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New moon in Aquarius and its impact on the 12 moon signs

New moon in Aquarius and its impact on the 12 moon signs


New Moon is going to move in to the Aquarius sign on 23rd February 2020. During this phase, balancing is going to be the main crux of all the activities that you might undertake or the events that you may encounter.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and its association with Moon is not considered very favorable in Vedic Astrology. Thus, New Moon in Aquarius is not going to shell out superiorly fine results, on the larger spectrum.

There will be financial challenges, professional roadblocks and personal hindrances to take care of, in this period. However, things are not going to be the same for all 12 moon signs.

Still, an aura of indecisiveness would prevail and chances of getting yourself involved in bad company is high. Therefore, it would be great to have your senses and sensibilities on an alert mode, to help figure out the ethical and moralistic differences in people, events and situations.

New Moon in Aquarius for Aries moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius will move into the 11th house of Aries moon sign natives. Being placed into your house of income gains, New Moon is going to bestow you with some favorable opportunities.

This phase is, particularly, going to be beneficial for your professional endeavors. There could be a delay in profits, but gains will be there in due time.

Pre-planning and logical thinking is required to maximize gains and minimize losses, in this period. Sudden opportunities may surface, and if you are able to handle them gracefully, you may attain good financial gains.

Expenditures will be incurred on outings with friends, family or colleagues. You will get to spend quality time with your family members, lovers and spouse. Differences of opinion are indicated, but will not be very severe.

On the work front, you will have the support of your family, if you plan to start a venture of your own. More focus on career may cause some troubles in family life, but you will be able to handle it wisely.

Rivals will be active, however, you will have the guts and wisdom to tackle them, effectively. Avoid being hasty in your decisions, be it personal or professional, to reduce the likelihood of misfortunes, in this period.

New Moon in Aquarius for Taurus moon sign

For Taurus moon sign, New Moon in Aquarius is going to be placed in the 10th house of karma, profession and fame. This phase indicates good gains from career, but you are advised to be high on vigilance.

Since, you will thrive in your professional endeavors, this will give rise to some jealous colleagues or co-workers. Don’t share your deep secrets with anybody and be guarded of your emotions, in this period.

Alertness from a veiled rival is required, since, chances of getting backstabbed are high in this period. So, don’t put your blind trust in any of your acquaintances, even if your relationship with them is old enough, to say the least.

Your hard work and wisdom will bring in good monetary gains. Trust your rational thinking and intelligence to show you the right way in complex situations. Short travels are also anticipated to bring in financial profits.

A check on home front is required, since you may tend to forget your domestic life amid your busy professional schedules. Give your loved ones due attention and time to make sure you do not loose them in the process to gain money, name and fame.

New Moon in Aquarius for Gemini moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius for Gemini moon sign is going to be positioned in the 9th house of destiny, luck and religious instincts. This period is going to give out moderate outcomes, much of which is based on your honest efforts and tactical approach.

Sudden opportunities may surface from nowhere. Possibility of getting financial gains through such abrupt prospects is likely, if you plan well in advance.

Problems at home front will largely stem from your inaccessibility. Amid greater focus on career, your family members will feel left out.

Things may turn disturbing if you are unable to bring about a healthy balance in your work and personal life. So, try to strive an equilibrium in personal and professional aspects, to bring about harmony in both.

Your relationship with your mother will not be very good and her health may also demand more focus and attention. Complications may also arise in possession of ancestral wealth, during this period.

Multiple challenges in personal life may be encountered, which will be turned around with calculative efforts being made at the right time and in the right direction.

New Moon in Aquarius for Cancer moon sign

Cancer moon sign natives will have the New Moon in Aquarius positioned in their 8th house of sudden events. This will be a period of restrain for you, but some gains from professional and personal endeavors will be there.

You will have a happy married life, where there will be emotions and physical pleasures. However, you will still be flirtatious in your disposition, and this could, at times be problematic for your spouse.

Be careful in personal and professional partnerships and ensure thoughtful actions in such ventures. Business professionals typically will face unplanned issues at random occasions, largely when business associates or project partners are involved.

Keep a check on your emotional outbursts as you may tend to turn irrational and unreasoned due to your extremely sensitive disposition.

This behavior can create problems in life, where you will find it difficult to keep a sane mind in difficult situations and tend to break down at the very onset of a problem.

Take care of your health as stress and anxiety might take a toll on your physical and mental well-being. Yoga and meditation practices will help soothe the health issues that you may encounter in this period.

New Moon in Aquarius for Leo moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius is going to be placed in the 7th house of Leo moon sign natives. Moving into your house of partnerships, this placement on New Moon is going to offer you cordial conjugal relationships.

Marital relationships will be harmonious with reflection of affection and respect. Trivial issues may give rise to certain discords in marital life, but they will not be too severe to not be managed effectively.

Physical pleasures will play a strong role in making the conjugal relationships work in this period, amid momentary tiffs. These will be bounded with care for partner, and will not be of pure carnal essence.

Take care of your expenditures in this period, as you may be faced with finance management issues because of your highly emotional and impractical nature.

Good opportunities related to business and work partnerships may turn up. However, you need to be wise and calculative to reap benefits from these opportunities.

A check on health is recommended, since indication of stress-induced health disorder is evident in this period of New Moon in Aquarius for Leo moon sign.

New Moon in Aquarius for Virgo moon sign

Moving into the 6th house of Virgo moon sign natives, New Moon in Aquarius will occupy your house of health and well-being.

This phase will have mixed results on your personal and professional lives, where you will be indecisive but will also be creative and calculative, at the same time.

You will have the ability to conquer your rivals and thus success will not be able to defy you. However, you will need extra efforts, discipline and determination to make things work in your favor.

