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How transit of Mars will affect the work relations of Taurus moon sign?

Mars is considered as the giver of energy and valor. It gives us strength and confidence to accomplish tasks and face the challenges of life with courage. In its transit Mars imparts its fierceness to the moon sign it momentarily occupies. Mars transits in each moon sign for about 40 days.

In Taurus, which is a stable sign, Mars tries to tease the native’s otherwise calm temper. You might face behavioral ups and downs. It is advisable to be watchful of what you say and how you behave in adverse situations. You must be careful in dealing with your colleagues and managers, during this period.

  • Mars is the lord of your 12th and 7th house
  • It aspects your 4th, 7th and 8th house from its position in your birth chart

Mars transit in 4th house: Your relationship with your boss will crumble

Aspect on: 7th, 10th and 11th house

Transit period: 10th August to 26th September 2019

This will overall be an unfavorable period for you. Troubles will crop up in your relationship with your boss. Dissatisfaction on family front will also deter your chances of success at work, since you will be tensed and detached. Mars’s aspect on your 7th house will negatively influence your relationship with your team mates. You will also not be able to get along well with your seniors, as Mars will also influence your 10th house. Though your work relationships will be disturbed, it will in no way hamper your earnings, which will, in fact, going to rise, in this period.

Mars transit in 5th house: You will be able to impress your manager

Aspect on: 8th, 11th and 12th house

Transit period: 26th September 2019 to 11th November 2019

Your relationship with your boss will improve during this period, as you will be able to amaze them with your creative and innovative skills. From the 5th house, Mars will aspect your 8th, 11th and 12th house. This signifies an increase in income with a corresponding increase in expenditure, as well. If you will be able create a balance between your earnings and expense, you will be able to save a good amount of money between September and November. Keep an eye on your health and avoid frequent work travels, during this period.

Mars transit in 6th house: Differences will emerge with colleagues

Aspect on: 9th, 12th and 1st house

Transit period: 11th November to 26th December 2019

Transiting in your 6th house Mars will create issues between you and your colleagues. It will be a challenging time to work on group tasks as you will find yourself at loggerheads with your co-workers, on most occasions. An aspect on your 9th house will also ruin your rapport with your seniors. There will be a cold-war like situation and your aggressive attitude will damage the condition further. A highly temperamental you will not be able to understand others perspective, and thus may lose out on years of respect and trust that you would have built in your work place among your colleagues and seniors. Watch out for your bad temper, if you want to avoid such circumstances.

Mars transit in 7th house: Rigidity will lead you nowhere

Aspect on: 10th, 1st and 2nd house

Transit period: 26th December 2019 to 9th February 2020

This will be a bad placement of Mars for your career and work relations. Your relationship with your boss will suffer a setback during this period. Mars’s aspect on your 1st house will make you aggressive which will further hinder your association with your colleagues and manager. You need to keep a check on your verbal expressions as your tongue will not be in your control given your high temper during this period. All this will impede your progression prospects at work, since you will mostly be in a tiff with someone or the other at office.

Mars transit in 8th house: Health concerns will lead to work dissatisfaction

Aspect on: 11th, 2nd and 3rd house

Transit period: 9th February to 23rd March 2020

Your overall well-being will suffer during this period and your health will need additional care. A bad state of health will diminish your enthusiasm to work, leading to lower output and subsequent frustrations of not keeping up with the timelines. This will spiral into differences with your boss, who will obviously be unhappy with your lower efficiency, but he will also be considerate of your health crisis. Nonetheless, an aspect of Mars on your 11th house will ensure that your income prospects are not stalled, amid all this. Also, an aspect on your 3rd house will boost your mental strength, ensuring that you will come out of this dull phase victorious.

Mars transit in 9th house: Favorable time to bond with boss and colleagues

Aspect on: 12th, 3rd and 4th house

Transit period: 23rd March to 5th May 2020

Fortune will start favoring you from hereon, as Mars beings to transit in your 9th house. It will be a good period to improve your work relations. There will be ample opportunities for you to strengthen the bond with your boss and colleagues. You might also go on a short office trip or outing with your team, which will further enhance your association with them. A sense of harmony will prevail in your work life and you will be able to concentrate better at work. Aspect on you 12th house is a sign of increased expenditure, so be cautious of your overindulgence and recklessness.

