sign bearers will feel a lot of positive energy within yourself the whole day. You might have unexpected gains, or profits from speculative investments. Your mother’s health will improve if she was suffering from any issues; and an elderly in your family might feel an improvement in their health. Overall, this New Moon day is a win-win situation for you. So try to grab as much as you can so that you can enjoy its benefits later on!

Taurus Moon Sign: For a Taurus native, this phase seems to be one where he/she needs to be steady and take a break before committing something extremely important. If any ongoing project has been seeing a few setbacks since long, then it is possible that it will as well take more time, so that it generates a positive result in the future. You might as well be mentally disturbed for not keeping the best of your health, and not being in the best of your spirits. However, this phase will pass, and it is necessary that you keep calm and focus on your work. A little difference in your relationship might also bring about disturbance and disappointment, but with time, everything will pass and bring out the best in you.

Gemini Moon Sign: Being a Gemini native, you will be blessed with bounties of romance in this phase. You might go out on a romantic date with your partner or spouse, or for an outing to bring about a new freshness in your relationship. For all the singles, you might strike love on this day; so be conscious and ready to try and turn things in your favor. For those who were looking for reconciliation, you might have the needed chance to rekindle the romance, let go off your misunderstandings, and give yourself and your partner a second chance. You might have unexpected gains, and surprising good news as such, which might totally amaze you and keep you in awe.

Cancer Moon Sign: For the Cancerians, this New Moon phase seems to be a majorly special period. Good news will seem to engulf you from all sides, and it also seems to be a good time to work out new opportunities that you have trying to explore since a long time now. You might even get the good news of your confirmed promotion, or your senior colleagues might be very pleased with you and congratulate you. Travelling for work reasons are on the cards and you might also take a trip/vacation to some place during this time.

Moon Sign: For a Leo native, the New Moon brings new avenues for travel and relocation. This might be the time when you finally decide on being able to settle down with a firm decision, and look out for future prospects that could be promising in the long run. Your relations with your relatives will improve and you will be treated fairly and justly, and vice-versa. Your organizational skills will be enhanced and you will observe that your immunity power has also improved considerably.

Virgo Moon Sign: For the Virgos, this phase seems to be profitable for any financial gains that you might have been anticipating. You might recieve some unexpected gains from any source. Any speculative act of yours that you took part in before, might give you great returns now. The results of any of your projects might give you favourable results as well. This phase also seems likely to make you invest in some luxurious assets that you were thinking of buying since long. Overall, this phase seems to be of great importance to you.

Libra Moon Sign: For a native of the Libra moon sign, this New moon phase will bring about a sense of completeness in you, with the opportunity of partnership. You might very well be at the brink of starting a new relationship, or giving your relationship a new name and stability. You might even reconcile with your long lost love, if you two were distant for a long time. The sense of completeness will make you experience a breath of fresh air, and you will have a relaxed mind to start off your day. Your partner or relatives might even help you financially for work and other matters. Listen to the advice of your partner carefully, as it might prove to be quite beneficial for you in the long run.

Scorpio Moon Sign: When the New Moon is in Aries, the Scorpio natives might face a few upheavals in their lives. Some bad news might shock you, or might even make you disturbed for a momentary period. Your health will not be in its best shape, so it is advised that you take care of it, and try not to overburden yourself with worry and work. Avoid investing money in any new venture during this time, as it might turn out to be disadvantageous for you. Speculative acts also should be avoided and it would be best that you remain calm, composed and wait for the right time, so that you do not repent in the future. Taking precautions and being cautious will definitely take you out of this phase smoothly.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The Sagittarians seems to be looking up to good times in this lunar New moon phase in Aries. Unexpected gains from sources unanticipated seem to be there for you. Such gain will only bring you mental happiness and wealth. Your love relations seem to be flowing cordially and you seem to be enjoying the sweet nuances it offers. This phase also seems to be the right time to look out for love, for all those who are single. Unexpected guests might drop in at your place, and you might be in for some sweet surprises.

Capricorn Moon Sign: For the Capricorns, this phase seems to be all about steadiness and reliability, all thanks to the New moon in Aries. Your relationship with your parents will improve considerably and there will be no gaps in between. Travelling for work seems to be there, or you could even go out on a family outing together like the good old days. You could even take a trip for to some religious place, or even go on a pilgrimage. There is a possibility that you earn huge profits from a speculative act that you might have invested in before.

Aquarius Moon Sign: The New Moon in Aries will bring about new avenues for a native of Aquarius. One might meet a new religious person by chance, who might throw light on the many questions revolving in the minds of the Aquarian. This chance meeting could prove to be a revelation, and might even influence you in many ways. Apart from this, you work, education or any other task that requires to be finished might be delayed, which might make you mentally disturbed and irritated. This could also be there due to certain financial and personal reasons, but it is assured that with time, everything will slowly fall into its right place.

Pisces Moon Sign: For a Piscean, the New Moon in Aries would be good for more reasons than just one. They would get news of financial betterment, or might benefit financially through anyone. A sudden news might even give good opportunities and might even make him/her move forward in professional matters. Your relationships will improve with everyone around you, and especially with your family. If you are looking for a job change, this might be the right time for you. Career prospects during this time seem to be promising and so, overall this phase promises to bring out the best for you.