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Transit of mars and its effects on work relations of Libra moon sign

Transit of

Mars is said to be the warrior planet as per ancient Vedic astrology texts. It has a fiery red-hot appearance and represents blood in our body. Mars is the ultimate planet of action and if well placed in our birth chart, blesses us with tremendous courage and energy to perform result oriented actions. It pushes us to break our boundaries and be persistent enough to move ahead towards our goals. If Mars is strong in your birth chart, you are assertive and daring. Mars is the commander of the army of planets in the celestial kingdom and knows how to take and execute orders and instructions. On the other hand, if Mars is weak or not in good dignity in your birth chart, you will be lazy, submissive and lack confidence to stand up for your rights.

Mars transits in each sign for around 40 days and leaves a significant impact on each moon sign depending on its placement, conjunction and aspect.

How Mars’ movement impacts the work relations of Libra moon sign

For Libra moon sign, Mars rules the second and seventh house and aspects 4th, 7th and 8th house from its position in your birth chart. Libra is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty, romance and relationships as per vedic astrology. Venus does not share a friendly relation with Mars.

If you have Mars in Libra in your birth chart, your actions are based on the desire to balance everything. Passive in nature, you have great conflict management skills, however tend to be indecisive. You need to be more independent and assertive.

Let us analyze how transit Mars will affect your work and work relations this year.

Mars is currently transiting in its own sign of Scorpio and will remain there till 8th February 2020. This means Mars is in the second house for the natives of Libra moon sign.

Mars transit in the 2nd house: 25th December 2019 till 8th February 2020

You will experience a sudden change in your work environment during Mars’s transit over the second house. If you are a freelancer or involved in research-oriented work, you will see good success and gains during this time.

This is also a favorable time if you are looking for a job change. However, you should not disclose your personal and confidential information to unreliable sources or strangers as that could lead to financial losses during this time.

You will try to have a balanced approach during this time and will be aggressive towards your goals rather than being aggressive towards your colleagues or associates.

Still, you might experience conflicts with seniors at workplace, however, you will be effectively able to manage discords during this time and help to contribute towards a healthy work environment.

Mars transit in the 3rd house: 8th February 2020 to 22nd March 2020

Mars’ transit through the third house requires you to exercise restraint and caution in your communications. You will be enthusiastic and enterprising during this time and will take initiatives at your workplace.

There is a strong possibility of promotion and financial gain, provided you are willing to improve your skill set. Frequent short distance travels will bring gains and fruitful returns during this time.

You will have confrontations and arguments with your boss during this time, which might escalate into a conflict. You should be open and receptive to feedback and take it as learning towards your professional growth.

You should also guard against your tendency to be overexcited and impulsive during this time as hasty decisions might incur losses.

Mars transit in the 4th house: 22nd March 2020 to 4th May 2020

Mars will give excellent results during its transit in the fourth house, as it will enter its exaltation sign, Capricorn. You will have a wonderful time in your career as this transit will be marked by achievements in the professional sphere.

There are chances that you might get a promotion and an authoritative position at your workplace, which will also be accompanied by increased responsibilities.

If you are running your own business, you will see a flourishing time. However, you should not be emotional at your workplace and adopt a practical approach towards your working style.

Your workload will increase and you will have a tight schedule, however you will be able to meet stringent deadlines with your continued efforts.

Mars transit in 5th house: 4th May 2020 to 18th June 2020

Mars’ transit in the fifth house will give rise to creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking which will help you in career growth. You will be recognized for your work during this time and your efforts will lead to financial gains.

You will be highly ambitious and career oriented during this time and your unconventional approach towards work will fetch good results.

You will adopt a diplomatic demeanor during this time, which will help you manage workplace relationships with ease. If you are into finance or accounting related work, you will do well during this transit.

Guidance and support from siblings will help in your career growth during this transit.

Mars transit in the 6th house: 18th June 2020 to 16th August 2020

Work relations will go through a slightly challenging time during Mars’ transit over the sixth house. You will develop the tendency to take decisions based on emotional impulses rather than logic and rationality which will not be appreciated at your workplace.

There might be an aura of negativity in the work environment which will divert you from your goals and induce pessimism in your thought process. Colleagues will not be very supportive during this time which will add to your woes.

