Mars Transit in Sagittarius

A powerful transit in tow in January 2022 sees the movement of Mars into the freedom loving and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Mars known for its aggression and confidence will bring sudden changes in all the signs of the zodiac panel. See how this transit will affect you.

Mars Transit in Sagittarius


Mars, who is known as Bhoomi Putra, significator of valor, courage, confidence, and physical urges. Mars signifies muscular system, blood circulation bone marrow, RBC, etc. It also represents soldiers, army, warriors, surgeons, engineers, real estate builders and contractors. Scorpio is the 8th bhava of Kalpurush which signifies sexuality, secrecy, hidden treasures, and ancestral properties. As per Drik Panchang, Mars is transiting in Sagittarius sign on 16th Jan 2022 on Sunday 15:26 pm. Mars, the masculine planet, is entering into Sagittarius which denotes exploration, adventure, and creativity. It can be a powerful transit to look up to.


For Aries natives, Mars is the lord of ascendant and 8th house and is transiting in the 9th house of long journey, religion, luck, and higher studies. Mars is conjunct with Ketu and Venus, and this can be beneficial for procuring higher initiation in your spiritual journey. This also shows that you must align your anger in a correct way.

PROFESSION: Sun, Mercury and Saturn are posited in your profession house which will give you determination and courage to overcome all professional hinderances. Mars aspecting the 12th house will elevate your business through foreign collaborations and income.

But be aware of your anger and prompt actions which can lead to a damage in your profession. Be soft spoken and mature as much as possible. Mars is conjoint with Ketu and may create confusion and misunderstandings. Do focus on your growth and work progress. Business professionals need to be careful about their financial matters.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: The lord of the 7th house Venus is conjunct with Mars and Ketu, so family members may create high expectations from you which will increase your anxiety and fear. You will not be in a position to put your thought in front of your family. Therefore, speak carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

But you have to think before speaking to your family members as their perception might differ from what you are delivering. This is not the right time to make your spouse understand about you. This combination will increase your sexual urge.


  • Be patience and calm, don’t jump into conclusions and spoil your image.
  • Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA FOR 108 times daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will increase your difficulties in achieving your goals but with your will power and confidence you will overcome all hurdles with flying colours.


For Taurus natives, Mars is the lord of 12th and 7th house and is transiting in the 8th house of hidden treasures and sudden happenings, which will create obstacles in achieving your goals and bring emotional stress. This is the house of research and deep knowing about occult sciences which can interest you during this transit. There will be a conflict between practicality and spirituality.

PROFESSION: For career and professional seekers, you might get sudden transfer or change in job. Your hidden enemies may plot and plan new hinderances for your prosperity and growth. Be soft spoken and mature as much as possible.

Mars is conjoint with Ketu, and this might eclipse your growth and create confusion and misunderstanding. Do focus on your growth and work progress. Business professionals need to be careful about their financial matters.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Family members may create high expectations from you which will increase your anxiety and fear. It will be good for you if you focus on your commitments and wellbeing rather than getting involved in conflicts and creating disharmony with your spouse. You will not be in a position to put your thought in front of your family. Therefore, speak carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Health issues may rise for women pertaining to reproductive organs problems.


  • Taurus natives have to be cool and maintain your emotions rather being hot headed.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give you a mixed result so you might get business opportunities along with many challenges to be taken care of.


Mars, lord of 6th and 11th house transiting in the seventh house will create gap in your partnership business. This transit is favourable from your career perspective. You have to take charge of your commitment and responsibility. Flexibility and adaptability will help you to take good advantage of this transit. Communication is your core strength, but this will turn up onto being rude and harsh. Not the right time to look for professional change.

PROFESSION: It is advised not to burden yourself with over workload. Your sincere hard work will help you achieve the goals and objectives that you have planned. Your communication will become harsh, and you might end up in trouble.

To make a blissful business growth talk with your partner openly rather than sitting in your own comfort zone and developing negative perspective about your colleagues. Rahu in your 12th house will open up foreign opportunities and income. You will get opportunity to showcase your skills, and you will utilize them in important presentations.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This transit of Mars may fill your heart with pride and ego. This arrogant nature may put your family members and spouse into hurt and pain. You may also experience insomnia due to mental tensions. Relations with in-laws may also get hampered.

