Venus Transits Aquarius, 7 March till 31 March 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

When Venus transits Aquarius, this may create distances in your love/marital relationship although the Venus-Saturn Conjunction during this transit will reflect your positive traits, a sensible approach to love and relationships, and firm commitment.

Venus Transits Aquarius, 7 March till 31 March 2024

On 7 March, Venus will begin its transit through Aquarius, which will last till 31 March. In this period, a Venus-Saturn conjunction will also form. During this time, you will be watchful and restrained in how you express your love and affection in your relationship, but you will also take responsibility for your partner and take measures to take care of them.

You will assess their level of security, your partner's financial comforts and the benefits and drawbacks of the relationship, but you won't be able to use flowery words to show your love and affection.

This analysis is based on Vedic Astrology that uses Moon Sign for accurate predictions. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, FIND OUT INSTANTLY through the form below.


Since Venus is the planet of love and Aquarius is the sign of independence, this transit and the conjunction of Venus and Saturn presents you with the opportunity and challenge to develop romantic connections that go beyond the bounds of ethics.

Saturn is the lord of Aquarius, giving Venus a welcoming demeanor, but this progressive transit of Venus in Aquarius generates distance in all relationships, even romantic and marital ones.

  • This transit makes you more self-sufficient, which is a positive thread for personal relationships that encourages respect for one another rather than simply being a frame of support in a relationship.
  • Because Venus is the planet of relationships and Aquarius is a good social connector, this transit may make it more likely that two people will make romantic or other types of connections through mutual friends or acquaintances that are based more on feelings and affection than on physical intimacy.
  • Committed relationships will use this time to understand each other better based on logical compatibility with customary love and affection rather than overwhelming physical desire or feelings while maintaining emotional distance.


How will this transit affect YOU?


Venus rules over the second and seventh houses of family, wealth, marriage, relationships and partnerships. During this transit, Venus will be transiting through the 11th house of gains, which will represent love and understanding in interpersonal and familial connections as well as growth in the workplace.

Due to the strong understanding of your professional partner, the professional front will have a progressive trend with earnings in your commercial possibilities. Professionals in the creative industries will have excellent job advancement chances and access to powerful relationships that might improve your financial situation.

Your personal life will exude affection and you'll always be eager to do your part to make your partner happy. If you are single, you may have the opportunity to ask your partner for a lifetime commitment. If married, there will be possibilities to spend quality time with your partner.

Additionally, you will have the support of your loved ones and friends.

This might be a therapeutic transit for you since Saturn has helped you recognize the worth of your relationship with your partner and friends, whilst Venus's transit will make you realize that this is the ideal time to comprehend others or develop new contacts.



The first/ascendant and sixth houses of self, strength, debt, illness and rivals are ruled by Venus. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the 10th house of career, status and activities, which will bring harmony and serenity into your personal relationships and advancement in your line of work as a result of your action-oriented efforts over emotions.

On the professional front, you will achieve good achievements, but you may experience profit limitations as you experiment with fresh adjustments to your job profile, which may not be successful.

This transit will force you to reorient your attention away from coping with the challenging circumstances vis-a-vis working processes of employees, worker strikes and job insecurity in your current professional position toward self-healing with a victorious spirit.

Your personal front will be supported by your relationships; you will spend quality time with everyone. The Venus-Saturn conjunction will bring you the support of your family, spouse or partner who will recognize your commitment to caring for them responsibly.

By organizing your priorities on the personal and professional fronts to balance both for bringing peace and harmony into your life, you may heal yourself.



Venus rules the fifth and twelfth house of love, birth, spending, desire and losses. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the 9th house of fortune, spirituality and long travel, which will foster warmth, love and growth in your interpersonal, family and professional relationships.

Venus in Aquarius will form a trine with your sign, which is a beneficial aspect that will allow you to break the old conventional ways of working with innovative ideas. But do be slow and sure about how you tread professionally to ensure good gains.

The professional front will bless you with good results even with your modest efforts, and appreciation.

You will feel in love and contented with your lover. If married, you will see an improvement in your romantic quotient. You will also be able to see that you and your parent have a unique relationship.

During this transit, your spiritual inclinations may lead you to organize a religious trip with your family or hold a religious ceremony at home to spend quality time with them.

