Mercury Retrograde And Transit in Capricorn

Mercury will have different impact on the different zodiac moon signs when it will transit in retrogression in the sign of Capricorn. Being an earthy sign, Capricorn will bring discipline and hard work along with Mercury’s intelligence and communication. Find out the effect of the transit of Mercury in Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde And Transit in Capricorn


Retrograde Mercury is transiting in Capricorn on Friday, 14th Jan 2022 at 16:42 PM and it will be in retrograde position till 4th Feb 2022, at 9:16 AM.
Mercury is the significator of communication, intelligence, business, and nervous system. The transit of Mercury means it is moving from one zodiac to other zodiac and a retrograde motion is that it will seem to appear in a reverse motion rather than moving straight or direct. The transit of Mercury has a different impact for different zodiac signs and that happens when Mercury is between 15 to 27 degrees ahead from sun.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The transit of Mercury has a different impact for different zodiac signs but when it remains posited in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 11th house from Natal Moon sign, it offers benefic results. Apart from this, its position in the rest of the houses gives negative results.

This motion of Mercury may create an optical illusion and will create imbalance on both personal and professional front for the native. Hence, rather than going forward with some new tasks, you must focus on the ongoing project and review contracts and renew commitments. This is the period of introspection, ambitions are likely to take backseat, there would be a war sort of situation between the brain and heart during this time.


For Aries natives, Mercury is the lord of the 3rd house and 6th house and is transiting in 10th house of profession, career name and fame, which will create obstacles in achieving goals and may create emotional stress.

PROFESSION: For career and professional seekers, you might get overburdened with tasks. But in retrogression period you must prioritize the piled-up work first. Your hidden enemies may plot and plan new hinderances for your prosperity and growth. Be soft spoken and mature as much as possible.

Mercury conjoint with Saturn will affect your growth and create confusion and misunderstanding through communication. So, deliver your message clearly to your subordinates. Do not disclose any secrets as you might face disgrace in your profession. Do focus on your growth and work progress.
Business professionals will need to be careful about their financial matters.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: You might have miscommunication and stranded relationship with your father. This will increase your anxiety and fear.
You will not be in a position to put your thought in front of your family. Therefore, speak carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Your spouse will be cooperative and supportive during this transit. But you have to think before you speak to your family members as their perception might differ from what you are delivering. This is not the right time to make people understand about you.


  • Be patience and calm. Don’t jump into conclusions and spoil your image.
  • Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA FOR 108 times daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will increase your difficulties in achieving goals but through your will power and confidence you will overcome all hurdles with flying colours.


Mercury, the lord of 2nd and 5th house transiting in the 9th house luck, fortune and long journey will make you think deeply about your past and give you a chance to rectify it. It will give you a chance to work on your unfinished work. This transit will aggravate your anxiety and restlessness. So, try not to give immediate response to any situation.

PROFESSION: Opportunities you got earlier from any foreign source should be reconsidered now. Those who were planning to travel abroad should not try to experiment with new cultures and should respect the difference to avoid any conflicts.

You will be given opportunity to optimize new ideas and creativity in your profession. Get ready for some unplanned professional trips. There might me misunderstanding and unnecessary argument with your colleagues. Not the right time for talk about promotion with your seniors.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This is the time for you to travel abroad with your partner on a wonderful trip and enjoy the moment. You may have to take important decisions regarding family matters. So, don’t get worried and seek guidance from elders. You will be socially active, and your elders will be very helpful and cooperative during this time and help you resolve problems.


  • Taurus natives have to be cool and maintain your emotions rather being hot headed.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give you a mixed result so you might get business opportunities along with many challenges to take care of.


Mercury, the lord of 1st house and 4th house would transit in 8th house of hidden treasures and sudden happenings, which will create obstacles in achieving goals and create emotional stress.

PROFESSION: For career and professional seekers, you might get sudden transfer or change in job. Your hidden enemies may plot and plan new hinderances for your prosperity and growth. Be soft spoken and as mature as much as possible.

