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Transit of Venus for Virgo moon sign

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  1. Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Virgo moon sign
  2. Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Virgo moon sign
  3. Venus Transit in Capricorn for Virgo moon sign

Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Virgo moon sign

Venus is the significator of love, romance, luxury and relationships as per vedic astrology. On 3rd February 2020, Venus will transit in the sign of Pisces and will remain there till 29th February 2020. Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus, hence this is the most favorable placement of Venus and will generally bestow good results. 

Transit of Venus in Pisces will take place in the seventh house for Virgo moon sign natives. Seventh house is one of the angular houses in a birth chart and holds special importance with respect to our relationships. Venus as the lord of your second and ninth house while transiting the seventh house of agreements, legal unions and contracts, alliances, business partnerships, trade, marriage partner, will these themes into the limelight.

Your personal and professional connections will be highlighted during this transit and you will find yourself more affable, compromising and adaptable in your interpersonal relationships. You would be more desirous of establishing contacts and turning an existing relationship into a long term commitment. Professionally, this transit will provide new opportunities to forge new partnerships in business, work out negotiations, sign agreements and enter into important alliances.

How will this transit affect your professional life?

The professional life of Virgo moon sign natives shall see an upsurge as there will be a better connection with other people and improved relationships at work leading to increased cooperation. Your colleagues will be highly supportive of your ideas during this time and their suggestions will greatly help you to accomplish your tasks.

Female colleagues will be especially favorable during this time and if in business, you might benefit by collaborating or entering into a partnership with a female business associate. However, you should watch out for the tendency to be too amenable and complacent and should politely and firmly stand your ground in case of a disagreement.

You might develop the tendency to be lazy or rest on your laurels during this transit, hence you should not compromise on your hard work and persistent efforts. There might be moments of stress and dissatisfaction, as even though your efforts and creative ideas would be recognized and appreciated at your workplace, however not much monetary benefits would ensue in return.

Patience and tenacity would help you to sail through the temporary challenging situations and guidance from an experienced female will help you to attain a considerable position at your workplace. Cultivating an optimistic attitude will also benefit your mental wellbeing and contribute to greater productivity.

You will have the opportunity to undergo many short distance travels during this time, which will turn out to be gainful and beneficial for career development. If you are unemployed, this transit will provide exciting and lucrative job offers, however, selection would require immense hard work and diligence.

If involved in your own business, your network circle will see an expansion during this time and you would be inclined to implement your ideas towards growing your business through your contacts.

How will this transit affect you personally?

Personal relationships will go through a turning phase as they would steadily move ahead on the road to improvement. You will enjoy the company of your loved ones and will be responsive to their needs more than usual.

Your self-image and worth would enhance during this time and this is an optimal time for smoothing out your close personal relationships. If you are single and unattached, you may strongly feel the need to enter into a romantic relationship and may be introduced to a potential mate through a friend.  

Those already into a casual relationship or fling would develop a sensual streak during this transit and be highly desirous of getting into a long term committed relationship. Married couples will spend enjoyable time together and might plan a trip or a short vacation.

However, health of spouse could be a cause of concern during this time and you might have to devote extra time to towards their care and wellbeing. There will be better communication with your spouse during this time which will strengthen your marital ties, however, at times, you might develop a pessimistic attitude which would impact your relationships adversely.

Relationship with children would need attention during this time and this transit requires you to be more considerate and understanding towards them.

Valentine’s Day tip: Arranging a surprise party for your spouse and their parents this Valentine’s day, will help to develop a strong emotional bonding between you and your spouse.

Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Virgo moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place in the 6th house of Virgo moon sign from 9th January to 3rd February 2020. This transit period will largely be favorable for you, given you keep a check on your health and well-being.

While both your professional and personal life will be in focus, you must ensure spending enough time with your family members to avoid any complications at a later stage.

Be good to all the females in your life, as only then lady luck is going to smile on you. Beside, this will also save you from getting into frivolous discussions and inconsequential arguments, which may distract you from the larger objectives of your life.

