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Sun Transit in Capricorn (14 Jan – 12 Feb)

Sun, the lord of Leo, becomes the competent companion after entering Capricorn in its transit, forming a Sun-Saturn Conjunction which will make you work in an organized manner across your professional and personal fronts & inspire you to eliminate non-progressive things & situations around you with hard work & efforts.


Sun Transit in Capricorn

The transit of Sun in Capricorn will result in the formation of Sun-Saturn Conjunction on 14 January, which is regarded as one of the conjunctions with constraints where you can achieve success in life but with hard work and effort. The Sun is referred as the father, while Saturn is referred to as the child, and both planets have strong identities with opposing natures.

The transit of the Sun in Capricorn is known as Makar Sakranti, and it is significant because it marks the beginning of ‘Uttarayan,’ which implies that the Sun will move toward the northern hemisphere and the commencement of auspicious occurrences in the new year.

  • Sun, the lord of Leo, transforms into a competent companion after entering Capricorn during its transit, forming a conjunction with Saturn and Mercury that will inspire you to get rid of the unprogressive things and circumstances around you by forcing you to work in an organized and intelligent manner at both professional and personal levels.
  • According to the tenets of Vedic Astrology, the Sun's transition into Capricorn predicts that this transit will occur in the sign of the opposition, but it will be progressive because Capricorn is the natural zodiac's tenth house and the Sun gains its greatest strength there, thanks to Saturn's appreciation of justice and stern demeanor, which makes this transit fortunate in its course.
  • The transit of Sun in Capricorn will bestow upon you a favorable position in life, prestige and reputation, as you will be praised by your superiors for your excellent performance. Due to the efficient way of living that will lessen the impact of Saturn, there is a potential for earnings from distant lands.


How will this transit affect YOU?


The Sun is the lord of your 5th house of love, children and creativity and it will transit your 10th house. Your horoscope's 10th house receives information concerning your work, position and reputation during the Sun's transit in Capricorn. This transit will be beneficial for you.

Your professional image will improve as a result of your efforts and any pending professional task will be fulfilled. It is wise to keep your plans discreet and refrain from telling anybody about them until you have executed your projects precisely as you had planned. You'll have plenty of opportunities to work with the Government, and any political or other authoritative decisions you make will be advantageous for general welfare.

Your relationship with your partner and family will be warm and you'll likely have the chance to resolve any outstanding issue through effective communication. However, you should exercise caution when it comes to speaking about family affairs. Your growth will see a boost if you approach your family about important matters to get their perspective.



Sun is the ruler of your 4th house of family happiness and will be transiting through your 9th house. The Sun's transit through Capricorn in your horoscope's ninth house provides details on luck, long-distance travel and spirituality. You will benefit from the Sun's passage through this house, but in a gradual manner.

With positive recognition and financial advantages, the Sun's transit will advance your career as both an independent entrepreneur and an employee. However, because of your arrogant nature and overconfidence at work, you may experience some behavioral issues with your seniors.

Your personal front will provide you with good coordination in your interpersonal relationships, but it's possible that you'll have stress and tension about your partner's silence. Therefore, it'll be beneficial if you can spend some quality time together. When you are with your parents, especially your mother, who may be more authoritarian in personal matters and relationships, maintain your etiquette. Travel preferences for places of worship and religious inclination are evident. Take care of your overall health with a nutritious diet and regular exercise.



Sun, the ruler of your 3rd house of endeavors and bravery will transit through your 8th house at this time. Your horoscope's eighth house, which is where the Sun will be throughout its transit through Capricorn, will reflect any obstacles and unexpected wins or losses. You can expect a mixed bag of outcomes during the Sun's passage through this house.

The problems you face on the professional front may require you to put in more effort at work, but doing so might postpone the success of your career endeavors. Before you sign anything, exercise caution and postpone any significant choices until after this transit.