You should make the best use of this transit by improving your skills, which will help to build greater self-confidence and increased productivity.

Do not take big and important career decisions during this time and strictly avoid procrastination.

Mars transit in the 7th house: 16th August 2020 to 4th October 2020

Mars during its transit through the seventh house will induce a sense of dynamism and efficacy in your personality, which will lead to accomplishments at work.  

You will be quick on the uptake and will take actions and decisions swiftly, which will help you to meet deadlines. There might be moments when you will feel drained out trying to meet your commitments.

However, you will also develop a dominating attitude during this time and your discipline-oriented nature will not be readily accepted by your colleagues, which will lead to tiffs.

There will a lot of travelling related to your job or service during this time and you will make important and helpful contacts.

Mars transit in the 8th house: 4th October 2020 to 24th December 2020

Mars’ transit through the eighth house will support research based activities and career. If you are into mechanical, architecture, construction or designing field, this phase will be supportive in getting good gains.

Business persons will see good financial profits during this time and if you are into the banking and financial sector, you will find this transit particularly rewarding.

You will have a quiet and reserved disposition at your workplace during this time and will strive to remain focused towards fulfilling your responsibilities.

Short distance travelling will be fruitful and an old colleague or friend might come up with a business plan or proposal. There might be a temporary break or sabbatical in your career during this time.

Mars transit in the 9th house: 24th December 2020 to 22nd February 2021

Mars transit through your ninth house will be advantageous in terms of a conducive work environment and helpful colleagues. However, you might tend towards pessimism during this time regarding job security, which will lead to anxiety.

Work related travels would be financially rewarding during this transit whether you are in job or business. You will get lucrative opportunities from foreign companies or might be involved in foreign projects in your current job.

Communication would require care during this time as harsh and sarcastic remarks might cause a dent in your reputation. You should be open minded and respectful during your interactions with your colleagues and seniors so that your professional growth is not hampered.

Mars transit in the 10th house: 22nd February 2021 to 14th April 2021

Mars during its transit through the tenth house will go through its debilitation sign of Cancer. You might be moody during this time and your decisions will be driven by emotions, which could lead to conflicts at workplace.

You need to have a practical approach during this time and be careful of your communication especially with your boss and seniors. Adopting a tactful and diplomatic approach will help to maintain stability in relationships at work.

You will get due recognition for your efforts, however there might be a tendency towards irritation and occasional flare-ups. You should be calm and composed at your workplace and not have too many expectations from colleagues.

You might consider a job change during this time.

Mars transit in 11th house: 14th April 2021 to 2nd June 2021

The transit of Mars in the eleventh house will lead to all round gains and fulfillment of desires. You will see a growth in your career in the form of promotion and increase in roles and responsibilities.

This transit will not only marked by financial gains but also gain in honor, respect and position at the workplace.

You will get the opportunity to implement past learnings and skills at your workplace, which will lead to professional enhancement. However, there might be a tendency to be egoistic and highhanded with juniors and subordinates, which might lead to bitterness and discord.

If you are involved in your own business and awaiting approval or response from government authorities, this period would be beneficial in helping you get the same.

Mars transit in 12th house: 2nd June 2021 to 20th July 2021

Mars while transiting the twelfth house will pose some challenges whether you are in job or running your own business. However, it will give good returns in foreign investments and projects and collaborations with foreign companies will turn to to be fruitful.

There will be many short distance travels related to work during this time, which will be profitable but would be accompanied by expenditure and strain.

If you are into writing, editing or publishing related fields, this transit will be especially favorable for career and financial growth.

Your colleagues will be supportive of your endeavors during this time, however you might have a tendency to be condescending which should be controlled to have better workplace relationships.

Mars transit in the 1st house: 20th July 2021 to 6th September 2021

You will be a go-getter and enterprising person at your workplace during Mars’ transit through the first house. However, there will also be a tendency to be aggressive and audacious which might not be well received at your workplace.

You will be active and energetic to take initiatives in your professional life and this time is favorable to start an independent venture or family business.

If you are involved in any kind of research work, this transit will favor materialization of efforts and financial gains. Your efforts will be recognized and appreciated at your workplace, which will be a source of encouragement for you.