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Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Virgo moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 4th house of Virgo moon sign natives. This will be a prosperous period for Vigo natives, where income gains will be good and foreign travels will be fruitful.

You will gain reputation at both family and work front. However, a check on behavior is a must as chances of arguments are there, in this period.

Determination and hard work will pave way for greater success at workplace. These qualities will also help in sustaining the harmony at home.

Health will require attention. Your mother will also demand extra attention on overall health and well-being. Advice would be to arrange for prompt medical assistance, if the need arises.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Virgo moon sign

During the transit of Sun in Sagittarius, Virgo moon sign natives will receive ample opportunities to make good money. Wealth accumulation will also be possible. However, expenditures will also rise, because of fluctuations in health conditions of self and family members. For married individuals, this will be a beneficial transit for your spouse, for their professional growth and success.

  • Financially, this will be a good period for you. Health may demand some expenditures but you will be able to maintain the balance between inflows and outflows, effectively.
  • Health condition of mother may require addition care and even medical aid, at some point in time. However, nothing serious is indicated.
  • Foreign trip with spouse could bring about moments of happiness and joy in your life. Visit to religious places will also be there for Virgo natives, in this period.
  • Being dominating may result in clashes with spouse or family members. So, you need to work upon these tendencies to create and sustain a peaceful environment at home front.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Virgo moon sign

Both you and your spouse will get professional gains and recognition in the period of Sun’s transit in Sagittarius. Efforts will pay off well and you will be able to chart a new career path for yourself, in this period. However, caution is advised over haste and over confidence. So, be humble and loyal towards your profession and use your calculative abilities to make effective decisions during this time.

  • Relationship with seniors and bosses will be good and gainful. They will lend you enough support during this period to help you make a mark for yourself.
  • Failures can be avoided by being patient and rational about things at professional front. Impulsiveness is going to result in losses, during this transit period.
  • Authoritative approach may work for you at times, especially during business dealings. So, make a wise use of this propensity.
  • Creating and maintaining a healthy work-life balance will be essential to get desired results in both work and personal life.