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Jupiter Transit Results for Virgo Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
Jupiter Transit is known to create multiple opportunities, both good and not so good.  Jupiter is a heavy planet moves & stays in a sign for over an year. It is a huge, slow-moving planet, thus its effect is profound and long lasting. It should never be ignored despite it being a benefic planet, says Vedic Astrology.  Jupiter is what helps you seek more in life, thus bringing abundance. In general, its transit to Virgo is likely to improve wisdom and intellect at large. Your temperament would be based on weighed words than impulse. Religious conflicts would be dealt with logic. People would generally take wiser decisions. This horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Virgo Moon Sign? Find out instantly.

For Virgo, the lord of fortune - Jupiter is likely to bring a lot of luck. Fortune is likely to favor you. There would be plenty of opportunities to learn and earn, owing to mental peace and sharp intellect. You would use your resources and prospects wisely. Overall, this seems to be an opportune period. Read on to know how Jupiter transit 2016 would affect your key areas of life.

Career: Clarity and peace of mind would ensure that you feel unperturbed at work. You would be content, and one with yourself. Concentration level would improve, leading to better productivity and positivity at work. You could also expect promotion to a higher position with continuous efforts. Relationship with colleagues however may suffer a setback due to some disagreement. Nevertheless, you will get support from some eminent personality, possibly seniors at work or some official. Your public image would rise to a better standing. Overall, this seems to be a positive period for career prospects.

Finance: According to Vedic Astrology principles, Jupiter is the karaka of fortune. For Virgo, there would be slight improvement in finance but do not expect a drastic increase. Luck will be on your side in terms of monetary growth and allow plenty of opportunities to earn more. For investment matters, this seems to be an average period. Keep your expectations realistic, as unexpected gains or substantial profits are unlikely from speculation. Chances of buying a new asset - property or possession exist too.

Love and Marriage: This seems to be a highly positive period for love and marriage matters. Those waiting to tie the knot will hear some good news. There is a strong possibility of conjugal unions during this period for Virgo. Married couples would also observe a blissful time. Potential progeny is on the horizon too, thus overall this seems to be a calm and content period, brimming with opportunities bringing happiness.

Family: This Jupiter transit is indicative of a harmonious and blissful domestic atmosphere, thus family life would be idyllic. Children would feel comfortable and at ease. You will share a cordial bond with them. It is a good and productive period for kids’ overall growth.

Health: Health seeks attention, as Jupiter transit is not much favorable for your wellbeing. You need to pay special consideration to your eating habits. Indigestion and obesity could strike due to over-indulgence, thus be sure of what and how much you eat.

Education: This is certainly a good period to devote to studies and learning endeavors. Focus and concentration would improve so study matters are likely to benefit. Exam results may also be good.

This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.