Transit of Venus for Aquarius moon sign.

Transit of Venus for Aquarius moon sign.


Transit of Venus for Aquarius moon sign is largely considered as constructive, since Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which shares a friendly relationship with Venus.

Still, since Saturn is a hard taskmaster, even the transit of ‘friendly’ planet Venus will have some delays in store for Aquarius moon sign natives. The fructification of efforts will not happen instantly and high level of patience and perseverance will be required to get the expected results.

During this transit, the Aquarius natives tend to be a little detached from their romantic alliances and married life. However, they make for committed and loyal partners. For them the definition of love and happiness is more in having a good understanding with their partner than in displaying varied expressions of love.

Generally, the natives would have a cool and calm demeanor and a charismatic personality. They tend to derive more pleasure in social and earthly matters, when Venus begins its transit for them.

For Aquarius, Venus rules the 4th and 9th house and thus, the overall outcome of this transit will have a larger impact on the themes embodied by these houses.

Nonetheless, the impactwill vary with the movement of Venus in to various houses of Aquarius horoscope. Read below for more details…

Upcoming Venus Transit Dates for the Year 2020

  Sign   Date
  Venus in Aries   29/02/2020
  Venus in Pisces   28/03/2020
  Venus in Gemini   01/08/2020
  Venus in Cancer   01/09/2020
  Venus in Leo   28/09/2020
  Venus in Virgo   23/10/2020
  Venus in Libra   17/11/2020
  Venus in Scorpio   11/12/2020


Transit of Venus in Aries for Aquarius moon sign

The transit of Venus in Aries for Aquarius moon sign will take place in the 3rd house from 29th February to 28th March 2020. During this time, the Aquarius natives will witness an increase in courage, luck and support from various sources.

This transit will bestow the natives with contentment from personal and professional life. You will earn well through the profession you are currently pursing. Business will give you greater gains and its growth will be promoted, during this time.

Venus transit will also enable gains from your friend circle. You will be confident enough to beat your rivals to prove your worth and reinforce your standing in your chosen field.

There will be rise in position and income for professionals, at this time. Love, luck and laughter will define the overall scenario of this transit for Aquarius natives.

There will be numerous good news pouring from everywhere, during this time, and it will make this period one of the most flourishing one for you. So, make the most of this period by spending quality time with your friends, siblings and partner.

Beyond work, your social life will also prosper and you will indulge in creative pursuits, during this time, nurturing one of your hobbies.

Transit of Venus in Taurus for Aquarius moon sign

During the time of Venus’s transit in Taurus for Aquarius moon sign, the themes of 4th house will manifest, greatly. The period from 28th March to 1st August 2020, will also witness retrogression of Venus, sending out the signals of restrain and reassessments for the Aquarius natives.

Moving into your 4th house, Venus will confer you with much prosperity and wealth. The good times will continue for Aquarius natives and they will witness augmentation in wealth, property and possession, at this time.

You will have an indulgent lifestyle, will make new friends and will spend quality time with your spouse, children and other family members, during the time of this transit of Venus in your 4th house.

You will bond well with your family and relatives. The connection to home will grow stronger and you will derive greater satisfaction from being part of a fulfilling social and family life.

Your mental abilities will ascend, as much as your income, wealth, material comforts and status, during the time of this transit. You will have a sound health with no major illnesses being indicated, at this time.

Transit of Venus in Gemini for Aquarius moon sign

When Venus will transit in Gemini for Aquarius moon sign, in their 5th house from the natal Moon, it will bring in happiness from children and progeny related matters. This period from 1st August to 1st September 2020 also ensures all round success for the Aquarius natives.

For students, this transit will particularly be beneficial, as it will help you in attaining success in academic pursuits and examinations. The support of your parents and elders will be inevitable, during this time.

This will be a period full of fun and frolic for you and your love life will be splashed with numerous romantic encounters with your spouse or lover.

Married or single, this transit time, is going to offer you cherished moments with your partner. For singles, this will be an ideal time to propose someone they like or desire. Your level of attraction for the opposite gender will be at its peak, at this time and falling in love will seem much easier than ever.

Friends, mentors, seniors and elders will stand in your support, come what may and this will provide you with the needed motivation and confidence to take on the challenges to prosper further.

Transit of Venus in Cancer for Aquarius moon sign

The transit of Venus in Cancer for Aquarius moon sign will be in the 6th house from 1st September to 28th September 2020. This transit, in general, is considered as malefic for the Aquarius natives.