You may feel tense and restless because of your sensitive nature, and it would be very difficult for you to balance both professional and personal life. Be strong and don’t try to over-pamper others. Your health conditions will remain moderate, and blood related issues may disturb you.


  • Take proper action on your new ideas and build up your future.
  • Donate Khichdi on Tuesdays

CONCLUSION: It is time to gear up with new business plans and sow the seed for good financial growth.


Mars, the lord of 11th and 6th house would transit in 6th house of debt, enemy and health will be beneficial for you. Gather your energy wisely and don’t waste it on unnecessary arguments. In fact, this is the time to act wisely and utilize this enormous energy for professional and personal growth. You will be bold in your actions, and you will go extra miles to achieve good results. During this period your enemies would not dare to face you and your overall success will prevail beneficial results.

PROFESSION: In this transit, Mars is conjoint and if you want to get Ketu in the 6th house, this will increase your competitive spirit and you will compete with the external environment. It is advised to maintain cool temperament during this time. Unemployed will get employment and will work hard with determination to achieve results.

Plan your finances as this period will be profitable for you. You will focus on saving more in taking low risk in life. You will be positive all day to start new venture and luck will be in your favour. Both businessmen and job seekers will get rewarding results.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Take care when you give your opinions to others. Your optimistic approach will give positivity to your family and to your spouse. You will indulge in socializing and would spend valuable time with your companion. This is the time to create a strong bond and to increase warmth in your married life.

It is advisable to maintain emotional stability as it would be favourable for you during this period. Your health will remain in a very good state during this period, and you will be focusing on strengthening your social circle.


  • Learn new things and improve your intellectual quality by widening your knowledge.
  • Grow new plants in your house.

CONCLUSION: This is a period of new learning and development and spreading warmth with others.


Mars is the lord of the ninth and fourth house and is transiting in the 5th house of children, speculation, love, and romance. Your children will be a little concerning part in this transit as they will not obey you. Financially, this period will prove to be profitable, and you will invest in long term shares. The period may test your time management and organizational abilities.

PROFESSION: Your professional house is in the grip of Rahu and Ketu axis, which will give good networking and will create illusions in making professional decisions. In the 6th house, the conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Saturn is predicting that you may have to face challenges on professional front as your opponents will try their best to create unnecessary problems for you.

Financially, you will get exponential gains or appreciation. This Mars transit along with Venus in the 5th house will give you good innovative and creative ideas to be implemented in your professional skills. This will align your anger in a productive way. You will create a positive atmosphere in your workplace.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Your personal relationship will be affected and might create stress because of your children. Third person will create conflicts and awkwardness in your relationship. This misunderstanding will be cleared if you mellow down your expectations towards them.

Venus and Mars conjunction in the 5th house will elevate your love life, you will be physically more active. Ketu in the 4th house will aggravate your anger at home. So, act wisely and maintain patience and calm. Your intuition level will increase, so try to follow your instinct.


  • This transit will gear up your subconscious level and you might end up wasting valuable time.
  • Donate milk to needy people every Monday.

CONCLUSION: This transit will be beneficial for your personal and professional growth. Focus more on doing productive work to utilize time.


Mars is the lord of 6th and 3rd house and is transiting in the 4th house of mother, luxuries, and comfort. Be aware of your friends as they might cheat on you and can create stress in your life. This will be a progressive period for you in professional and career front. Financially, this transit will open up new resources of income. Your relationship needs to be fixed by not pinpointing other’s mistake in a nasty way.

PROFESSION: This transit will push your career and professional aspect by increasing your self-efforts and determination towards the goal. You will get innovative ideas to build a strong financial position. You will progress in all your endeavors and would encourage others to attain their goals. You will be full of positive and enthusiastic energy to achieve your targets and goals.

New developments in your career and profession will boost your morale up and you will be encouraged by your coworkers to do more productive and resourceful work. Financially, this period will prove to be favourable, and you will make some good long-term investments.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You will face problems in your relationship, and you may get stressed due to personal loans and debts. Plan your finances so that you don’t get involved in financial stress. You can take help of your siblings. There will be emotional set back in your love life.

Don’t ignore small health issues as it might become chronic in future. You will be more analytical and observe into details of everything which will not be encouraged to maintain a harmonious relationship. You will be liked by others if you encourage them to do work as per their own style.


