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New moon in Sagittarius and its impact on the 12 moon signs

New moon in Sagittarius and its impact on the 12 moon signs


New Moon is going to move in to the Sagittarius sign on 25th December 2019. This placement is going to give favorable results to the natives belonging to each moon sign, as Moon will be in contact with its friendly planet.

While, on the larger pane the upshots of this placement will be beneficial, but, your haste and distraction may prove detrimental for your successful stint. So, stay focused and never take the short cut to do anything. Honest efforts and determination are going to be your key to enduring success, in this period.

The association of Moon and Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter is amiable. Therefore, the results for every zodiac is going to be largely auspicious, however, some deviations will be there for specific moon signs.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Aries moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be in the 9th house of spirituality, destiny and long travel for Aries moon sign. This is going to be a favorable period for you, with some restrain over hastiness and swift actions.

You will be required to take care of your parents, as some troubles are indicated over their health and well-being. Other than this, your domestic life will be fruitful and you will add on to your family wealth.

You may purchase a new property or vehicle in this period and will spend on family get-togethers, too.

If married, you will have the support of your spouse, throughout, in dealing with life’s challenges. Long travels undertaken in this period, will prove beneficial.

You will earn well and increase your wealth through investment in real estate, too. Sudden opportunities to earn and to expand the trade will be there, so alertness is advised.

Success will come through hard work and tactful approach. B e practical and trust the facts and not your guts. Any kind of manipulation will give you moderate results and if you implement plans in haste, you may be in for failure or loss in your respective endeavors.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Taurus moon sign

Moving into the 8th house of Taurus moon sign natives, New Moon in Sagittarius is going to offer you some hidden energy which will help you take wiser and effective decisions for a better life.

This transit is going to be beneficial for you to take initiatives on many grounds, especially with respect to your marital life. By doing this you will be able to create a healthy coordination among your physical, emotional desires, which will benefit your conjugal life, in the long run.

While you will be more oriented towards taking care of your career, you will not neglect your personal life, too. There will be balance in your work and love or family life.

On the professional front, you need to be careful of your colleagues and subordinates. Therefore, you are advised to avoid putting your blind bets on them.

You will have a rush of energy and vitality, but, it would be advisable to not overdo physical activity, as it may have a negative effect on your health.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Gemini moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be placed in the 7th house of Gemini moon sign natives. This placement is going to offer promising results in all aspects of your life.

You will have cordial marital relationships and harmonious family environment, in this period. There will be mutual understanding between you and your spouse or lover, which will ensure peace in your personal life.

On professional front, you will get good gains. Partnership projects and group task will give out beneficial results. New business associations will be formed, which will turn out to be fruitful in future.

Financial status will be enhanced, with tact and rational understanding of situations and investment plans. Do not go in for speculative investments, as they could fail you, big time.

Caution over unruliness and impulsiveness is advised, as it can deter your chances of success at workplace and will also prove detrimental for your financial status. Stay focused, plan well and be organized in whatever you intend to do in this period and success will come to you with minimal efforts.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Cancer moon sign

During the movement of New Moon in Sagittarius, it will be placed in the 6th house of Cancer moon sign natives. This placement will give you good results, but with consistent and honest efforts.

Trust your caliber and persistence to deliver desired results in your personal and professional life. Any deviation from the righteous path can lead you towards destruction, so take abode in the spiritual and religious gable to remain on the moralistic path.

There will be no dearth of money, in this period, and it will be readily available for investment purpose. However, you need to ensure that these outlays or deals are carried out with a sane and rational mind.

Health will be good and this will give you more energy to work on new things and initiatives to maximize income gains and social fame.

On work front, colleagues and office staff will be supportive, which will help in concentrating on critical tasks with better focus and attention.

If there are any legal issues, they will be sorted out and ruled out in your favor, during this period. Family life will be full of happiness and there will be an increase in home comforts for Cancer moon sign natives.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Leo moon sign

Moving into the 5th house of Leo moon sign natives, New Moon in Sagittarius is going to enhance your love life. There will be romance, affection and care in the love and conjugal life of Leo moon sign.

This placement of moon is going to fire-up your sensual desires and you will share a good physical compatibility with your partner. Amid this, there will always be an undertone of care and concern for your partner’s feelings. Gladly, this feeling will be mutual and it will make your relationship even stronger.

A check on finances is advised, as unplanned and uninformed investments will give you losses. So, you are advised to invest in safe options and thoroughly check the pros and cons of any deal, investment plan or contract before putting your money into it.

Savings will pose a challenge, therefore, a check on expenditure is crucial to maintain a balance between the outflow and inflow of money. You can take expert advice for dealing in financial matters, if need arises.

Do not be ruled by emotional and sensitive instincts when it comes to dealing in money maters, in this period. On domestic front, avoid being too lenient with your children. They will need your attention and guidance to stay on the right track.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Virgo moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius will be in the 4th house of Virgo moon sign natives. Transiting in your house of domestic peace and harmony, Moon will bring contentment in your marital life.

You will be focused on career to get more income gains, and this will give rise to some challenges in your love and marital life.

Your partner will crave more attention and the differences in your opinion with respect to your professional commitments will lead some confrontations. Therefore, you are required to work towards bringing about balance in your personal and professional life, in this period.

Spending quality time with your near and dear ones will be crucial in maintaining the accord in your familial relationships.

