Venus Transit in Sagittarius Sign

When the planet of love and luxury, Venus travels and transits into the sign of Sagittarius, which is a fire element, one is likely to be sparked and fueled with energy. This transit will have an effect on all the moon signs especially on your relationships - both professional and personal, depending upon your favourable planets and guiding stars.

Venus Transit in Sagittarius Sign


The planet Venus is cumulatively responsible for marital bliss, all kinds of pleasures, fame, art, talent, beauty, romance, passion, and for all materialistic manifestation. The transit of Venus is an important astronomical phenomenon in the realm of astrology, which can impact the lives of natives in an auspicious or in any inauspicious way. The transit of Venus goes on for about 23 days, that is, Venus remains posited in a zodiac for about 23 days and then moves on to the next zodiac sign. Being a beneficial planet, Venus directly affects the behavior and nature of the person when it is in its retrograde or direct motion.

Venus will continue to move back and forth in Sagittarius in 2022. It was in its retrograde state and now on Saturday, 29 January 2022, at 14:55, the retrograde motion will come to an end and the planet will return to its direct state. The planet Venus which is considered as the Guru of the demons, is the ruling lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs and it especially affects the seventh house the marital house in particular.

Effect of Venus Transit in Sagittarius sign on all zodiac signs:

  1. ARIES

Venus is the ruling lord of the second and seventh house for the natives of Aries and now will be in their ninth house i.e. the house of luck. This position is going to prove auspicious for the people of Aries. The position of Venus is direct and knowing your impulsive nature you have to be little patient and maintain calmness on your speech as this position of Venus can give you harsh and direct speech. You will achieve professional and financial success through business travel.

God of love and romance will continue blessing prosperity and abundance in your life. Avoid taking loans and reframe yourself from unethical acts in your workplace. As this transit will activate the 9th house of religious beliefs, you will be inclined to spend or donate on religious activities. Utilize this energy on focusing on your self-growth and save money for future aspect of life. You will experience sudden growth in your professional and personal front. Join a wellness center for fitness and healthy regime to take benefit of this transit.


For Taurus natives, Venus is the ruling lord of Taurus, and it also owns the sixth house of Libra. The planet will enter your eighth house the house of suddenness during this period. In such a situation, the transit of Venus in your eighth house will give you mixed results in your life. Venus is considered inauspicious for Taurus natives as it will increase the greed of hoarding money and taking debts. This position of Venus is not a benefic stance for financial aspect. Chronic diseases specially related to UTI problems can erupt during this period, so don’t avoid any kind of distress in your body.

In your professional field do not trust anyone and share secrets with them as this is the time for you to be cautious about your hidden enemies in workplace. However Jupiter in 10th house will act as a benefactor for your career and profession. Rahu in Lagna will give you ideas and increase your creativity but do not be anxious and restless about it.


Venus maintains amicable relations with Mercury and presides over the fifth house and twelfth house of Gemini. This planet will be transiting in your seventh house during its transitory motion. In such a situation, the conjunction of Venus in your seventh house with Mars, who is already present there will work in your favour. This position will increase your intimacy and sexual urge in your relationship.

You might be harsh in your speech towards your partner. Venus is a natural benefic planet for you. This position can elevate your financial aspect by boosting up your energy to give it your best. Rahu in the 12th house will give you sleeplessness at night by continuously popping up new thoughts and ideas in your imagination and will make you restless. You will be benefitted through foreign collaboration for your business.


Venus rules over your fourth and eleventh house and now the planet is going to move into your sixth house. This position of Venus gives empowerment to give full efforts and to excel in all professional competition. It also gives courage to win over your professional rivalries. But be cautious and do not take debts or loans for personal or professional reason as you would not be able to repay it on time.

There is a conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Mercury in 7th house and this position will give challenges in your relationship. You will have harsh attitude and will create misunderstanding and conflict with your partner. Rahu at 11th house will improve your social network and you will connect with your friends and relish the moment. Do not indulge in a bad company and dwell into problems. Financially, this period will give you mild challenges but despite these, it will be a profitable period for you.

  1. LEO

As a ruling lord of the third and tenth house, Venus will move into the fifth house of Leo natives. In such a situation, the conjunction of Venus with Mars in your fifth house is going to give you the most favorable results by activating your intuition, inclination towards self, speculation and the house of love. Your professional opportunities will be amplified with good luck and results. Good period to invest in shares and to earn profits. Your personal life will be full of love and romantic moments, with highly enthusiastic relationship with your spouse.