You will earn good amount of wealth, in this period, with your intelligence and wisdom. So, trust your abilities when taking critical decisions, rather than relying on the aptitude of others.

Love life and marital relationships will require more focus. Try and be cooperative and cordial with your spouse or love partner, during this period.

If married, children will make you proud and will be a source of happiness for you. They will require your guidance and support to push through their limits to deliver expected results, so be with the, through thick and thin.

New Moon in Aquarius for Libra moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius for Libra moon sign is going to be positioned in the 5th house of mental intelligence, pleasures, creative abilities and progeny.

You will be quite innovative and have new ideas to pursue your professional objectives. This will bring you good amount of recognition at workplace.

Business professionals will be able to take their venture to new heights with their ingenious approach. Support of office staff, colleagues and partners will be there.

Love and conjugal life will be good, in this period. There will be happiness and romance in your life. Home front, with respect to overall harmony, finances and parental relationships will require some attention.

You will be socially inclined, but care must be taken to not get too indulgent in the process that you start giving into societal pressure at the cost of your personal and professional relationships.

Though good gains are indicated and stability in finances is foreseen, care must be taken to manage them well and caution is advised on wealth accumulation part.

If married and planning for children, this won’t be a good time to think about it. Those who already have children, will need to spend more time with them to nurture the connect.

New Moon in Aquarius for Scorpio moon sign

Transiting in the 4th house of Scorpio moon sign natives, New Moon in Aquarius is going to bring about changes in your domestic life.

Your 4th house represents domestic peace, possessions, real estate, vehicles, your mother and your association with your homeland.

Domestic peace will be there in this period, but you will need to put ion extra efforts to attain that. Small steps and little initiatives will have big worth in maintaining the peace and harmony in family relationships.

Career will require greater focus to get desired gains. Try and create a good work-life balance to ensure amity in both the aspects of life.

Wealth and materialistic possession may increase, but care and caution is advised while signing on any documentations related to inheritance or purchase of any property or vehicle.

Relationship with mother will demand care, so does her health. Be attentive towards her healthcare needs, and do not hesitate to take medical assistance, if and when you feel the necessity.

New Moon in Aquarius for Sagittarius moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius is going to move into the 3rd house of Sagittarius moon sign natives. This house represents communication, short journeys, siblings and mental intelligence.

The placement of moon in this particular house of Sagittarius is going to offer good results on the domestic part. You will have good family relations and your family members will be quite supportive of your creative talents and ideas, on and off the professional field.

Domestic peace will be predominant and you will be able to maintain it with your wisdom and rational thought process. This sane disposition will help you avoid any major confrontations, in this period, thus, helping you safeguard the integrity of your valuable relationships.

Short trips, for professional and personal endeavors are foreseen, and is believed to disburse good gains, both in the short and long term.

Speculative investments are predicted to give you good gains, during this period of New Moon in Aquarius. However, you need to handle such opportunities with care and take well-informed decisions to ensure gains from such channels.

New Moon in Aquarius for Capricorn moon sign

Placed in the 2nd house of Capricorn moon sign natives, New Moon in Aquarius is going to give out moderate results over family and finance related matters.

You will lack in your approach and capability to take care of your family relationships. There will be misunderstandings and also disputes, at some point, in this period, stemming from your inability to work on family relationships with carefulness.

Marital relationships will also be disturbed, because of lack of care and attention. Friction will arise from lack of understanding and support for each other.

Similarly, family finances will also take a hit, as you fail to deliver optimally on this front. Your laziness will be among the key factors that will make you inefficient, in this New Moon in Aquarius phase.

You will tend to delay actions and decisions over things that relate to bringing prosperity in family and finances. You must understand that decisions only have value when they are taken with a positive and sane mind and within the due course of time. After that, it loses its impact and worth, too.

Still, if you aspire to turn the tables around, calculative and disciplined approach will help you get good gains in this period.

New Moon in Aquarius for Aquarius moon sign

New Moon in Aquarius will be transiting in the 1st house of Aquarius moon sign natives. Positioned in your ascendant house, New Moon is going to bring about some favorable changes in your personality.

You will gain the quality to create and maintain balance in your personal and professional life. You will be more focused and have the motivation to perform with pure dedication in whatever task you undertake, in this period.

Your skills to exercise control over wasteful expenditure will be lauded by one and all, in this period. Moreover, it will help you gain a better foothold in terms of financial positioning.

Family and professional relationships will be tackled with grace and sensibleness. You will also be pretty health conscious, during this period, and this will bestow you with a fitter mind and body.

Career will be well taken care of and you will take calculative steps for growth and development of your profession.

If you are planning for a long trip or have a desire to settle abroad, you would like to delay the process for a better time of the year, because, this period doesn’t guarantee success in this endeavor.

New Moon in Aquarius for Pisces moon sign

For Pisces moon sign, New Moon in Aquarius is going to be placed in the 12th house. Overall, this will be a good transit for Pisces ascendants, as gains from varied sections are indicated here.

You will experience a radical change in your nature, which will largely relate to your decision making abilities. Beside, you will also develop the acumen and instincts to act according to the situation and this will pave the way for greater tangible and intangible benefits for you.

You will be self-motivated to put in your all to achieve your heart’s desires. Consistent hard work and efforts will lead you to realize your dream and aspirations, in this period.

If married, children will require more attention. Some of you will be required to devote time, energy and resources towards planning for the higher education of your kids.

On the career front, investment in new ventures will give you good returns. Wisdom and tactical approach will be your key tools to get good gains from professional endeavors.

Possibility of abroad travel or settlements is meek, during this time. Still, some opportunities from foreign land or connection may give good benefits, if handled with care and astuteness.