The transit of Venus in Aquarius will have a larger bearing on your speech, so you must pay attention to what you speak during this time to build and sustain your reputation in your closed group and also in the larger society.

What will you gain from this transit?

During the transit of Venus in Aquarius, Virgo moon sign natives will have the best of both worlds, where they will implement fresh and creative ideas in their work life and have fun and enjoyment in their personal lives.

Financial gains through success in chosen career filed is anticipated. Creative fields will offer better gains than other professional areas.

You will meet new people and get assigned to new projects at workplace. For business professionals, new deals and contracts will be there to give greater befits in the near future.

Your wit, eloquence and refined decision making abilities will give results in your favor, during the transit of Venus in Aquarius. Virgo moon sign born people should look forward to meeting their siblings and friends, during this time, as this will not only give you a sense of belongingness, but will also boost your confidence.

You will also get good support from your mentors or senior, as their guidance will lead you in the right direction and you will be able to make better and wise professional and prosomal calls.

You will have many love-filled and passionate days with your love partner or spouse. Sharing inner desires, viewpoints and even random talks will help strengthen your relationship further.

What you need to take care of?

The transit of Venus in Aquarius, will be somewhat critical for the health status of Virgo moon sign natives. You need to be aware of any wrongful information which can make you face unwanted challenges.

Yoga and meditation will be of great help, during this period to manage the increased workflow and to avoid stress under such circumstances for a healthy and balanced life.

At home front, there will be excess work and responsibilities to shoulder. You are advised to avoid taking any property related decisions, in this transit period.

Family is going to be an area of major concern and there could be some communication gap with your siblings which can create misunderstandings and confusions at home.

It would be advisable to avoid any legal matters and use of electronic gadgets to get rid of mental stress, during this time. Be very cautious and careful about matters of heart, during the transit of Venus in Aquarius.

For Leo natives, this isn’t a good time to plan for any new investments in business or to start a new partnership. So, take your time and explore all the options thoroughly before taking a call.

Venus Transit in Capricorn for Virgo moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to take place in the 5th house of Virgo moon sign from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020. This is going to be a favorable period for you, especially with respect your creative abilities and ingenious skills.

You will be nothing short of clever, smart and intelligent in this transit period, as you will go on to tackle convoluted situations with ease and also get on with tasks that requires urgent attention, with aplomb.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to be your time to showcase your creative talents to the world. Virgo moon signs will get due recognition for their competences, that is not only well deserved but also essential to keep their morals up in the coming times.

Health will require attention, so, you need to be careful of any minor disorder that may surface during this transit period and take proper medical care.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the personal life of Virgo moon sign

Transiting into your house of children, mental intelligence and creativity, Venus will bring in fruitful results on the said aspects. So, you will have good children who will be respectful and affectionate. You will get to spend quality time with them and will also get some help from them, if and when the need arises.

  • You will be friendly, helpful and kind, during the transit of Venus in Capricorn. This will help you get a lot of appreciation from family members, friends and neighbors.
  • You will be socially active and make new friends, during this time. You will have the inclination to work for the larger good of the society.
  • Possibilities of financial gains are also evident, as you use your smartness and intellect to reap superlative benefits from inherited wealth.
  • Your relationship with your spouse and parents will be harmonies and you will be able to realize your desire of buying a house or vehicle for your family.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the professional life of Virgo moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Capricorn, Virgo moon sign natives will be blessed with new skills and talents to take on the varied professional challenges that might surface, in this period. Though, it will be a smooth ride, to say the least, but if and when you will get stuck, there will be support from your seniors and assistance of your enhanced intellect, to sail you past through the rough waters.

  • Learning and unlearning will be the key to success in this transit period for Virgo moon sign natives. You need to be adaptable and open to acquiring new skill sets that will help you in getting rid of any obstacles in future.
  • Your professional journey will see you through a promising phase, where you will be able to get selected in a job interview, in case you are seeking new opportunities.
  • Guidance, counselling and advices will be available from seniors and colleagues who will help you selflessly in carrying forward your professional expedition.
  • For those who are into creative fields, sports or social media related industry or domain, the transit of Venus in Capricorn will be a good period.