Transit of Mercury in Libra for Cancer moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Cancer moon sign


The transit of Mercury in Libra will take place from 7th November to 5th December 2019. During this period the Cancer moon sign natives will be tested for their practicality and patience.

Mercury is the lord of 12th and 3rd house of Cancer moon sign and during its transit will be moving into their 4th house of domestic harmony. This house also represents your mother and family property.

During this transit period, Mercury will be in the retrograde motion until 21st November 2019, post which it will make a move towards the Scorpio sign. The retrograde Mercury can give rise to arguments with family members, so Cancer moon sign natives need to be very careful while dealing with and communicating with their family members, in this period.

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Your health could be an area of concern, during Mercury’s transit in Libra. This could lead to some unplanned expenditures. Unexpected travel opportunities may also surface which may again eat into your finances. So, be wise in deciding to take up travels that have some credibility and sense of profitability attached to them.

On work front

Retrograde Mercury while transiting in the 4th house of Cancer moon sign natives will bring forth some positive results at front. During this time, Mercury will be passing by the Vishaka nakshatra of Sun to get good vibes and energy to prosper at the professional front. Your colleagues will be highly co-operative in supporting you in your career endeavors and building foreign connections is also going to prove beneficial for you, in this period.

  • Some of you will get to start a new project or new business venture during Mercury’s transit in Libra. You will get the necessary support from your seniors to implement this idea.
  • While there will be many global opportunities and they will turn out to be fruitful, you must not take them on their face value. Be cautious and read through all the pros and cons before finalizing a deal, especially with a foreign client.
  • Colleagues and friends will be supportive, but do not trust them blindly. Have more conviction and faith in yourself to get to greater heights of success.

On personal front

The personal life of Cancer moon sign natives could be a little challenging, during the transit of retrograde Mercury in their 4th house. Chances of emotional disturbances are high as there is an indication of frequent quarrels at home front. Marital life and love life, both could be little chaotic.
Patience and respect will help you save your valuable family and love relations from getting tumble-down in this period.

  • There are major indications of arguments with family members so it would be in your advantage to stay away from arguments and conflicts with siblings, friends and spouse, in this period.
  • Your mother’s health will be impacted in this period and thus, you are required to ensure that she should not get any kind of stress because of the familial disturbances.
  • You may get to buy some new property or vehicle for your family. Try not to get too attached to somebody on a deep emotional level, as it could bring about certain challenges in your relationship or may even result in loss of wealth.