Sun Transits Capricorn, 15 Jan till 13 Feb 2024

You will have inner strength & courage to deal with the toughest of situations. You will have many creative & innovative ideas for your business/work, which will help you attract new projects & deals. You will be in your high creative mode, but this energy might make you expect a lot from others, creating misunderstandings & conflicts. 


Sun Transits Capricorn, 15 Jan till 13 Feb 2024

The Sun symbolizes spirit, inspiration, motivation, personality, expressions, life force, and personal identity. Exalted at 10 degrees in Aries and debilitated at 10 degrees in Libra, the Sun holds immense importance in Astrology, influencing various aspects of life when considered among other planets. It holds the power to enhance or diminish the natural outcomes of different planetary influences.

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  • As the Sun enters Capricorn from 15th January 2024 to 13th February 2024, it begins to take on the qualities of the sign of the goat (symbol of Capricorn).
  • This period encourages goal-setting, challenges measurement, and a confidence to navigate obstacles effortlessly.
  • It's an opportunity to ascend your personal mountain, bolstering work ethic, conviction, and determination to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, embodies tasks, rules, responsibilities, and time. Sun in Capricorn will be honest, incredibly punctual and will make you ambitious, so as a cardinal sign slowing down is not an option. Capricorn is really motivated to start new projects.
  • During this period, Jupiter’s aspects play a vital role in fulfilling hopes and desires without any obstacles. It will enhance the positive outlook of any situation which will give a good start in the occasion of beginning of the year.

Sun’s transit in Capricorn, observed as Makar Sankranti, corresponds to the first house of Saturn. These two planets are enemies in nature, but have a relationship of father and son. It is believed that when a father visits his son's house, he will bless him despite any issue and the son will always do everything to give respect to his father. Therefore, this transit holds important significance for everyone - symbolising a new beginning, full of prosperity and abundance.


How will this Transit affect You?


You can acquire new opportunities in your professional networking circle which will give you growth and changes in your venture. You will have inner strength and courage to deal with the situation by creating boundaries.

During this time, your ego may increase, however, some good results can also be seen in this period, as at this time you can invest your energy in some new work. You will be successful. The harder you work, the more you will get results. If you are looking for a change in your profession, then this is the correct time. You will get a good opportunity to start your career. Your hard work will pay off, and your leadership qualities will be appreciated by your seniors. Try to control your emotions and deal with professional challenges with your intellectual skills. You will be in your high creative mode, but this energy might put you in high expectations of others, and can create misunderstandings and conflicts. Your spouse will try to make you understand and help you to come out of these illusions.


You might be creative and do innovative ideas in your field which might grab the attention of seniors at your workplace. You might plan a pilgrimage visit. You might have ample resources to increase your productivity to achieve success.
You might do foreign travelling and get more business opportunities.

Acknowledge the work of your subordinates and be grateful for their services. This period will open many business opportunities and will pave the path for your success through hard work and determination. There is a need to understand the feelings of the other person to enable yourself to make the right moves.

The onus of keeping it successful and romantic lies with the both of you. It is better to be clear and open about what do you want, which will clear up the problems and misunderstandings between both of you.


You need to be conscious of your wellbeing, as you might phase some sudden health issues or problems. You even need to be conscious about the health of your father. But it’s a good time for you to explore the research field or occult science.

You will plan a short travel with your spouse and family members. This transit might create sudden problems in your profession. This period will demand more self-efforts and hard work. You will have the technique and investment ideas to improve your finances. Try to avoid short cuts to earn more in less time, as this might give you a downfall.

You must take care of your diet and follow a healthy regime, that can help you in maintaining a healthy life. You will have a disturbed sleep or sleepless nights, which is due to constantly getting anxious about your future.


You will feel exhausted, and your hard work will go in vain. This is the challenging period wherein you would not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. You might have conflicts and misunderstandings in marital life and business partnership.

Your over-expectations from your partner might create disharmony in your relationships. There are chances to have a rift with your spouse, at times it is better to leave things and move on. But then, gradually things might fall into place if you handle the situation in a positive way.

In this period you might not be able to take proper decisions in personal and professional front, which would affect the business prospects. You must think and prepare yourself for business meetings and other professional obligations.

You might face health expenses and this situation will lead to mental stress. So, it is advised to maintain a calm nature in your personal and professional area. You might plan for long-distance travel but it’s better not to have too much hope for the desired result.


During this transit you might have health issues regarding stomach related problems. There are chances for unexpected expenses. Your opponents will trouble you through dispute or legal matters. It might appear that things have stagnated, but this is the period to rethink the next move.

In your workplace you will go through a lot of challenges, which might even lead to anxiety because of the hectic workload. You will have many innovative ideas to take your career to the next level, but this transition is not the right time to implement it.

