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Transit of Sun for Virgo moon sign

Transit of
To know how various transits of Sun will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

  1. Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Virgo moon sign
  2. Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Virgo moon sign
  3. Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Virgo moon signs

Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Virgo moon sign

Sun will be transiting in Aquarius from 13th February 2020 to 14th March 2020. This transit will take place in the sixth house for Virgo moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, sixth house represents obstacles, service, enemies, debts, illness, routine, health, maternal family, sanitation, hygiene, subordinates etc. and Sun will highlight these themes in your personal and professional life during its transit.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

The transit of Sun in Aquarius will give you opportunities to utilize your skills and talents and enhance your growth prospects. You will have a sudden rise in career, as new avenues of learning and development will open up for you.

However, this transit expects you to be open-minded, flexible in approach, and adaptable to change. Learning new skills will bring new job opportunities and if you are looking for a new job, you will get good options during this time.

You will see a rise in your creativity and your unique ideas will be welcomed at your workplace. There will be gains to those involved in government related work and if you are trying for a job in the government sector, this transit will support your efforts and hard work.

You will have a cordial relationship with your colleagues at workplace, however you should be humble and straightforward in your communication. Being overly competitive will result in stress, hence you should go as per your pace.

Property investments will give gains during this time and returns from past investments will give a boost to your financial standing. If you are involved in the fashion, media, luxury, arts, entertainment business or any other creative field, you will come across new business opportunities and lucrative projects.

Female colleagues will be supportive and helpful during this time and there would be ample opportunities to showcase your talents and skills. However, you should be careful as negativity and self-limiting behavior might hamper your growth prospects.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your personal life

Personal life of Virgo moon sign natives will be harmonious and peaceful as there will be better understanding in your relationships. If you are married, you will have a loving relationship with your spouse, which will contribute towards better domestic harmony.

You might take a short trip or vacation with your partner or spouse, which will help to strengthen your bond. However, you still need to be caring towards your partner and try to understand their needs to maintain a healthy relationship.

Family get together will give you the opportunity to meet old relatives, which will revive old memories and make the atmosphere joyful. However, there will be moments of stress and frustration as you might be too occupied in home affairs and responsibilities.

Romantic couples will not have a pleasant time as misunderstandings might crop up leading to conflicts. You should handle your relationships with a wise and mature approach as impatience and aggression could lead to break up.

Introspection will lead to a better understanding of the self and others, which would further lead to gradual improvement in your relationships. Having a spiritual approach will also help to tide over the challenging times with ease.  

Health and academic performance of children will be a cause of concern and you would have to spend more time with them to help them progress in their education and general wellbeing.

Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Virgo moon sign

Sun will transit through Capricorn Zodiac sign on 15th January 2020 and it will stay there till 13th February 2020. Meanwhile, it will enter the fifth house of Virgo moon sign. According to Vedic Astrology, fifth house is concerned with health, children and education.

The transit of Sun in Capricorn sign is meant to bless the natives with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The natives will enjoy every bit of their life, in this period of time. However, these predictions can vary according to the placement of Sun in your birth chart. Click here to know whether your Sun is placed in a benefic or a malefic house.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the personal life of Virgo moon sign

For Virgo moon sign, Sun rules over your health, expenditure, subconscious mind and international deals.

During this entire period, you’ll spend quality time with your children. You’ll prove to be perfect example of fun-loving parents. 

This factor will enhance love and harmony between you and your child thereby, bringing you both considerably closer to each other’s heart.

Health-wise, Virgo natives need to be extra cautious as odds of ill-health are being detected, as and when Sun enters the fifth house of Virgo moon sign.

You’re advised to adopt healthy eating habits and, if required, go for a lifestyle-change as well. By doing this, you’ll be in a good physical position and will be able to lead a hassle-free life.

From 13th January 2020 till 31st January 2020, Mercury will be placed in the Fifth house of Virgo moon sign. You’re likely to bring home a new electronic gadget in this period.

There could be expenses on fulfilling the materialistic needs and desires of your partner. But, these will not be forced upon you by anyone. Whatever, you’re going to do for your beloved will be as per your own wish and consent.