  • Take advice from your loved ones.
  • Chant Lakshmi Ashtotram every Tuesday.

CONCLUSION: This is a mixed transit which will elevate your confidence and stretch your capacity to do more work. Time to organize your finances to make a better future.


Mars the lord of 2nd and 7th house will transit in third house by activating courage, siblings and short trips. This house is a house of hobbies and about self-personality. It is about how you nourish and love yourself. You will boldly express your love and romance. In your personal life, you might face some confusing situations which will be unknown so pay attention to some issues. You will be inclined towards more creativity on your personal affront and will connect with your siblings. This position of Mars will improve your financial aspect and you will do long term investments.

PROFESSION: This transit will push your career and professional aspect by increasing your self-efforts and determination towards your goal. You will get innovative ideas to build a strong financial position. You will progress in all your endeavors and would encourage others to accomplish their goals.

You will be full of positive and enthusiastic energy to achieve your targets and goals. Financially, this period is favourable for you, and you will get satisfactory results in your investments. Plan your future and do investments and savings accordingly. You can take financial advice to plan as per the market requirement.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You will face problems in your relationship, and you may get stressed due to personal hindrances. Talk to your spouse and clear the problem as and when needed. It is time to give your relationship that extra cushion and comfort which will enhance your love and romantic life.

There might be stress and negativity with your siblings. So, control your anger and restrict harsh words, else there will be a major conflict. Don’t ignore small health issues as it might become chronic in the future.


  • You will have to keep moderation on your finances and secure them for future aspect.
  • Donate roti to cows and to needy people.

CONCLUSION: This is the period of self-grooming and self-introspection to correct your flaws and encourage for your goodness.


Mars is the lord of 2nd house and seventh house transiting on second house, the house of wealth, family, and speech. For Libra natives who try to balance harmony between family and profession, it will be a task for them. This period will sprout more internal problems and personal conflicts. It is advised not to indulge in any kind of financial decisions and speculations.

PROFESSION: This period will make you inactive and the cards says you should not take any important professional decision as the time will not give you fruitful results. But Mars is a natural benefactor to you and will give you the inner strength to overcome this period. The situation might create difficulties for businessman and professionals, but you should manage the situation with your courage and determination.

You will turn the failure into success through your positive approach. If you want to shift your job, this is not the time to search for it. Stay positive and take help of your seniors to improve your professional circumstances.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Try to manage your relationship with respect and love. If you handle it with pride and ego, then there is going to be disharmony between you and your spouse. You can relocate or redecorate your house to bring more positivity and change.

You will also go against your family’s principle to have your work done and will stick towards its achievement until you succeed. You have to understand the importance of family and its support as your arrogant mode and harsh speech will hurt your spouse and can put a gap between both of you.


  • Involve in spiritual wellness and try to have control on your anger issues.
  • Do meditation by chanting OM daily.

CONCLUSION: Involve more on finding solutions rather than pinpointing mistakes from others. This will be a mixed period with ups and downs for Scorpio natives.


Mars is the lord of 5th and 12th house transiting in the 1st house of self and personality, which can change your nature. You will be more confident and full of high will power. You will be completing all the piled-up tasks and will be encouraged by your seniors for good performance in your profession. You are advised to have a positive approach for continuing the progress at your workplace. It is time for you to celebrate professional success.

PROFESSION: Here the professional house lord Sun is conjunct with Saturn and Mercury which indicates to express your views very softly to your professional colleagues. This transit will increase your self-confidence and determination and you will achieve good result by excelling in your work.
Your personality will be demanding and aggressive, so do take care while taking business decisions; it is better to take others’ advice.

You have to react and communicate in workplace as per the situation demands, as you will be filled with gush of energy and will be boosting and pushing everyone to finish their work on time. However, this attitude will not be encouraged by your subordinates. You can-do long-term investments and gain profits.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You are requested not to express harsh words and hurt your spouse. Your wisdom will help you to regain love and romance in your life. But don’t take others for granted; show them gratitude and respect. Don’t mix professional and personal life and spoil your harmony with your spouse.

It is time to work on your past pains and hurts. Have a control on your anger, if the situation is not working up to your expectations, try to find a solution. Due to high energy levels, you might end up making impulsive decisions. Hence, you are advised to control your fire and energy levels as this will give you mental peace.