During this period, you may face financial loss and disturb your inner peace. You may have differences with your partner and that would create gaps in the relationship. There can be few losses in your professional field.

You have been working hard to achieve financial targets, but a little bit of scheduling will allow you not to get scattered. So, take your time and invest energy into more constructive activities and thoughts. Gather yourself for a better financial position and bright future. Your companion will help you out in many areas of your life.

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Eventually, you might start taking yourself more seriously instead of feeling pressured. Decisions may be taken with more thought and clarity. You will achieve financial gains and will work on social networking. Not a suitable time for love and romantic moments.

This transit is the perfect period to unwind and reprogram yourself for greater inner peace. You will take bold decisions which will affect your long-term finances. You will feel strengthened and empowered, but don’t get overwhelmed and get into arguments and clashes in your personal and professional upfront.

So, we can say that this time is suitable for financial gains and the buildup of social networking, but not a suitable time for love and romantic life. You can have a conflict or ego clashes with your partner which may result in breakup.

Your personal relationships might get affected and would create misunderstanding and disharmony. This transit will be favorable for pursuing a Master’s degree, a PhD or highrer research.


You will invest in real estate, properties, and other fixed assets. You will have to be careful with any kind of investment and check the documents and other prerequisites carefully. You will join new projects with foreign collaboration and will make good money.

You will have many new creative ideas, which you will implement in your workplace and earn fame and money. But at times. you may feel your ideas have been misused and exploited, which can give you mental setbacks. Your partner will also contribute ideas in your professional area. You will seek your partner’s help in financial investments.

You will get rewarded for your hard work and recognition. You will have the technique and investment ideas to improve your finances, but must apply these techniques after consulting with professionals.


You will be having lot of insights in your financial investments, follow your instincts and take support from expertise to make profitable investments. In your workplace. your colleagues would create problems and increase the workload. Avoid arguments with your siblings.

You will have many innovative ideas to take your career to the next level. But this transit, you may face financial losses and disturb your inner peace. You might feel a lot of toxic thoughts which might create misunderstanding and conflicts on a professional and personal front. You can plan business travels and achieve financial goals through hard work and determination.

Take care of your parents and spend some valuable time with them. You may have differences with your partner and that would create gaps in the relationship.


You will succeed in your professional and personal endeavors. You will achieve monetary heights and impressive communication skills. But then you must balance work time and take extra time to spend with your family members.

You will have authoritative command of others, your speech will attract the attention of others, but it can also be misunderstood as rude and harsh behavior and will have a negative impact on your relationship. You are advised not to lose your temper, as you might get into any verbal fights. Your spouse might create challenging moments for you during this transit period.

You will meet many new people in your professional field which will be beneficial for your growth. You will be clouded with negative thoughts and loaded with work, which can increase anxiety. Your opponents might challenge you in various ways, but you will win over all the obstacles.


Your management skills will help you attain a good name and respect in your workplace. You will accumulate wealth and can invest in fixed properties. This period will make you brainy to deal with all kinds of twisted situations.

You would enjoy a good professional life by improved leadership quality. Personal life might need more attention to work on your anger management. Avoid travelling during this transit. Try to avoid short-cuts to earn more in less time, as this might give you downfall.

You would like to do tedious work out and shed few weights. Do avoid professional stress which can be reflected in your physical and mental health. Avoid last minute hassles while planning business travels. It is advised to work at a slow pace to maintain stability in your productivity.

Overall, it’s a good time for your professional life but personally, you need to maintain patience. Your health will be fine, follow regular breathing exercises to maintain your health.


It’s time to let go of your old belief systems, thoughts, patterns, and habits that no longer serve any purpose with this chapter of your life. You might travel to foreign lands and earn business profits. You need to pay attention towards the health of your spouse.

This period would teach you how to overcome your fears and feel safer by accepting every change in your life. You will face disturbances in your family issues and will seek solutions to your problems. This will be a powerful time to reconnect with yourself and to explore your strength to overcome obstacles.

You will be inclined towards learning and grasping knowledge. A new era will open in creative field, which will pave success in your path. You will become a part of new projects which will get appreciation and chances of getting rewards.

You might feel ignored, but due to lack of patience and mental stability, you won`t be able to deploy your position in your work area effectively. This kind of situation will give rise in professional stress which will affect your family, health, and children.


You will be given an important and authoritative position in your workplace, and this would suit your charismatic personality. You will have the leadership quality to delegate work and encourage your team members to achieve desired goals.

In your workplace, people might misunderstand your way of working and can create hurdles in achieving targets. This period may be about acknowledging how far you have come and challenging yourself, to take your emotional work and growth to the next level.

You would build up your name and respect in the organization over the course of period by proving your efficiency to the seniors. You would be meditating on how best to pursue your long-term career goals and push to achieve recognition for your hard work.

Take care of your physical and mental stress level. It’s better to join a wellness program to de-stress yourself.

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