Mercury in conjunction with Saturn will give you power to do some research-oriented work to increase your professional growth. Do focus on your growth and work progress. Business professionals need to be careful about their financial matters.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Family members may create high expectations from you which you will keep up to the mark. It will be good for you if you don’t get to do any commitments and just focus on your wellbeing. Intimacy will increase in your relationship. Speak carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. Health issues for women like reproductive organs problem can be faced.


  • Take proper action on your new ideas and build up your future.
  • Donate Khichdi on Wednesday.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give you mixed result. So, try to seek guidance from your mentors whenever you are stuck.


Mercury, the lord of 12th and 3rd house transiting in the seventh house will increase expense and decrease your financial savings. This transit will test your self-effort and determination towards your goal. If you put your full energy, then things will open up for you.

PROFESSION: It is advised not to burden yourself with over workload. You will face challenges in partnership business as Mercury is conjoint with Saturn and Sun. Even your communication will become harsh, and you might end up in trouble.

To make a blissful business growth, talk to your partner openly rather than sitting in your own comfort zone and developing negative perspective about your colleagues. Restrict yourself from entering into any kind of new partnership or starting of new business during the retro period as this might give you some loss.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This transit of Mercury may fill your heart with pride and ego. You will become gullible, and this may put your family members and spouse to hurt and pain. Do not be harsh and create conflict your relationship with your spouse. Be strong and don’t try to over-pamper others.

Your health conditions will remain moderate and urinary related issues may disturb you.


  • Learn new things and improve your intellectual quality by widening your knowledge.
  • Feed green fodder to cows on every Wednesday.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give you a mixed result. So, you might get business opportunities along with many challenges to be taken care of.


Mercury, the lord of 2nd and 11th house would transit in 6th house of debt, enemy and health and this transit will be beneficial for you. Gather your energy wisely and don’t waste it on unnecessary arguments. In fact, this is the time to act wisely and utilize this enormous energy for professional and personal growth.

PROFESSION: In this transit, Mercury is conjoint with Saturn and Sun and if you want to get best out of it convert this opportunity into positive action rather than just giving reaction. You will be positive all day to start new venture and luck will test you in this process.

If you are patient, then it will be in your favour. Both businessmen and job seekers will get rewards as per their determination and courage. Your hidden enemies might plot against you. So be careful before starting any new venture.

PESONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Take care when you give your opinions to others. Your optimistic approach will give positivity to your family and to your spouse. You will indulge in socializing and would spend valuable time with your companion. This is the time to create strong bond and to increase warmth in your married life. Healthwise you will feel more energetic and have the ability to do more work. Utilize this energy by introducing new exercise regime.


  • Practice yourself to handle along with stress and you need to restrain the heroic sense of invincibility.
  • Donate Green moong dal on every Wednesday to the needy people.

CONCLUSION: Enjoy good moments in your personal and professional life which will be surrounded by increased loving and kindness.


For Virgo natives, Mercury is the lord of the first and the tenth house and is transiting in the fifth house progeny, intuition, creativity, love, and romance. This position of Mercury conjunct with Saturn will activate your past karmic deeds. Mercury aspecting 11th house will improve your contacts and social networking through communication skill. Follow your intuition to attain success.

PROFESSIONAL: Venus aspecting your professional house will give you help through women subordinates. Retrograde Mercury in the 5th house will give an illusionary effect in your creativity and imagination. So before applying any new innovative ideas, analyze properly and take support of your subordinates to give an add on value to the subject.

You will feel an inclination towards new professional change, but this change will be profitable for you. Rahu in the 9th house will give you foreign business travel and collaboration which can turn out to be fruitful.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Focus on good communication and better understanding with your spouse by spending some quality time. The lord of the 7th house Jupiter has gone from 12th from itself so you might find tiffs and emotional turmoil at a personal level. Try not to get involved in any heated discussions as it might end up in awkwardness and conflicts. Health wise, get your thyroid tests done and follow proper diet to remain fit and healthy.


  • Stop criticizing others, work on yourself rather than pointing fault on others.
  • Take blessings from transgender people.