  • Believe in yourself, rather than taking other’s opinion.
  • Chant guru kawach daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will open up many foreign collaboration business opportunities and wellbeing for your family.


Mars is the lord of the 4th an 11th lord and is transiting in the 12th house of foreign gains, expenditure, and hospitalization. Your expense will increase, and health of your family members may get affected. Overall, you might face many challenges and hardships in this period. You are advised to develop a good relation and rapport with your teammates and seniors, else your actions may damage your reputations.

PROFESSION: Your professional lord Venus is conjoint with Mars in the 12th house will encourage you to earn from foreign collaboration but at the same time, it will increase unnecessary expense in your professional and business front.

You are advised to believe in yourself and maintain high spirit to look forward for a profitable future with new activities and innovative ideas. You may not get full support of your official colleagues, and this might dishearten you. This is not the right time to fight for your right and support as your energy will go in vain.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You will enjoy long trip with your spouse and relish those moments. You will start working to improve your health. During this time, you will not allow anyone to guide you in the right direction. Believe in yourself and follow your instincts. You will get the support of your spouse.

You may also plan a pilgrimage trip to purify your mind. You will feel lazy and lethargic to do any work in your personal life. So, you have to cope with this energy and come out of this negativity to maintain balance in your relationship. Take care of your health and avoid taking stress and negativity in your personal life.


  • Don’t become lazy and avoid procrastination.
  • Visit Shani temple every Saturday evening and offer til (sesame) oil.

CONCLUSION: This is a beneficial transit; the native should avail positive energy and create more financial abundance and spread the happiness.


Mars is the lord of 3rd and 10th house transiting in the 11th house of desire, gains and income. During this phase, you will be able to show your performance and ability in your professional front. You are advised to meet your old friends and improve your social circle and take benefic actions. You may get introduced to new ventures and will earn profit. In your personal life, you would be more inclined to make social contacts.

PROFESSION: This will be beneficial for all professionals and businessmen; your targets and goals will be achieved. At your workplace, you will perform your work well and have a good relationship with your coworkers and officials. The optimistic thoughts will make you magnetic amongst your colleagues.

But don’t show careless attitude and spoil your reputation. You will earn profits through investment and from other financial prospects. During this period, you would help to be more focused or infuse your energy on things that you really want to do.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Jupiter is posited in the Lagna and is aspecting the relationship house, which might clear all misunderstandings and conflicts in your relationship. Just a normal conversation can create the magic and help you to regain the love and romance.

Take care of your health specially those who are having blood related issues need to be careful. Build your immunity with proper workout. Those who are planning to do a profitable investment for a long time, may be successful in their mission. Enjoy the transit by spending more time with your loved ones and fulfilling their wishes.


  • Do not ponder on the past, be in the present and enjoy the success.
  • Donate Black urad dal to needy people.

CONCLUSION: This is a beneficial transit which can sprout your past karmas and make you dissatisfied but try to be in the present and appreciate your work.


Mars is the lord of the 9th and 2nd house transiting in the 10th house of career, name, and fame. This phase will be favorable for the native as during this period you will get good profits and success in your career. You will achieve high energy and enthusiasm to carry out new innovative ideas and plans in your professional front. You are advised to utilize this period by putting effort into making the best out of it.

PROFESSION: This transit is happening in the professional house wherein Mars is conjoint with Venus will prove to be beneficial for you. This will give you the energy to fulfil your targets, but yet you will be dissatisfied with your own work. Don’t raise your bars of high expectation from self and remain sad. Pat yourself for good work and be grateful for all your achievements.

Your enemies might do planning and plotting in your workplace; do not underestimate them. It is advised that you must make best use of this transit by putting your self-efforts and determination in your profession and business. Financially, it will be a favourable period for you.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Personally, domestic life will be satisfactory for you, and it is advised that you maintain the status and avoid unnecessary arguments and be more practical in your approach. It is the correct time to work upon your thoughts and ideas, and to enjoy love and romance in your life.

This transit will make your love life more sprouting and spread happiness and joy. But have control on your immediate reaction, as this can create negativity in your relationships. A relative may come forward and help you to fix your relationship problem.


  • Pisces are advised to remain calm and maintain peace.
  • Chant Hanuman chalisa daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give you mixed results. So, try to seek guidance from your mentors whenever you are stuck.