Your personal front will not be amicable if you try to conceal any secret in your personal connections and there may be disagreements with younger siblings as a result of a misunderstanding with family, spouse and father. Plan a small gathering to spend quality time with your friends and family; otherwise, your relationships may suffer as a result of the communication gap with your loved ones.

Take good care of yourself and watch what you eat since it might impact your digestive system during this transit.



Sun will transit your 7th house, which is ruled by the 2nd house of wealth, speech and family. Your horoscope's 7th house, which is where the Sun will be throughout its transit through Capricorn, will provide details about your marriage and partnership. You can expect a variety of outcomes duirng Sun's passage through this house.

Any new initiative in the workplace should be avoided during this transit because the professional front will produce moderate results in terms of career progression, your competitors are likely to give you good competition at workplace, and your relationship with your seniors may not be very supportive. This transit supports all government work efforts, but avoid making it public until your task is accomplished.

The transit will not be good for your personal relationships since you will feel like your life is drumming along a boring rhythm, which might cause dissatisfaction in your relationships. Therefore, it is imperative that you maintain a cool, collected demeanor while addressing this issue. Have an honest discussion with your partner to close the gap with love and reignite the romance in your relationship.

Maintain good health by eating well and maintaining a workout routine.



Sun will transit your sixth house, which it rules as the ascendant or house of Self for you. Your horoscope's sixth house, which is affected by the Sun's transit through Capricorn, provides details on your debt, illness and enmity. You will have an unexpected benefit from the Sun's passage through this house during this transit.

Your professional front will be progressive in terms of those in the government sector; business possibilities will offer success as the transit of Sun will form the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury, which will be favorable to give excellent reputation, triumph over rivals and debt payback. Financial gains will be desired, but refrain from lending money to anyone during this transit since there is a chance of financial loss.

Relationships will be successful if there are happy and polite interactions, a responsible attitude in romantic and loving relationships, and respect for each other's decisions and personal space. Your romantic and marital relationships will be powerful and fulfilling. During this transit, you will be in good health or will be recovering from earlier problems.



Sun rules your 12th house of loss and foreign lands, and it will transit your 5th house. The transit of the Sun in Capricorn in your horoscope's 5th house provides information on love, education and children. You will experience unexpected outcomes as a result of the Sun's transit through this house during this time.

In terms of your career, you will need to put up more effort to convey your ideas to others because they could see them differently from your perspective. Entrepreneurs will not see the intended returns on investments during this transit, and there may be an average flow of cash in your company.

As a result of ego in your relationships, there will be setbacks in the harmony of personal relationships and your love life will fail to have the spark. It will be advantageous to avoid ego and keep peace in your relationship with care. There will be costs associated with children's education because they could pursue further education overseas. Take care of your children's health by following a healthy eating and activity regimen.



Sun will transit your fourth house, which is the ruler of your 11th house of gains and fulfilled desires. During Sun's transit through Capricorn, your horoscope's fourth house receives information on domestic stability and happiness. The Sun's passage through this house during this transit will result in positive benefits for you.

Your personal front will be filled with joy and happiness with your family and friends, but your love life and marriage ties with your partner may have setbacks owing to the placement of Sun, as you may use rude language while speaking to them.

Your professional front won't be helpful in terms of career advancement since Sun might obstruct your financial progress through property investment, so avoid any business investments at this time. Due to your mood swings, which might offend your superiors, you are likely to confront competition at work; thus, prudence is suggested regarding your behavior. Maintain good health by eating well and following a yoga and meditation routine.



Sun will transit your third house, where it rules the 10th house of profession and prestige. Your initiative, communication skills, short journeys, and younger siblings are all highlighted by the Sun's transit through Capricorn in the third house of your horoscope. Your efforts during this transit of the Sun in this house will result in a variety of opportunities.

Despite the fact that your hard work and efforts will be able to provide you good results and recognition with good monetary gains and support from your colleagues and superiors, your career will be marked by criticism due to your haughty behavior.