Bringing both personal and professional aspects on a common ground is going to require tact and diplomacy, so you need to embrace these qualities to improve your overall quality of life.

There will be expenditures on partying out with friends, family and colleagues. You will also be quote high on professional outings. However, one of these outings may offer a winning proposal, which will help provide the right amount of impetus to your career.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius for Libra moon sign is going to be placed in the 3rd house. This period will be a little low-key for you and will expect you to exercise caution and restrain over various aspects of your life.

You will have low initiatives but your wisdom will be perfectly intact to guide you through any obstacle in life. Still, you are advised stay guarded as possibilities of failure loom large, under an overconfident spell.

However, your intellect will give you options to manipulate your efforts towards career gains for better results, but do that only if it is permitted the general and own conscience. Be practical but do not underestimate the importance of hard work, at the same time.

Take care of your health, as some complications are foreseen which will require attention, and in severe case even medical assistance. To avoid major challenges on your health take precautionary steps by following strict diet regime and embracing yoga and meditation practices.

You may encounter sudden losses on professional front, so it is recommended to be aware and alert. Do not put too much trust in your staff members and colleagues and be careful of all your professional dealings, in this period.

Likelihood of starting a new venture in a partnership is visible in this period. However, assess all the pros and cons before finalizing any deal.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Scorpio moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be in the 2nd house of Scorpio moon sign natives. This is not going to be a very favorable transit for Scorpio natives.

Your family relations and finances will take a hit, during this New Moon in Sagittarius phase. You will not be able to make good financial decisions as your wisdom will be weak. Similarly, you will not be able to handle personal relationships with care.

It will, thus, be a tough time for your domestic and love life, where you will struggle to maintain the peace and harmony of your conjugal, love and other family relationships.

If married, you will need to pay greater attention towards your children. They will need your care and guidance, as chances of them being swayed away by waywardness and unsavory people is strong.

Take care of your health, as weak financial status, possibility of debts, stress due to career and personal relationships might make you restless and anxious. This may lead to stress-related disorders which could spiral up into something very serious, if not handled well within time, with effective care.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Sagittarius moon sign

Transiting in your 1st house, New Moon in Sagittarius will give you mixed results, which will be positive for your professional life, with some caution, but not that great for your love life.

Since, the first house represents your personality, the New Moon in Sagittarius phase is going to alter it for no greater benefit. You will turn secretive and fearful, as a result of this period.

Your love relationships, in this period, will be flirtatious and more based on physical pleasures than emotional connect.

Despite of a weaker personality, you will still have opportunities play wisely on career and financial front. So, if you can use your calculative and rational skills in an optimal way you may get good returns on investment and good deals in professional endeavors.

Whatever be the case, you are advised to analyze the pros and cons of the situation well, before making a final call.

Since, you will be struggling with finances, it would be recommended to keep a strict check on your expenditures and stay away from any kind of extravagance. Save well and enough for the challenging times, so that you don’t need to ask for unnecessary favors from friends, family and colleagues.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Capricorn moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be moving into the 12th house of Capricorn moon sign natives. This is going to be a fruitful transit for you, just keep a check on your verbal expressions, in this period.

Capricorn moon sign natives will have good family relationships, where peace and harmony in domestic life will be quite prevalent.

You will be able to provide each and every member of your family with personal care and attention. This will make them happy and an atmosphere of amity will be there in your family.

You will be ale to handle the finances with aplomb. At times, you could be pushed and inclined to make some unwanted expenditures, but if you can successfully curb such events, you will be able to hold a financial position, at the end of it.

Your marital and love life will be satisfactory. Expressions of love could be less but emotional support, affection and respect will be mutual. A check on speech, is however, essential to keep annoying arguments over petty issues at bay.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon sign

For Aquarius moon sign natives, New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be placed in the 11th house. This is going to be a pretty good phase for your career, health and finances.

You will have the necessary skills and capabilities to earn well and save enough to expedite your finances. This will be a good period to work towards getting monetary benefits and rise up in the financial position.

On work front, you will earn we and but larger career gains will depend upon the kind and intensity of efforts that you will put in your trade. You will have supportive colleagues and a loyal staff, to work towards the upliftment of your venture. However, nothing can beat the significance of your own efforts, hard work and sincerity that will be fundamental in helping you win in the big league.

Short official journeys may convert into long trips, but will be good for your professional growth and success, in the long term. These journeys may also offer you opportunities to take your family along, however, this will require a lot of pre-planning and organization to be implemented on ground, effectively.

New Moon in Sagittarius for Pisces moon sign

New Moon in Sagittarius will be placed in the 10th house of Pisces moon sign natives. You will be career-oriented and will have good business acumen to make things happen as per your professional desires.

Friendships will develop at professional front, which may translate into a love affair. But, you need to remain cautious, as this could just be a fling or a one-sided love.

At the end, you will only get some gains on professional grounds, but nothing more than this will fall into your lap.

On financial grounds, invest in safe options, as speculations will give you losses. Overall, good financial gains are foreseen, if handled with sanity and care.

Personal life will be stable, with peace in conjugal and love relationships. This will be the time to lie low and nurture any new relationships that you initiate, at this point.

A rise in status and fame could well be there for some of you, basis your professional performance. However, nothing will come through short cuts, and diligence will only lead you to the road to success.