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Transit of Mercury for Libra moon sign natives

Transit of Mercury for Libra moon sign natives


Mercury rules our speech, communication, intelligence, wisdom, relationship with siblings. It is the lord of Gemini and Virgo moon sign. Mercury in Libra moon sign influences the 9th and 12th house of the native, which represents luck, seniors, bosses, and foreign connection. Libra is ruled by Venus, and Mercury and Venus are friendly planets, thus, Mercury transit is an important period to be studied, to understand its range of impact on the emotions, actions and speech of the person.

It takes around 12 months for Mercury to complete one circle of the zodiac and it spends up to 30 days in each sign, depending upon whether its movement is direct or retrograde. As a matter of fact, Mercury does retrograde quite a few times during its current transit.

The retrogression will take place on the following dates:

  • 31st October to 21st November 2019 (21 days)
  • 17th February to 10th March 2020 (23 days)
  • 18th June 18 to 12th July 2020 (25 days)
  • 14th October 14 to 3rd November 2020 (21 days)

A period of retrogression is noteworthy for it delays the fortunes of the native. However, if you consider this period as an opportunity to review and assess your actions, it will allow you to progress towards your goals, with a clearer and stable mind.

  1. Mercury will transit in Virgo, moving into your 12th house

When? 11th September to 29th September 2019

This will be an important transit period for the Libra ascendant as Mercury will be transiting in its own sign Virgo. As a result it will be exalted to magnify the aspects that come under its radar. So, you will be blessed with unexpected showers of luck, happiness and gains. Your work life will flourish and your love life will also thrive, in this phase. You will have a sense of satisfaction from life and things will seem to move in the right direction. Sudden travel is indicated, which may give you some financial gains. The only thing that could trouble you in this period is your speech. So, do keep a check on your tongue, especially while talking to your colleagues, as one wrong word can spring into an unwanted dispute.

  1. Mercury will transit in Libra, moving into your 1st house

When? 29th September to 23rd October 2019 & 7th November to 5th December 2019

This is going to be a rather extended transit period, since Mercury will undergo retrogression during this phase. While, retrogression period may demand some level of caution and vigilance, the rest of the transit period is going to be auspicious for you. Since, Mercury will be visiting the house of its friend Venus, most outcomes will be pleasant, in general. Being in your 1st house, it will rule your mind to make you more aware and conscious of your surroundings so that you can take informed and wise decisions. Your diplomatic approach will get you some real good business deals in this period. Your relationship with your spouse, love partner and business partner will enhance and your communication skills will also augment. You might spend on technology or some latest innovation. Any long pending proposals or contracts might take shape in this favorable period.

  1. Mercury will transit in Scorpio, moving into your 2nd house

When? 23rd October to 7th November 2019 & 5th December to 25th December 2019

Similar to the trend in the 1st house, Mercury will continue to retrograde and progress while in your 2nd house. Overall, this period will be focused on increasing your wealth prospects. So, you will get to increase your income from your career source, you will receive good opportunities for additional income generation and some sudden wealth prospects will also add up to improve your financial status. Look out for guidance and advice from family members, friends, colleagues and seniors for success in career. If you are somebody who is nurturing a passion for occult science but wasn’t getting the right opportunity to pursue, you might just get luck in this period. Mercury in this period could be injurious for your speech. Your verbal expressions could be full of angst and slip-of-tongue could be a common occurrence for you in this period. It is quite obvious that such outbursts are not going to be good for your image, in the long term, so it would be better to control them.

  1. Mercury will transit in Sagittarius, moving into your 3rd house

When? 25th December 2019 to 13th January 2020

You will now enter the most exuberant phase of this transit. As Mercury will move into your 3rd house you will see spurt of joy and fun-filled activities, involving your siblings, cousins, friends and colleagues. All of your relationships will be full of happiness and love, and the bonds will strengthen further. In fact, it is going to be a pretty exciting and favorable time to make new friends and even fresh business partnerships can be explored for better and bigger gains. You will learn to value the immaterial things in life, as you will develop a philosophical mindset in this period. This will also help you in penning down some real good stuff, if you are keen on exploring the field of content writing or publishing, or are an avid writer, already.

  1. Mercury will transit in Capricorn, moving into your 4th house

When? 13th January to 31st January 2020

This period will be more about exploring the dimensions of family relationships. You will see a change in the communication levels of you and your family members, especially, your father. Most of these communications will be discipline-oriented and will command a controlled lifestyle. You might at times feel the pressure of too much regulations and strictness. The same stress will be felt at the workplace, where your boss will have similar expectations from you. But there is nothing to worry about, your practical approach and rational attitude will help you sail through this phase with ease. The thing that you need to be cautious of this, in this period, is your verbal expressions, which may cause some rift with seniors at workplace. Good news will come through some foreign connection or global alliance.