CONCLUSION: You Will meet old friends which will refresh your memory and help you to rejuvenate. Focus on good communication to get benefitted from this transit.


For Libra natives, Mercury is the lord of 9th and 6th house transiting in the fourth house which represents mother, land, conveyance, and luxury. This house is in the axis of Rahu Ketu and indicates to be ready for both good and bad surprises. It will open up many possibilities. So, time for you to grab the opportunities and utilize this transit to the highest limit. Start working on your false ego and anger, then you may be benefitted by this transit.

PROFESSIONAL: It will be the time to enhance your professional ability by observing your strength and weaknesses and utilizing them in a right way. Don’t make emotional moves in your career; Analyze logically and then accept new beginnings. In order to meet your goals and expectations, try to communicate and deliver the messages properly without any misunderstanding. You will be appreciated by your seniors which will build up your confidence.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: There will be misunderstanding and tiffs between you and your family if you carry on with your harsh words. Try to use soothing conversation with others. Mercury transit will bless you with new house and conveyance and you will spend on domestic activities. Jupiter in 5th house will give support from your children. During this transit, take care of Lungs and respiratory system by doing breathing exercises.


  • Don’t stress yourself to balance harmony, things will automatically fall in place.
  • Chant Shiv Chalisa to improve your will power.

CONCLUSION: It’s a mixed result transit which will elevate your anxiety to maintain harmonious professional and relationship with everyone.


For Scorpio natives, Mercury is the lord of the 8th and 11th house and is transiting in the third house of siblings, courage, and trips. The planet Mercury during this transit will make you witness a troublesome effect in your passion, anger, determination, and communication skill. Your life will be busier with productivity work and at the same time you will delay work and indulge in overthinking. Mars in the first house with Ketu, which will trigger you the anger and confusion.

PROFESSIONAL: Jupiter aspecting your professional house will make you gain experience and adventures. Do not expect any support from anyone for a new professional outlook. Natives in the marketing field and partnership business will get benefits from this transit.

Mercury posited in the 3rd house with Sun and Saturn indicates professional ups and downs but could be managed with proper planning and full use of time management. Making new friends and socializing is predicted in this time. However, you might face some issues with them.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Focus on good communication and better understanding with your spouse by spending some quality time. Do not try to convince your family members by imposing your thoughts. The lord of the 7th house Venus has placed in the 2nd house will boost up love and romance in your life. Health wise your lungs might get affected and can get congested. So, follow proper diet to remain fit and healthy.


  • Think twice before taking any important decision and take advice from your mentor.
  • You can donate camphor on Wednesday at Narayan temple.

CONCLUSION: This transit will affect your personality by creating illusions, so you have to practice mental clarity and one pointedness to achieve success.


For the Sagittarius moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the 7th and 10th house transiting in the 2nd house of accumulated wealth, savings, family, and speech. The transit of Mercury will bring prosperity and abundance to you and your family through proper analyzation as its retrogression might create loss in the financial sector. Rahu moon in the 6th house will create sudden changes in many aspects which might give raise to profits in your services.

PROFESSIONAL: Professionally you will experience several monetary fluctuations from many sources and also you need to focus on building up a profitable networking. Mars in 12th house with Ketu will make your efforts go in vain and you will feel inactive to finish your goals wisely and would waste your time and resources.

But Saturn’s conjunction with Mercury will give you the challenge of finishing your task on time. As at times you may feel lazy and procrastinate in your work and this attitude might end up in you losing important clients.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Harmony is very significant for you so to maintain peace in your relationship you might end up by developing more love and romance in your relationship. Take help from friends when you feel disturbed and lethargic from the situation. Rahu and moon in 6th house might give rise to psychological issues which can’t be described to anyone. So, connect with the divine and follow your instinct. Your spouse will support you and will be a great help in all aspects.


  • Be patient and positive whenever you feel low in energy.
  • You can donate green cardamom to a needy person on Wednesday.

CONCLUSION: This transit will fulfil all your professional desire with many fluctuations in opportunities and income. Focus more on planning your finances and income.


