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Retrograde Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter, the provider of happiness, wisdom & intelligence, makes you capable of doing all those tasks that a normal person cannot even think of. It makes you gain fame & respect in your endeavors.

Retrograde Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter’s transit happens once a year and it brings happiness, growth and success, but its retrograde motion may bring lack caring, nourishment and support which needs to be taken care of. Jupiter gets Retrograde approximately 125 days once a year.

Jupiter, a bright planet, also referred to as Dhi Shakti in Vedic Astrology that allows the ability to comprehend and filter the information to complete the further processing on time to get desired outcomes.

During its retrograde motion, it affects your decision-making ability by clouded your thoughts with negativity and impact your relationships, finances and overall happiness.

You will build a good long-term relationship with the help of Jupiter’s transit as its gradual motion will bless you with the ability to boost your interactions with individuals. But it also demands attention while interaction with someone as misunderstanding may ruin the bond and sweetness in any relationship.

  • Retrograde Jupiter can cause you clashes of opinions, ego clashes with others and a feeling of loneliness. Feeling of being superior might cause you challenges during the retrograde motion of Jupiter.
  • Your wrong decision towards your finance and work can cause you loss in business/job and set back in money matters.
  • Jupiter controls your present, past & future and during its retrograde motion, there is a demand for you to work on your financial decision and realize the value of commitment in a relationship. It might force you to work on your daily routine to boost your health condition.
  • Long distance travel and abroad travel related to studies are ruled by Jupiter and its retrograde motion can cause delays in getting VISA or Passport.

Which area of life will get activated with Retrograde Jupiter?

Jupiter retrograde motion causes unwanted problem and delay in getting expected growth on the professional front.

  • You may not focus on your healthy diet and incline towards outside and junk food that can drag you towards bad health.
  • You may remain confused at workplace and in your personal life which can cause stress and challenges on personal and professional front.
  • Wrong financial decision can cause debt or EMI-related issues during the retrograde motion of Jupiter.
  • In addition, you will get trapped in a fear of losing money that will cause clashes in personal relationship.
  • Jupiter retrograde motion suggests you to not make fake promises because lack commitment can cause challenges in your relationship.
  • If you are a student, then you might not be able to concentrate in studies, so a determined approach will help in clearing any exam.
  • There can be lack peace and happiness in life that can cause anxiety and health issues, so a healthy diet and open conversation with family and friends to get expected success and peace in your life.

How does Retrograde Jupiter change things?

You may experience delay in promotion during the retrograde motion of Jupiter. Interest in too many things will cause problems in concentrating and completing your existing task. You may face issues in finding a partner for your marriage during the retrograde period of Jupiter.

If you are married, then this period might cause you lack support and trust in your relationship. Due to financial instability, you may not enjoy your love and marital life.

You may lose valuable assets and property during the retrograde period of Jupiter. It might affect your decision-making ability that land you in wrong direction. Relationship pressure and wrong financial decision might drag you to face debt-related issues.

Retrograde Jupiter and its effects in different houses

Retrograde Jupiter in 1st House

You may face differences of opinion with people at workplace. Jupiter’s transit in 1st house can make you uncomfortable at workplace due to rules and regulations which can force you to take wrong decisions.

You may face relationship challenges due to not spending time with them. Due to unhealthy routines and lack peace in life, you may face health issues.

Retrograde Jupiter in 2nd House

You need to work on your savings because this retrograde Jupiter might cause you financial crunch due to unexpected expenses. lack commitment and love will cause rift with family members, so a healthy conversation is required to enjoy harmony in relationships.

The transit of Retrograde Jupiter in 2nd house can make you lazy towards your health and you will ignore your healthy diet that will cause indigestion-relation issues.

Retrograde Jupiter in 3rd House

A lazy approach towards responsibilities might cause you failure on career front and rift in relationship. Retrograde Jupiter’s transit in 2nd house can give you a negative approach towards making decisions which land you in trouble because of wrong decision.

Ignoring other’s suggestion will lead you towards wrong decision and land you in arguments and unfavorable situation on professional and personal front. It is wise to understand and listen to other’s suggestion before taking a major step in career or in relationship.