Mars transit in 10th house: Bad temper will keep you at bay from your boss

Aspect on: 1st, 4th and 5th house

Transit period: 5th May to 19th June 2020

This period will be good for your job prospects, but will not favor your liaison with your boss. Aspect of Mars on your 1st house will make you aggressive which will be a favorable thing on the job front, since you will be active and energetic to give quality output within the set time frame. However, this aggression would be detrimental in connection with human beings. So when dealing with your managers and colleagues you need to avoid hastiness and arrogance, if you want an amicable office atmosphere.

Mars transit in 11th house: Rapport with boss will enhance but bond with colleagues will deter

Aspect on: 2nd, 5th and 6th house

Transit period: 19th June to 17th August 2020

Transiting in your ‘Labha’ house, Mars is ought to give you auspicious results as far as income gains are concerned. You will earn well, there will be abundance of wealth and you will be able to fulfil your wealth desires, which also means that a hefty increment is due, during this period. For apparent reasons, you will share a good understanding with your boss, in these months. Mars’s aspect on your 6th house, will not be a good sign for your camaraderie with your colleagues. They might be jealous of your income gains and this could create tensions in your office group. You must be careful of your speech during this period, as Mars will adversely impact your 2nd house.

There will also be a brief period of retrogression in the 11th house from 5th October to 25th December 2020.

Mars transit in 12th house: Team work will not yield results

Aspect on: 3rd, 6th and 7th house

Transit period: 17th August to 5th October 2020

It will be a period of ups and downs as Mars will transit ion your 12th house of expenses. So, obviously you will experience a rise in your expenditure. You need to be vigilant of your spending and find ways to curtail the unnecessary expenses. There are also opportunities to travel abroad for work related matters, however, these expeditions won’t be as satisfactory as you would have thought hem to be. An aspect on your 6th house, in this period will ruin your relationship with your colleagues. Likewise any group projects or team tasks will also suffer, as Mars will cast its evil spell on your 7th house of ‘partnerships’.

Post a period of retrogression in 11th house, Mars will again come back to your 12th house on 25th December 2020 and will be there till 23rd February 2021.

Mars transit in 1st house: Your aggression will be your biggest enemy

Aspect on: 4th, 7th and 8th house

Transit period: 23rd February to 15th April 2021

As Mars transits in your 1st house it will instigate your otherwise calm personality. Your aggression will be at its peak in this period, which will further damage your relationship with your boss. You will not be comfortable taking orders from anybody and the feeling of being dominated will make you lose your temper. Thus, disputes with managers and bosses will be a common thing during these months. Mars’s aspect on your 7th house will also play havoc in any task that will involve team work. You will be a good individual contributor in this period, but, group tasks will not be your cup of tea, when Mars will make a move in ascendant house.

Mars transit in 2nd house: You must think before you speak

Aspect on: 5th, 8th and 9th house

Transit period: 15th April to 2nd June 2021

You need to seriously focus on toning down your pitch and verbal expressions while talking to your co-workers and seniors, in this period. It will make you seem like a rude and arrogant being and will hamper your work relationships. Also, it will not be a good time to take initiatives at work, as you will not be at your creative best, with Mars aspecting your 5th house. A challenging office environment and a depressed you will result in weakening the rapport that you share with your seniors, since they will not be quite supportive of your changed behavior.

Mars transit in 3rd house: You will be admired by your managers

Aspect on: 6th, 9th and 10th house

Transit period: 2nd June to 20 July 2021

This period will be characterized by a much confident and determined you. You will be mentally tough and buoyant, full of energy and enthusiasm to take on the workplace challenges. Your determination to work hard will make you an efficient resource in the eyes of your manager. They will treat you as a valuable employee of their company and there will be a mutual respect for each other. However, Mars’s aspect on your 6th and 9th house will tend to deter your relationship with your colleagues and seniors.