For the Capricorn moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the 6th and 9th house and is transiting in the first house of personality and self. Conjunction of Sun, retrograded Mercury and Saturn will test your intense and powerful nature which will trigger your electrifying undercurrent intensity. Your decision-making skills will be put under pressure because of this conjunction, so better think twice and take advice of your mentors.

PROFESSIONAL: During this transit your 10th lord Venus has gone to 12th house indicating your financial earnings through foreign collaborations. Mars posited with Ketu in 11th house indicates that instead of using your anger and aggression during this time, we advise you to focus on positive things and make best of your career and life.

Rahu at 5th house will give you more opportunities of partnership collaboration specially through foreign clients which will be fruitful with your innovations and new ideas in profession.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You might be very actively socializing during this transit and can be benefitted if you focus on improving your communication skill. Venus is posited in the 12th house will promise you with immense love and warmth with your spouse. This transit will increase your intimacy and physical attraction. You might face health issues related to skin and nervous system.


  • Stay away from situations that might put you in long term financial debts.
  • Donate Green vegetables to needy people on Wednesday.

CONCLUSION: Use this transit to open up all your inner blockages and it will show you different path to increase your income from various sources.


For the Aquarian moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the 5th and 8th house and is transiting in the 12th house of expenditure and gains. Your means of income will decrease and at the same time expenses are expected to soar high as well. Rahu in the 4th house will create the comfort with your family members. Saturn in the 12th house can give rise to litigation problem. So, plan your finances by taking proper advice.

PROFESSIONAL: This transit will bring opportunities from different sources, and you will have multiple income but with challenges. Mercury is aspecting 6th house will be active more income through services. Do not focus on taking more financial debts as you would not be able to pay back on time.

Jupiter in Lagna will expand your inner capacity tendency to do more work in your professional growth. You will use your energy properly and take beneficial steps to improve your finances.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This transit will resolve all complaints and complications with your spouse. Do not avoid health issues as the same can be transformed into severe complications. So, your expenditure towards health will increase as Mercury is placed in the 12th house, the house of expense and hospitalization. Jupiter Placed in Lagna aspecting 7th house will give you courage to deal with challenges in relationships. This is the time to mend and refill all gaps in your relationship.


  • Enjoy being recognized with name and fame along with humility.
  • You can chant Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram every Wednesday.

CONCLUSION: This transit will give self-satisfaction for your work and efforts. Your family and loved ones will support you.


For Pisces moon sign, Mercury is the lord of the 4th and 7th house and is transiting in the 11th house. During this transit, this house rules overall kind of profit, monetary gains, income, gain along with name and fame. Additionally, it governs what aspect will bring you profit by fulfilling your desire. Saturn placed in this house in own sign gives you the determination and drive to fulfil all your past pending actions. Saturn is activating Lagna, 5th house, and 8th house and promise you to achieve goals through new innovative ideas and creativity.

PROFESSIONAL: Professionally this transit will be beneficial as Venus is placed in 10th house, and the lord Jupiter is placed in 12th house giving you professional gains through foreign collaboration. Where Mars and Ketu conjunction in 9th house indicates you will achieve your targets with flying colours.

Rahu in the 3rd house activates your self-efforts with determination and might give many emotional hurdles as it is getting conjunct with the moon, so your mind may get eclipsed. Do not take up any new venture this time.

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: You can go for a long holiday and take a break from monotonous routine which will rejuvenate you with positive energy.
Mercury, the lord of the 7th house placed in 11th house with Saturn and Sun might open up some past buried relationship issues which will elevate emotional gaps between you and your spouse. So try to avoid harsh words and misunderstandings. During this transit you have to improve your communication with your loved ones, else it will give rise to major gaps in relationship. There will be health issues related to your legs and feet.


  • Don’t indulge in gossips and spoil your relationship with friends.
  • Feed Cows with green vegetables or fodder.

CONCLUSION: This is a beneficial transit for spiritual and professional people. This period will enhance your intuitive powers. So, follow your instincts.