Retrograde Jupiter in 4th House

You may not enjoy a happy personal relationship during retrograde Jupiter’s transit in 4th house. Lack commitment and integrity will affect your performance, stability and growth on career front. There will be lack peace and happiness in your personal relationship.

There is a demand for you to work on your commitment rather than giving a false commitment regarding project completion. You might face delay in the result of asset, property or gold-related investments.

Due to hiding financial investment from family and friends, you may face challenges in your relationship.

Retrograde Jupiter in 5th House

You will implement your ideas in your endeavors to get expected outcomes during the transit of Retrograde Jupiter in 5th house. But, due to its retrograde motion, an aggressive decision might land you in wrong decision.

Though you have the strength and drive to accomplish the task and get outstanding results but during this transit period, you need to focus a lot on your target. Due to lack understanding with partner, there might be rift in your relationship.

You need to be attentive towards your partner’s aspirations and goals to help them and make them achieve whatever they want. Take a break from your hectic working schedule and spend quality time with your children.

Retrograde Jupiter in 6th House

You may not be capable of following a regular daily routine due to sudden challenges in your plan. You may take wrong financial decision. Ego clashes and rigid approach might cause rift with your colleagues at workplace.

Lack commitment in your work and a compromised information at workplace will cause issue, so avoid revealing your plan with anyone. You may get inclined towards junk food that may affect your health during the transit of Retrograde Jupiter in 6th house, so focus on a healthy diet to avoid any health concern.

Retrograde Jupiter in 7th House

You may face delay in business expansion which might cause you stress, but you need to look at the loopholes that are giving you hindrances. Due to lack understanding with team member and a compromised information at workplace can drag you towards challenges.

In such case, introspection and a healthy discussion with your team member will help you make things clear and easy. Retrograde Jupiter’s transit in 7th house might cause you delay in getting married as you may not find the exact match.

If you are in a love relationship, then there will be lack intimacy and commitment in the relationship. By spending quality time with your partner and building a good understanding with your partner will help you overcome relationship challenges.

Retrograde Jupiter in 8th House

You may take an interest in research related tasks and watching thriller movies during the transit of retrograde Jupiter in 8th house. You will experience healing in your health and relationship during this period.

You can have the opportunity to learn occult science and complete your research work because you will be capable to dig deep into matters and understand those things easily which cannot be observed by others. You may suffer chronic health issues during this transit period.

Retrograde Jupiter in 9th House

There might be delay in promotion and expected growth on career front. You will realize your true potential that will help you in making the right decision at the right time during the transit period of Retrograde Jupiter in 9th house.

Try to understand the pros and cons and those things which have become hindrances in your professional growth and then work on them to get the expected outcomes.

You may visit pilgrimages and participate in religious deeds which will take you closer to the religion and change your opinion completely different from others.

Retrograde Jupiter in 10th House

A caring approach regarding tough task will help you a lot at the workplace. You might take unwanted responsibilities at workplace, but a new start along with team work will help you get the expected outcomes.

Having belief in others will help you in building relationship, but a blind trust can drag you to face relationship challenges during the retrograde Jupiter’s transit in the 10th house. You may get an insight to work on finance and investment related matters to avoid monetary loss in your life.

Retrograde Jupiter in 11th House

You will realize the value of suggestions and support from elders during this period. Clashes of opinions may start giving you challenges which will hinder your career growth.

During the transit period of Retrograde Jupiter in 11th house, it would be wise to listen to other’s views to get a new direction to work and get expected outcomes.

Your ideas might not be accepted in one attempt and require a lot of correction, so avoid being disheartened by rejection work hard to improve your skills.

Retrograde Jupiter in 12th House

Your positive and creative thoughts will give you expected growth and success, but the Retrograde motion of Jupiter in the twelfth house can give challenges and narrow down your thinking ability.

It would be wise to read good books that help you learn the tips and philosophical approach to resolve your problem. Due to a lack confidence, you might not take a calculative approach which will delay your progress.

You may fear of losing and this will hinder your success, so implement a practical approach to deal with such fear and get success. Your outstanding ideas, decisions, great wealth and knowledge can make you egoistic which may cause challenges in relationship.

Retrograde Jupiter in 2023

  • Jupiter retrogrades in Aries (4th September to 31st December 2023).