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Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Leo moon sign

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Leo moon sign


To know how various transits of Mars will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

  1. Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Leo moon sign
  2. Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Leo moon sign

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Leo moon sign

Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius from 8th February to 22nd March 2020. For Cancer moon sign this transit will take place in the 6th house of health, well-being, service and employment.

Mars rules the 10th and 5th house of Cancer moon sign natives and while transiting in their 6th house it will constructively influence the aspects related to these houses.

There will be gains from work and also from some previous investments. Family life will be jovial, filled with affection from children and happiness from spouse and other family members.

Love and marital life will be impressive and content for Cancer moon sign natives. Professional attainments will be there through the support of colleagues and seniors, at the time of Mars’s transit in Sagittarius.

Tracing the positive effects of transit of Mars in Sagittarius for you

During the transit of Mars in Sagittarius Cancer moon sign natives will have gains from various aspects of life. Be it personal or professional fruitful results will come to you.

Your marital life will be happy, with mutual respect and affiliation with each other. The support of your spouse will be there through thick and thin and you will make a great team, during this time.

Expressions of love will be open and apparent, leading to a love life filled with action and enthusiasm. Romantic expeditions will help keep the momentum alive, during this time. Not only this, there will be an unexpected gain from your love partner, which will take you by surprise.

Children will be a great source of happiness, and will make you proud through their excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. You will get to spend good time with your family, during the time of this transit.

Meeting with some old friends will take you down the memory lane and you will spend a fun evening with them, reliving all the old times.

At professional front, there will be success and attainments and monetary gains, too. You will get due recognition for your efforts, at your workplace, which will make you happy and satisfied.

If you are looking for a job change, this will be a favorable time to do so and selection in job interviews is indicated, at this time.

Gain from speculative investments (new or old) is also likely, during the time of this transit. This will also be a good time to do some charity and get involved in some religious activities, for inner peace.

Areas of concern during the transit of Mars in Sagittarius

While chances of any major losses are minimal, hasty decision can lead to failure, at times. You are advised to take guidance from your mentors or seniors or elders, at home to avoid such losses and initiate new things on a better note.

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will demand shunning excessive use of electronic gadgets, as they could impact your health. Challenges related to health could be there, so Cancer natives must take care of their eating habits and lifestyle patterns, during this time.

Any legal matter, must be postponed for a better time, as success seems difficult in such cases, during the time of this transit.
Unplanned expenditure is indicated, but you will have good earnings and wealth gains, at this time to take care of such instances.

Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Leo moon sign

Mars will be transiting in Scorpio from 25th December 2019 to 8th February 2020. This will take place in the 4th house for Leo moon sign natives.
Moving into your house of domestic harmony, Mars is going to cause you some troubles, largely in your familial life.

There will be ups and downs in your personal and professional life, where religious activities will help you in moving over the stressful situations.

Health will require greater attention and care, as chances of stress-related problems are highlighted, in this transit period. Diet and lifestyle will need complete overhauling to ensure that you remain in the pink of health.

Property related matters will be a nuisance for your family life and the related relationships. So, try and avoid being part of such matters, during this phase, and delay discussions on them for a later time.

Effect of transit of Mars in Scorpio on the personal life of Leo moon sign

During the transit of Mars in Scorpio, Leo moon sign natives will face some difficulties in family wealth management. Matters of ancestral property may face some disputes, so you are advised to keep such issues on hold, for the time being. Your social life will be active and full of dynamism. Meeting with old friends could be possible, at this time. You will mostly be in a calmer and self-reflective mood and would like to spend time alone, in this time.

  • Arguments with father are foreseen, so you are advised to keep your calm when talking with him. Be respectful towards him and value his opinion to ward off unnecessary disputes, during this transit period.
  • Relationship with mother will get strengthened, during this time. However, you need to pay greater attention towards her health.
  • Your own health will also demand care and attention. Disorders related to digestive system and some other minor ailments are indicated, which if not attended to in time may call for medical assistance.
  • You may invest in property or in travelling to foreign places, during this time. Religious activities are also indicated at home, which will have participation of all your family members.

Effect of transit of Mars in Scorpio on the professional life of Leo moon sign

The transit of Mars in Scorpio is going to be reasonably good for Leo moon sign natives. You earn well through sheer hard work and honest work at work. Whatever career you choose your dedication towards your field of work will get you appreciation, rewards and good income gains, during the phase of this transit. A check on temperament and aggressive attitude is however, required to maintain the harmony at workplace.

  • Research work will have greater possibilities of success in professional field. For those who are contemplating a stint in higher education or would like to upskill themselves can do so in this period, as results will be good.
  • For students, this will be a good time to apply for higher studies and reap the benefits of their hard work.
  • Chances of relocation or transfers at job is indicated. Job change is also possible in this period, be take such steps with a rational mindset.
  • Sudden foreign travels could be there for business or work purpose. Business professional will witness proposals pouring from various sources, around this time.