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Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Capricorn moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 12th house of Capricorn moon sign natives. This is going to be a little challenging time for the Capricorn moon sign born people, with some opportunities of professional success.

Major considerations must be paid towards health and well-being, in this period. Familial, marital and love relationships of Capricorn moon sign natives also demand caution and attention.

Professional associations will be good, however, trivial arguments must be avoided to maintain the integrity of these relationships, in the long-term.

Mutual understanding will be highly benefiting to create a harmonious environment in both professional and personal space. Sudden events may bring about alterations in approach and thought process. Whether these changes will be good or bad, can be gauged by looking at the other key related planetary aspects as well.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Capricorn moon sign

This will be a challenging period for Capricorn moon sign natives for their love and marital life. The romantic disposition will be more sensual than emotional and this could prove a little hindrance in your personal space. There are chances of getting into a wrong company, so you are advised to be very careful of who you make contacts with, in this period.

  • Finances will require check, as unnecessary expenditures will try to make a hole in your pocket. Extravagance should be curbed and mindful investments should be done to maintain the pace of income and gains.
  • Expenditure on health could be there, so, precaution would be advised to evade such situations. Eat healthy, practice yoga and meditation to stay in the pink of health.
  • Relationship with partner will require attention. Amid some period of affection there will be chances of arguments, which could hurt the sentiments of both you and your partner. Therefore, care is advised in dealing with such events.
  • Journey to a religious place is on the cards. Spiritual dispositions will offer a new meaning and direction to life, in general.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Capricorn moon sign

Career-wise the transit of Sun in Sagittarius will offer some good opportunities to Capricorn moon sign natives. However, success will only come through sheer hard work and dedication. So, be on it, and try to focus on the positives, even when you are faced with challenges on the go. Impulsiveness and careless will not do any good to you, thus, you are advised to avoid it, all together.

  • Some unexpected challenges will put your association with your business partner to test. You can win over such situations with rational and logical reasoning and by staying calm and cool.
  • Avoid arguments with colleagues and embrace a positive attitude to get your way through difficult situations.
  • Job prospects in research and related fields will be good. Those who have an interest in tarot card reading and occult science fields, will have viable prospects in these areas.
  • Opportunities in foreign location are indicated. This could be the beginning of a new job or relocation within the existing role or organization.