Mars Fortune Reading

Mars defines the your energy level, courage and sex drive. The characteristics of sexual energy depends on the presence & strength of Mars in your horoscope. Your body heat, drive & actions are due to Mars. Mars is the ‘enterprising spirit’ that aligns your body & mind to work in a specific one direction. A strong & well placed Mars makes you technically sound, logical and a great executor of any work.

Mars signifies your power & passion in life. Mars energizes and stimulates you just like a cup of hot coffee would do, it even ruling over your hemoglobin level. A fit and youthful body that can raise the bar against all odds denotes a strong Mars. Mars is a boon when placed in certain positions in the horoscope. While in the other positions, caution needs to be exercised. Mars in 10th house and in 3rd, 6th and 11th house lends strength to the horoscope and gives some peculiar beneficial skill set to the native.

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The Mars Fortune Reading would cover the following for you:
  • Strength of Mars in your horoscope
  • Areas which are being ruled by Mars and are positively influenced by it
  • The result of powerful Mars
  • When the results will manifest in your life
  • Some suggestions to hold on to your luck
  • Vedic remedies if required to optimize the benefits of Mars in your horoscope and to bring down the negative forces in your chart.
  • You can ask ONE specific question too.
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