Rahu in the professional house which will widen your professional opportunity and it is time to crack new business deals. 5th house is the natural significator house of Leo, this period will give you gush of energy, and you will be filled with enthusiasm to do more productive and innovative work and this is the time to reap fruits for your past your efforts and hard work.

  1. VIRGO

For Virgo natives, Venus is the ruling lord of the second and ninth houses and now Venus will be transiting in your fourth house. The conjunction of Venus in your fourth house with Mars already present there will create the chances of giving you auspicious results. During this time, there will be chances of an increase in your comfort, luxury, and convenience. It is good time to invest on real estate and fixed assets. If you are planning to purchase new conveyance or a new house, its favourable for you.

Rahu in 9th house will give you difference of opinion about your religion and cultural activities. This position of Rahu will enhance your luck factor in financial gains and will give new approach and ideas towards profession through business travels. Jupiter in 6th house will protect you from your professional rivalries and you will excel in all competitions.

  1. LIBRA

Apart from being the ruling lord of your sign, Venus also rules over your eighth house and now it will be transiting in your third house during this period. Since Venus is your zodiac lord already and now its position in the third house can give you mixed results. During this time, you will put extra effort and earn profitable income in your profession. You can do short business travel and close all important deals to bring more prosperity and abundance.

During this period, maintain a healthy lifestyle and regime to avoid unnecessary health issues. Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in the 4th house will create awkwardness and restless with family members. Mars posited in 3rd house will create misunderstanding and conflicts between your siblings. Your spouse will help you out from all personal problems and will cooperate with you.


Venus takes pride in being the ruling lord of the twelfth house and seventh house of Scorpio natives and now during this time, the planet will be in your second house. At this time, Venus’ conjunction with Mars already present in your second house, will create Yogas for wealth acquisition in your zodiac. As a result of this, you will see money being received through many mediums at this time.

You might face unnecessary problems and frictions in your personal relationship with your spouse as you will be busy with external business affairs and will lack time with your spouse. Ketu in your Lagna will make you indecisive and this will make you anxious and restless towards many professional dealings. At this period Saturn and Sun in your 3rd house will make work hard towards your goal and will give you determination to achieve success in your field.


Venus rules over your sixth house and eleventh house and now during this time, the morning star will be in your own sign, which means your ascendant house. This placement of Venus in Lagna will be beneficial for you towards relationship you will feel increased attraction with your spouse and enhanced love and romance in your life. Venus will open up ways to earn from multiple opportunities and will increase your professional network.

Rahu and Ketu axis will bring opportunities to earn from foreign collaboration. Your family members will not cooperate with you, so be at ease during this period. Do not push them to understand your point of view. You will win over professional rivalries and will impress your seniors with good presentation in business meetings.


For the natives of Capricorn, Venus is the lord of your fifth and tenth house and now they will be moving in the twelfth house for the people of Capricorn at this time. In such a situation, the passage of Venus in your twelfth house is going to be very auspicious for you. Most of all, at this time you will get chances of getting immense success in your field of work.

Apart from this, in business you will be able to get new opportunities and will build good relationship in your workplace. However, you will need to be careful towards your opponents and enemies at the workplace. Because there is a possibility that they will constantly try to dominate you, but will not be successful in their work. Conjunction of Sun, Saturn and Mercury will give you harsh speech, so do work on that to achieve professional and personal success.


Venus is a favorable planet for Aquarius and it rules the 4th and 9th houses of your zodiac. Now, it will be moving into the eleventh house for Aquarians and will conjunct with Mars. Conjunction of Mars and Venus will rise your vibration and this position will give you immense strength and positivity to achieve success in your professional field. You will enjoy many types of materialistic pleasures and will do some long-term investment and attain profit.

In relationships, your family members will appreciate your effort. You will spend memorable time with your spouse. However be cautious while finalizing any business deals and in litigation process. Check twice on the documentation process as you might get stuck in some legal issues.


Venus is the lord of the third house and the eighth house and moving in the tenth house will bring many good news in your professional upfront. It’s a good time to apply new thoughts and innovation on your career and profession which will bring financial success. At this time, all your efforts made at the workplace will be successful, as well as the chances of you getting successful in any big project are also visible.

However, do not reveal any secrets to your friends and coworkers. Your love life will face ups and downs as because of your busy professional schedule you will lack attention in your personal life. You will do business travelling and this will turn out to be profitable and you will be appreciated for good work.