  1. Mercury will transit in Aquarius, moving into your 5th house

When? 31st January to 7th April 2020

Mercury will be at ease in its friendly sign and thus spread happiness in your life. Fortunately, this auspicious period will have a comparatively longer span, so, indulge in success and joy under the blessings of Mercury. This period will specially enhance your communication with your friends and colleagues. Your intelligence will know no bounds as you will find success and gains coming through you by application of wisdom and intellect. Those of you who are in line for a government tender or contract may find success in their endeavor. Foreign alliances will benefit your business and you will find success in domains of technology and digital media. Love and romance will blossom and children will be a source of happiness, contentment and motivation for you, in this period.

  1. Mercury will transit in Pisces, moving into your 6th house

When? 7th April to 25th April 2020

This is going to be a challenging period for you, as Mercury is debilitated in your 6th house. By the occurrence of this, you will find a lot of impediments in the road to success. Your luck will not favor you in any of your endeavors. Your will face a troubled relationship with your father, at home and with your boss, at workplace. A sudden news from foreign source or connection will not be auspicious. If you have a court case or some litigation matter under trail, things will not work out in your favor in this period. It is thus advisable to stay away or postpone the matters of law, for the time being. You need to understand that a debilitated Mercury demands reinforcement of rules and regulations, it wants you to assess you faults and mistakes before moving forward – if you obey it, it will benefit you in the long term, otherwise you have to face its wrath.

  1. Mercury will transit in Aries, moving into your 7th house

When? 25th April to 9th May 2020

Your key focus in this transit phase will be on your relationships – be it personal or professional. People who you meet on daily basis will be of utmost important to you. In the realm of business and profession, getting new proposals, contracts and deals will be your main objective. With your improved intellect, you will be able to achieve your targets in this transit period. A control on speech is needed here, as your aggression will be at its peak and will harm your verbal expressions, leading to arguments and quarrels of no substance. Hastiness must be avoided, under all circumstances, otherwise you may suffer a major loss, in this period.

  1. Mercury will transit in Taurus, moving into your 8th house

When? 9th May to 25th May 2020

Entering into its friendly sign, Mercury will heighten your concentration powers and your need for stability. Professional and personal situations will be pretty good, but you will still be in perpetual state of dissatisfaction in this period. Things will not wrong, but you will not be content with life, in general. Blaming your destiny and luck for the smallest troubles in life, will be a common thing for you, in this transit phase. To come out of this feeling, you must focus on the positives of life, review your mistakes and tale a cautious step forward. During the end of this transit phase, you may get some unexpected gains from a foreign source and from a place that is far away from your home land.

  1. Mercury will transit in Gemini, moving into your 9th house

When? 25th May to 2nd August 2020

You will enter another lengthy transit period marked with retrogression of Mercury. Largely the results of the placement of Mercury in your 9th house will be favorable, as Gemini is its own sign. Luck will favor you on all grounds and you find happiness from various areas of life. You will do well professionally, with your exceptional communication skills leading you on the path of success. Your rapport with your boss and seniors will also improve, thanks to your eloquent and refined verbal expressions. You may buy new gadgets in this period, in fact anything connect to technology will give you great results in this period. If you operate in digital space, this will be an excellent time for you to learn new things and grow your skills and business in the right direction. An increase in expenditure can also be there, which will mostly be health related.

  1. Mercury will transit in Cancer, moving into your 10th house

When? 2nd August to 17th August 2020

Moving into your career house, Mercury will offer you reasonable opportunities to succeed and prosper. Cancer being a movable water sign ruled by Moon, is highly emotional, with Mercury’s presence these emotions get channelized in a productive way. So, you will have a childlike, innocence side to your personality in this period, which will, in fact, generate some positive vibes to get you favorable results, in this period. A strong sense of emotions combined with enhanced mental power and memory could be the key to unlock the door of advancement at workplace. A well-deserving promotion could be on the cards for you, in this transit phase. Gains from foreign connection and networks is also indicated. You will see an increased influence of your mother in this transit phase, her guidance will prove beneficial to you. But be a little cautious of her health.

  1. Mercury will transit in Leo, moving into your 11th house

When? 17th August to 2nd September 2020

This placement for Libra natives amplify their communication skills and income gains. You will attain a refined yet commanding speech quality, in this period. This will further your chances of progression at work. Your qualities and capabilities of taking up authoritative positions will be highlighted here. If you are a business professional, you will gain from your well-articulated sense of verbal expressions. Short work-related travels are indicated and will give you good gains, in this transit phase. An increase in expenditure could be there, so keep a watch on your spending. You also need to be vigilant of your aggressive side, as it may make you sound rude, at times. Any decision related to signing a new contract or finalizing a new deal must be thought through properly before signing on the dotted line.