Your romantic relationships, familial relationships and relationships with friends will all struggle to emotionally balance one another out. You will make an honest effort to share your affection and responsibility with them, but your impulsive dominance will show in the way you communicate with others, which may be misunderstood and result in you losing the chance to have their support at both personal and professional levels.



Sun is the ruler of Sagittarius' second house and will transit through the ninth house of luck, spirituality and long travel. Your horoscope's second house, which is affected by the Sun's transit through Capricorn, provides details on your finances, family and speech. Unexpected outcomes will arise from the Sun's transit through this house at this time.

Your father's influence and support will help you succeed financially, and because of his engagement, you'll be able to find solutions for some unresolved family issues. Saving money now may boost your prospects for the future, but you should exercise caution while handling your finances since rewards may not materialize right away.

Politicians and those in government-related fields will have a decent chance of success, but maintaining a low profile in your line of work will be important for your success.

Your personal equation with your spouse will be less amicable since there may be a hint of arrogance or demand in your relationship, which might cause needless disputes and damage the harmony.

The transit will be a good period for your health and chances for higher education.



Sun is the lord of your 8th house of obstacles and abrupt gains/losses, and it will transit your Ascendant. Your horoscope's ascendant during the Sun's passage through Capricorn reveals details about your temperament and personality. With correct and honest behavior throughout this transit, you can expect favorable outcomes.

Due to the Sun-Saturn conjunction in the eighth house, which is likely to cause significant changes in your financial status, you can benefit from unexpected success and recognition in your line of work, and favorable outcomes if you are in a government-related job. But your career will be successful only if you put up the necessary effort.

Due to ego conflicts over the issues at hand, your connection with your father may suffer. There is a potential that you and your spouse will have ego-related arguments, which might be detrimental to your relationship. Therefore, you must maintain equilibrium in your behavior when interacting with others – at both personal and professional levels.

It will be best to take care of yourself during this transit by following a healthy diet and exercise regime.



Sun will transit your 12th house, which is ruled by the 7th house of relationships and marriage. The 12th house of your horoscope contains information regarding loss, expense, health, and other countries during the Sun's transit through Capricorn. This transit will have conflicting effects for you.
Your professional front will contribute to the anticipated success in your endeavors related to any international connection and business dealing. You're likely to face difficulties at work, so try to continue the current tasks with additional caution to prevent any form of financial loss.

Due to the involvement of ego over professional affairs, any connection between your spouse and your professional partner may cause discord in your personal relationships. Anxiety and tension can be brought on by any type of confrontation, including disagreements and arguments with close friends and family. In terms of your health, you must be careful to preserve your mental equilibrium and physical condition with a healthy diet and exercise routine, particularly during this transit.



Sun will transit your 11th house, which is ruled by the 6th house of debt, illness and competitors. The 11th house of your horoscope contains information regarding profits and the fulfillment of your ambitions as the Sun transits through Capricorn. During this transit, the Sun's presence in this house will increase your chances of success.

The professional front will be favorable for you as an independent entrepreneur with strong profits from your projects, recognition and advancement at work as a result of superiors' praise. Professional rivals will oppose you and work to undermine and refute your claims in order to further their own interests. You'll perform well at work and have high financial stability, both of which will advance your job profile.

Your romantic and marital relationships will go smoothly since you and your partner will learn the skills of mutual understanding and cooperation that will benefit your relationship. Spending quality time together is crucial for maintaining a positive connection and clear understanding. Your health will improve over time if you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Remedies to mitigate challenges during the Transit

Irrespective of your sign, you can observe the following to lessen the impact of the challenges during this transit.

  • Every day, after taking a morning bath, offer water to the Sun. When water is offered, it produces a prism of light that acts as color therapy & enhances physical and mental fitness.
  • Show your respect to your father by touching his feet in the monrings, this will enable you to advance in life.
  • Donate money or goods to old people's homes, orphanages or other underprivileged organizations for overall well-being.