You will earn more enemies, during this time and will operate on a very low confidence level. This transit will tend to instill in you a constant fear of health matters. This will lead you to a stage of frustration and exasperation, where you will not be able to put in your heart and mind in doing anything.

These circumstances will eventually lead to unpleasant events at home and work life, causing trouble in both aspects. The movement of Venus in your 6th house will further aggravate your miseries as it will give you an argumentative disposition, which will not go down well with your co-workers, seniors, friends, partner and spouse, causing rift in your relationships.

Risk of humiliation is also indicated, as you will tend to lose your sanity and capabilities of rational thinking.

The result of all this will be seen on your mental status where you will tend to be under a lot of stress, leading to mental and emotional unrest. Health will suffer and more precaution will be required while travelling, especially to farther off places.

Transit of Venus in Leo for Aquarius moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Leo for Aquarius moon sign from 28th September to 23rd October 2020, in your 7th house, the natives will continue to experience failures, delays and challenges in life.

A bad heath period will continue for the Aquarius natives, where ailments related to reproductive and genital organs will be most common. Thus, care and precaution for such disorders is advised. Following a healthy lifestyle and shunning the bad eating and lifestyle habits will help in evading any major diseases, during this time.

Beside this, caution while travelling is also advised, as health related issues can crop up on one such journeys undertaken during the time of this transit.

Health of your spouse could also be a reason to worry, at this time. If not, arguments with spouse can spoil the period for you. Any which way, chances of having a content and fulfilling love and conjugal life is bleak, during this time.

You will also face obstacles in your professional field of work which will further translate into lesser income gains and diminishing wealth and social status. Beware of your co-workers at this time, as they may plan a mischief with you that could lend you into deep troubles.

You will still have something to look forward to during this time, as some recognition and rewards through higher authorities are indicated, during the time of Venus’s transit in your 7th house.

Transit of Venus in Virgo for Aquarius moon sign

The transit of Venus in Virgo for Aquarius moon sign will take place in the 8th house, from 23rd October to 17th November 2020.

With the advent of this phase, Aquarius natives will be stepping into a favorable period, where they will be able to mitigate the trials and tribulations of the past and can look forward to realizing their dreams and desires.

Monetary gains will be accelerated, at this time and so does the happiness and fortunes, in life. You will get all the domestic comforts, during this time – be it emotional or materialistic. Some of you may even go ahead and buy a house.

The relationship between you and your spouse will blossom into a mature and understanding alliance. There will be mutual respect and appreciation beyond the romantic expressions of love.

For those who are single, this period will favor finding your special someone. Success in love matters is sure and assured, during the time of Venus’s transit in your 8th house.

For students, this transit will bring in greater focus towards academic pursuits. You will made certain investments also, into this area. These investments will give you good returns, in future, by providing the required impetus to your educational endeavors, pushing them in the right direction.

Transit of Venus in Librafor Aquarius moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Libra for Aquarius sign, from 17th November to 11th December 2020, the natives will experience manifestation of the themes of the 9th house, which most significantly impact the favors from luck.

Venus transit in 9th house from natal Moon gives the Aquarius natives gains from government and improvement in career fortunes.

It makes you more spiritually inclined as well, and during this current transit you will have ample opportunities to travel to religious places and participate in religious events.

The possibility of gains in income through professional endeavors is rather evident and this will augment your social status, further.

In love and marital life, help, support and affection of partner will help you attain contentment and harmony in personal life. For marital individuals this is a particularly special time to foster your bond with your spouse.

Health status appears satisfactory and educational attainments looks promising, during the time of Venus’s transit in Libra for Aquarius moon sign.

Transit of Venus in Scorpio for Aquarius moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Scorpio for Aquarius moon sign from 11th December 2020 to 4th January 2021, Venus will be placed in the 10th house of Aquarius horoscope.

This position of Venus is considered as unfavorable for the Aquarius natives. Since, 10th house represents career, the most significant impact of this transit will be apparent on your chosen professional field.

Some mental stress could surface, due to more involvement in work and increase work load. The best bet would be to avoid bringing work to home and focus on creating a healthy work-life balance, while still working towards accomplishing your professional objectives.

Seniors will not lend their support, ensure to avoid any unnecessary arguments with them, so that you can function the way you want and grow your career with their guidance and support.

Finances will require more scrutiny, so be very careful where you invest your money, during the time of this transit. Also, avoid wasteful expenditures, at this time.

Personal and conjugal life will, be largely discordant, with major l rifts, that could try hinder the harmony at home. Be careful and understanding to evade any such unpleasant experiences in your personal life.