Venus in Aquarius will present possibilities for you to accept new knowledge that will improve how you interact with others and adopt a fresh point of view about your surroundings.



Venus rules over the houses of comforts, happiness, stability, gains and profits (4th and 11th houses). During this transit, Venus will be moving through the 8th house of obstacles and unexpected gains, which will result in mental conflicts in personal and familial relationships as well as unexpected professional rewards.

Your professional front accounts for unforeseen income from additional sources as well as inherited money. Your partner's (especially a female partmer) professional abilities with strong communication skills can close some good transactions for you and you will attract the attention of others.

Avoid engaging in any type of financial speculation or risky investment since the likelihood of losing money is clear.

Your personal relationship will be of average strength, so you'll need to strengthen it by showing your partner more signs of love and devotion.

Your friends and relatives might not share your point of view and feel offended by the way you express yourself verbally. Deal with personal or family relationships mindfully.

You will have a favorable perspective of your partner or deserving connections due to Venus' transit through Aquarius and Mercury's placement in the house of partnerships while it is retrograde, making this a better time to concentrate on them.



Venus rules the third and tenth houses of initiative, young siblings, short trips, career, and status. During this transit, Venus will be transiting the 7th house of marriage and partnerships, which will foster passion and tenderness in your interpersonal relationships as well as cooperation in business partnerships.

Professionally, this transit is advantageous for those who are involved in joint ventures or partnerships as entrepreneurs since you will benefit from it. You'll get along well with your spouse, coworkers and superiors, and you'll be equally driven to strive for shared professional objectives that will result in favorable rewards.

If you're single, this transit will help you locate the right person for dating or transform a casual connection into a long-term commitment. If married, you will have a lot of luck during this transit because you will share strong mutual understanding and love.

During this transit in the house of partnerships, your propensity to act responsibly and take care of others will give you the strength to rethink your dynamics vis-a-vis interactions with others at all levels without taking an egoistic attitude.



Venus rules the second and ninth houses of speech, family, finance, luck, spirituality and long travels. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the sixth house, which rules debt, illness and rivals and will reflect conflicts in your interpersonal and familial relationships.

Venus is currently in Aquarius, and this transit will likely assist you with relocating your professional grounds in your current company. As the strain of professional endeavors eases during this time and your effort is acknowledged by your superiors, you will arrange yourself with newfound vigor.

There will be conflicts with your partner and other family members. Your personal life may resemble a war zone due to your heated disputes and tendency to stress yourself out over little matters.

You will need to be adaptable in how you approach and behave in your personal and family relationships by allowing everyone their own space.

With Venus moving through Aquarius, it's important to keep in mind that now is the time to take care of yourself, unwind after a hard day's work, and stop judging yourself for not being perfect.



Ascendant/first and eighth houses of self, nature, personality, obstacles and unexpected gains/losses are ruled by Venus. During this transit, Venus will be transiting the fifth house of love, children and speculation, which will cause intimacy in interpersonal and familial relationships as well as instability in romantic relationships.

The professional front will be advantageous for you at the workplace if you have the chance and power to build your businesses in your present and upcoming transactions. Your hobbies might provide you with an additional source of income.

Your personal life will become unorganized and disrupted as a result of your inconsistent approach, which will reduce the intimacy and passion quotient with your partner. Your partner won't understand the full extent of your inner turmoil and won't feel the same intensity of feelings as you do.

You will have the opportunity to establish strong connections with your romantic partners if you are still single and may have a decent chance of maintaining your casual relationships over the long term.

You will have the creative energy to finish all your unfinished businesses on the professional front with diligence and observe the dynamics of relationships for improvement with a new vision, inspiration and practical approach under the influence of Venus' transit through Aquarius and the conjunction of Venus and Saturn.



Venus rules over the houses of long-distance travel, loss, spending and the seventh and twelfth houses of marriage and partnerships. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the fourth house, which governs household tranquility and wealth. This transit will bring affection and closeness to relationships with friends, family and coworkers.

The professional front will advance and your professional efforts will produce beneficial outcomes with hard work—especially for those working in the creative, art and beauty industries, as well as for those dealing with international markets and those connected to MNCs.

Deals in the real estate sector will result in good benefits, although they might not be realized right once.

With your lover, family, and friends, bells of love, you will have a phase of peace and harmony. If married, you will have enough love and passion in your relationship. If you are seeing someone, love and understanding will develop more naturally during this passage.

