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Rahu Transit for Leo

Rahu Transit for Leo


In Vedic astrology, Rahu & Ketu are known as shadow planets. When they are posited positively in the houses of a horoscope, they offer sudden success in career and inflow of wealth. While in case of poor positioning, they usually create critical situations for health & relationships.

Rahu will transit into the Gemini zodiac sign on March 23, 2019 and would stay in there till September 19, 2020. As per Vedic Astrological, Rahu and Ketu can impact your life drastically as per the house they reside in.

  • Rahu, the north node of the Moon will transit in the 11th house of Leo natives in the Gemini sign.
  • Ketu, the south node of the Moon will transit in the 5th house of Leo natives in the Sagittarius sign.
  • Rahu and Ketu transit in 2019 commence from 23rd March 2019 and will conclude on 19th September 2020.

Leo Rahu Transit 2019

Rahu will be in the 11th house of gain of Leo natives. It is likely to expand the sources of your income. You will enjoy gains from your elder siblings. Also, be ready to welcome some unexpected sources of income in 2019 due to Rahu’s transit.

If you are confused about the growth in your career then career related to online media, television and photography will bring great opportunities to grow and succeed in 2019. You will earn name and fame from the Rahu transit in 2019.

  • Rahu will transit through the “Punarvasu” and “Ardra” constellation. Both of these constellation fall under the Gemini zodiac sign through which Rahu will pass in its 2019 transit.
  • “Punarvasu” is the constellation of Jupiter. During the transit Rahu will provide you chances to be guided and supervised by your elder siblings. Friends would help you in situations of difficulty.
  • “Ardra” the constellation of Rahu is likely to bring best results through online business. Your sources of income will swell and might even bring the unexpected profits.

Your kids might face some health issues, so be vigilant. Education of your children will be your chief concern. Students are likely to struggle while concentrating on education. There are chances that due to poor attention & dedication their result will get affected.

Your friend circle has likelihood to expand and there will be rise in the social status. Good time to spend with friends. This would be a very happening time of your life as Rahu will bless you with plenty of opportunities to dance & party with your friends.

Sun will be in close conjunction with Rahu in Gemini sign from 15th June to 17th July. They will conjunct in the 11th house of gain due to which it is recommended to avoid any big investment during this period.

It is not a good time to get into arguments with friends or siblings. Things can get dirty and can affect the relationship for good. Watch your each and every move as your image will get affected badly during this period. Avoid indulging in any work which goes against the law of your society.