Health & Immune System Analysis

Health & Immune System Analysis

Medical astrology is effective in decoding the status of your health. It can point out:

  • How robust is your immune system?
  • What are some specific time periods when you must take extra care of your health?

Your horoscope is the key to your health:
Your rising sign, ascendant as well as the ascendant lord, Sun & Moon are the most important aspects which decide how healthy you are born and how you would maintain your health throughout life. Besides this, the dasa pattern also ensures the timelines when you are likely to encounter some diseases and how you would cope up through those periods.

It is also a fact that despite born with a certain level of immunity, your body undergoes a cycle of highs and dips in immune level throughout the year. There are certain transits that promote good health, while other trigger seasonal infections and ailments which are short term in nature.

Cyclical patterns of high & low immunity:
The indications of diseases as well as their recovery points are embedded in your horoscope. The transit of planets also plays key role. A malefic planet transiting over your ascendant or an already afflicted area of your chart would denote the time period of distress.

Your Health & Immune System Reading can help you understand two basic factors:
  • Your inherent body immunity
  • How your body would respond to the periods of cyclical high & low periods of health & immunity. It can help you resume your movement and plan economic activity in today's context with confidence. 

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Your Health & Immune System Reading would cover the following:

  •  Level of overall body immunity & basic health check by Vedic techniques
  • Combinations that cause ailments and hold back good health in your chart
  • The upcoming transits & their effect on your health - any major illness indicated
  • Ways to keep the ailments away or under check
  • Detailed reading during next 100 days
  • You can ask ONE specific question with your reading too  

Your Health & Immune System Reading

Your health status over the next 100 days

Your Health & Immune System Reading + with dates

Your health status over the next 100 days
Plus the periods of  high & low immunity

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