Transit of Venus for Aquarius moon sign

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  1. Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Aquarius moon sign
  2. Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Aquarius moon sign
  3. Venus Transit in Capricorn for Aquarius moon sign

Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Aquarius moon sign

Venus is the significator of love, romance, luxury and relationships as per vedic astrology. On 3rd February 2020, Venus will transit in the sign of Pisces and will remain there till 29th February 2020. Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus, hence this is the most favorable placement of Venus and will generally bestow good results. 

Transit of Venus in Pisces will take place in the second house for Aquarius moon sign natives. Venus as the lord of your fourth and ninth house while transiting the second house of personal resources, family wealth and assets, eyes, speech, food habits, savings, voice, material possessions, family bonds, values, memories, education and lineage will manifest these themes in your personal and professional domain.

You will be motivated to acquire wealth and material possessions during this time and your aspirations would be supported by your family. Financial and family security will be important to you during this time and you would long for stability in these areas.

Professionally, you would be desirous of getting involved in business partnerships which will give rise to good financial opportunities, however, excesses and expenditure might drag your attention and would need strict control.

How will this transit affect your professional life?

You will gain information from multiple sources during this transit which will expand your knowledge base and open new avenues of growth for you. This transit will provide you opportune moments to lay a strong foundation for career advancement and you should be attentive and aware to seize the opportunities.

If you are into public relations, social media or online business, you will see good growth and financial gains during this time. Freelancers will also have opportunities for development, as they will be able to bag lucrative projects. However, results will not come immediately and you will have to be patient and persistent.

You might be involved in foreign projects and assignments or may get the opportunity to work with foreign people, which will open doors for professional advancement. You might also have the opportunity to travel overseas during this time, which will turn out to be fruitful.

There might be some dull or monotonous moments in your career during the last phase of this transit or an old pending issue or unfinished task might come up which might create stressful moments. You should remain motivated and focused on your long term goals in order to maintain a good productivity.

Prioritizing your tasks and reevaluating your objectives will also help you to be persistent and persevering towards fulfilling your ambitions. Communication at workplace should be strictly professional during this time and you should be especially cautious while sending out written communication.

You might receive a sudden promotion or monetary incentive during this time, which will serve as an encouragement and help to enhance your financial standing. If you are running your own business, investments will give profitable returns during this time, however you still would need to be careful while making huge investments or entering into contracts.

How will this transit affect you personally?

Your personal life will go through a positive phase during this transit, as there will be happy moments spent with family, friends and loved ones. You will have strong and deeper connections in relationships as there will better understanding of the perspectives of people around you.

Family ties will be strong during this time and your affection towards your family will increase. There might be get-togethers or family reunions, which will bring in joy and happiness.

If you are single and unattached, this transit might bring in a love proposal, which would have the potential to transform into a long-term committed relationship. However, you should be flexible and open minded in your approach towards relationships.

Married couples will go through an average time during this transit as work responsibilities might keep you from enjoying marital bliss to the fullest. Even though your spouse will be lucky for your financial growth during this time and their suggestions and guidance will be instrumental in shaping the future course of your career, there still might be some misunderstandings arising out of lack of time for each other.

You should be polite and positive in your communications with your spouse during this time and try to handle difficult situations with wisdom and maturity to mend the differences and make the best use of this positive transit of Venus.

Valentine’s Day tip: Being considerate about your partner’s needs and being expressive about your love and emotions will help you develop a lasting emotional bond this Valentine’s day.

Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place in the ascendant/lagna house of Aquarius moon sign from 9th January to 3rd February 2020. This transit will demand you to be active and creative to sense, identify and garb the favorable opportunities for success and growth.

Being the lord of your 4th and 9th house transiting in your ascendant/lagna house, Venus is going to make you conscious of your deeds and actions to turn fortunes in your favor, during its transit in Aquarius.

During this transit you will be required to give enough time to your spouse to have a harmonious marital relationship. You will make new friends and elder siblings will have some effective suggestions for you.