Do not to put resources in share markets otherwise you may fall under huge debts, which will give stress and worries for a very long period of time.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the professional life of Virgo moon sign

You ought to value your professional relationship in all possible ways. Your colleagues and peers will wind up being extremely helpful and supportive throughout this period. Try to maintain amicable relations with them as they will play an important role in enhancing your career prospects.

You’ll have the power to accumulate decent amount due to your intelligence and calculative approach. Right tactics used in the right direction will provide you handsome materialistic gains, in this entire period.

There are chances that your place of employment might get changed when Sun moves in Capricorn zodiac sign.

Virgo, if you’ve been intending to bring a change in your current job scenario, this is the perfect time to explore other options. You might get blessed with advancement in position and pay-scale.

Your work schedule will be tightly packed as chances of sudden journeys are very much likely.

It is prudent to filter the beneficial ventures from pointless ones and then plan accordingly so that you’re able to make the full use of your time and resources.

Saturn is going to transit through one of the Nakshatras of Sun during its transit in Capricorn.

There could be some personal or professional issues regarding foreign connection or alliance. So, you’re advised to handle such situations calmly and patiently.

In similar manner, be considerate about legal matters and maintain all the files and documents on time so that you do not get caught up in irksome situations.

On 24th January 2020, Saturn will conjunct with Sun, but it will not be very close conjunction. This planetary placement advises you to take additional care of your well-being.

Abstain from falling in a pit of tensions and worries, so that you’re able to maintain sound physical and mental health.

If you’re associated in a business partnership, you might have to travel in regards to a venture or project.

There may also decide to take a pilgrimage with your parents.

You might plan a foreign trip to a relative’s or friend’s place or a holiday trip with family members or a preferred location. In the same way, you may likewise take your spouse for a surprise getaway!

However, journeys may not give desires results if not planned in a proper calculative manner.

Make a point not to take major decisions related to property matters. If you’re under any such process, put them on hold otherwise you might fall in a pit of monetary losses.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Virgo moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 4th house of Virgo moon sign natives. This will be a prosperous period for Vigo natives, where income gains will be good and foreign travels will be fruitful.

You will gain reputation at both family and work front. However, a check on behavior is a must as chances of arguments are there, in this period.

Determination and hard work will pave way for greater success at workplace. These qualities will also help in sustaining the harmony at home.

Health will require attention. Your mother will also demand extra attention on overall health and well-being. Advice would be to arrange for prompt medical assistance, if the need arises.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Virgo moon sign

During the transit of Sun in Sagittarius, Virgo moon sign natives will receive ample opportunities to make good money. Wealth accumulation will also be possible. However, expenditures will also rise, because of fluctuations in health conditions of self and family members. For married individuals, this will be a beneficial transit for your spouse, for their professional growth and success.

  • Financially, this will be a good period for you. Health may demand some expenditures but you will be able to maintain the balance between inflows and outflows, effectively.
  • Health condition of mother may require addition care and even medical aid, at some point in time. However, nothing serious is indicated.
  • Foreign trip with spouse could bring about moments of happiness and joy in your life. Visit to religious places will also be there for Virgo natives, in this period.
  • Being dominating may result in clashes with spouse or family members. So, you need to work upon these tendencies to create and sustain a peaceful environment at home front.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Virgo moon sign

Both you and your spouse will get professional gains and recognition in the period of Sun’s transit in Sagittarius. Efforts will pay off well and you will be able to chart a new career path for yourself, in this period. However, caution is advised over haste and over confidence. So, be humble and loyal towards your profession and use your calculative abilities to make effective decisions during this time.

  • Relationship with seniors and bosses will be good and gainful. They will lend you enough support during this period to help you make a mark for yourself.
  • Failures can be avoided by being patient and rational about things at professional front. Impulsiveness is going to result in losses, during this transit period.
  • Authoritative approach may work for you at times, especially during business dealings. So, make a wise use of this propensity.
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance will be essential to get desired results in both work and personal life.