At home, try to keep yourself engaged in some sort of planned job to prevent your mental balance from being thrown off.

The transit of Venus in Aquarius suggests that this transit may prompt you to reconsider your professional viewpoints and to engage your Venusian energy for a stronger connection with your partner and loved ones through open conversations and understanding.



Venus governs the 6th and 11th houses of debt, illness, competitors, financial gains and desires. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the third house of initiative, communication, and short trips, which will enhance mutual understanding and warmth in your interpersonal and familial relationships.

Your attention and work ethic will increase on short-term professional objectives and endeavors where you may expect to see good earnings, gains and recognition from your superiors and coworkers.

Avoid making any significant investments since the rate of profit growth can be quite slow.

You may receive a nice vacation package with your family as a reward for your efforts, and this trip might be profitable from both personal and business standpoint. Along with the pleasure of spending quality time with your spouse, friends, or family, this vacation may grant you additional professional credits.

Your partner and you will have a close bond, your siblings will encourage you in your pursuits, and you and your friends will get along well.

Your attention and inventiveness may be given a boost by this transit, and you may feel more motivated and patient to overcome obstacles with Venusian energy.



Venus rules over the fifth and tenth houses of love, procreation, speculation, prestige, and profession. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the second house of family, finances and speech, which will bring love and intimacy to your interpersonal relationships as well as prosperity at the workplace.

As an entrepreneur, you will experience development on the professional front. You will make high earnings from your business dealings, but you should avoid engaging in any financial speculation as it might have a negative impact on your financial situation.

During this transit, salaried employees are expected to have positive advances in their professional lives, including increases in pay and benefits.

Your relationship with your spouse and family will be enjoyable. You'll go the extra mile to please your partner, but it's best to exercise prudence to protect your financial resources. Your family and children [if any] will support you mentally and emotionally in all of your activities and you will have a pleasant, amicable connection with them.

Your personal front will exude the charm of fulfillment in intimate relationships.
Also, you'll be in the mood to redefine your alliances with emotional intimacy and monetary benefits, leaving behind unnecessary gaps and move forward with new vitality.



The 4th and 9th houses of domestic happiness, stability, luck, spirituality and extensive travel are governed by Venus. During this transit, Venus will be transiting in the first or ascendant house of self, personality, and nature, bringing affection and closeness to your personal/family relationships as well as advancement on the professional front.

Your ability to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible during this period of transition for your future will enable you to succeed in all of your endeavors on the professional front.

You'll be motivated to devise novel solutions that are distinct from the conventional method and might result in immediate or long-term profits.
This improvement in your working style may be brought about by the Venus-Saturn conjunction.

Venus's transit through Aquarius is advantageous because it will encourage you to take care of your family, which will be friendly and comfortable with special attention to your needs.

On the other hand, your romantic and loving relationships with your partner will be strengthened by your positive outlook on life.



Venus rules the third and eighth houses of initiative, short trips, communication, siblings, obstacles, and unexpected wins or losses. During this transit, Venus will be moving through the 12th house of loss, expense and travel, which will raise concerns about the stability of your romantic and familial connections as well as the struggle for advancement at workplace.

Any amount of effort will not be able to walk you through with gains during this transit since the professional front will be less advanced than usual.

If you work with foreign contacts or marketplaces, you may be able to make enough money from the deals to subsist. If employed by MNCs or other foreign-based businesses, you may get little benefits.

Avoid engaging in any form of financial speculation on the stock market to prevent severe losses.

Your interpersonal relationships will lack tolerance and understanding. There will be friction between you and your partner, causing personal disputes rather than fostering cooperation.

You may have disagreements with your family and friends that will make you miss being near your loved ones and will be detrimental to your relationships with them.

Venus in Aquarius will enable you to see your own worth, making this the ideal moment to establish a connection with yourself in order to confidently, carefully and diligently prepare yourself for future prospects.


Remedies for Venus Transit in Aquarius

Irrespective of your sign, you can observe the following to lessen the challenges this transit can bring.

  • Donating white candies, especially to young girls on Friday and Saturday, can help you progress.
  • Provide some of your earnings to orphanages, nursing homes and schools for the blind, and try to give the underprevileged one decent meal.
  • Applying fragrance before leaving the house will improve your life and endeavors.


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