Your health may require additional care and attention.  So, keep a watch on your eating habits and lifestyle patterns, during this time.

What will you gain from this transit?

The transit of Venus in Aquarius in your ascendant house will demand you to make encouraging changes in your personality and outlook. It will require you to groom yourself in a way that your thought process and overall approach toward various aspects of life will change for better.

It will also assert due emphasis on health matters, so bringing about a paradigm shift in matters of health and overall well-being will be essential to optimally utilize the benefits of this transit.

You will have numerous prospects to spend quality time with your family members. For those who stay away from their families or homeland, this period will give you opportunities to visit them and be with them.

This will be the time to fulfill the promises that you and your partner would have made to each other. You will be able to take your relationship to the next level, by doing so.

On the work front, this will be a promising transit, where you will get appreciation for your creative and practical abilities and making effective professional decisions.

Your intelligence and creativity is going to give you greater success at work. You just need to patient to grab the right opportunity for success and growth, at the time of this transit.

Overall, this transit will be all about meeting people, building new connections, nurturing the old relations and traveling across the globe.

What you need to take care of?

Aquarius moon sign natives have to remain on guard to shun any negative effects of this transit on their attitude and overall personality. Indications of getting into trivial arguments are huge in this period, so be careful and try to avoid any such instances for a stress-free period.

Expectations can ruin your optimism, so do your work but do not expect much in return and patiently wait for a favorable time to get due results for your hard work and perseverance. Clarity of thoughts and ideas are a must to make it big, especially in the work world.

Professional commitments must be adhered to, under all circumstances. False obligations can prove detrimental for your professional growth and relationships. To get unwavering support of your seniors, during this time, you must commit only as much as you can deliver.

Listen to your spouse for effective discussion and advice, which will not only help you in sailing past some work-related challenges, but will also help you in solidifying your relationship further.

Venus Transit in Capricorn for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to take place in the 12th house of Aquarius moon sign from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020. This period will bless you with gains of wealth and luck, which will help you succeed in all spheres of life.

Global opportunities may surface for the Aquarius moon sign natives, especially in professional or academic fields. These opportunities will be beneficial and will help you in gaining a new perspective and expanding your knowledge base.

Inclination towards philosophy and culture will not just be a hobby, but it can also be cultivated into something that can give you consistent gains.

Aligning well with the energies and thoughts of religious gurus, teachers and mentors will help the Aquarius moon sign natives finding solution to the most intricate difficulties.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the personal life of Aquarius moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Capricorn, Aquarius moon sign natives will get to lead a lavish life. Though, you will have all the comforts, you will still be inclined to spend more on luxurious things. You need to curb this propensity, if you want to have good amount of savings in your account, at the end of the day.

  • Communication will play an important role in strengthening familial ties. Talk to your parents, siblings and even spouse about matters of concern and importance, so that all of you are on the same page.
  • Foreign travel is indicated, this could be with relation to a family vacation, a romantic getaway or could also be a religious expedition, depending on the kind of interest you have, at that point of time.
  • Financial gains will be there, it will add up to the wealth of your family. There will also be an increase in your family possessions.
  • Health will demand attention, so, be cautious of what you eat and how you deal with stressful situations in this period. Plan a proper dietary chart and follow regular exercise regime to stay fit.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the professional life of Aquarius moon sign

The transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to bring about favorable changes in the professional life of Aquarius moon sign natives. This will be your time shine bright and prove your metal to the world, literally, as overseas opportunities seem to suit you pretty well, during this transit period.

  • Dealings with foreign clients, business contacts with global organizations and project work on foreign location will offer you immense success, during this period.
  • Good gains from foreign soil is indicated, which may demand you to travel to these locations for work purpose. Grab such chances, as they will be bringing about radical changes in your career path.
  • For students, too, selection in global universities is indicated. You will finally get to realize your dream of pursuing your academics in the foreign educational institute of your choice.
  • Caution over mysterious rivals are advised, as there are possibilities of being cheated on by a trusted person, in this period.