Saturn transit in Capricorn: What does it mean for Aquarius moon sign?

Saturn transit in Capricorn: What does it mean for Aquarius moon sign?


Saturn will begin its journey in Capricorn on 25th January 2020 and it will remain there till 30th April 2022. Being the slowest moving planet, Saturn’s effects (whether good or bad) will be long-term. For Aquarius moon sign, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn will be the start of the ‘Sade Sati’ period. You might start experiencing some hurdles in your personal and professional life, during this period. The challenges are not going to be grave, but precaution is advised.

The position of Saturn in your birth chart, during its transit in Capricorn, explains its impact on you.

  • For the individuals born in the rising of Aquarius, Saturn will transit in the 12th house of your birth chart.
  • It will rule your 1st and 12th house, and will aspect the 2nd, 6th and 9th house, thus, effecting areas encompassing expenses, savings, wealth accumulation, health, travel, spirituality and career.

Saturn’s effect on your 12th house of expenses will increase your spending

Saturn’s through the 12th house will not be very favorable for the Aquarius ascendant. It will put hurdles in the way of your savings, wealth accumulation, abroad travel and spiritual liberation. Your expenses will go up, immensely, and you will not be able to generate or gather much wealth.

Financial matters will be the area of concern and will require discretion.

  • Expenditure will rise – mostly on health related matters. There are chances of hospitalization but the ailment will not be very serious.
  • All sources of income generation and accumulation will be closed for the transitory period.
  • Savings will deplete – but you can put up with this phase, if you plan wisely, cut on wasteful expenses and start saving for the future, today.
  • Foreign travel is not on the cards. Even if it will happen, it won’t be a fruitful trip.
  • Your spiritual inclinations will expand, giving you a sense of liberation and detachment from materialistic things.

Saturn’s aspect on your 2nd house of possession will hinder wealth acquisition

Aspect of Saturn on the 2nd house of Aquarius moon sign will not be very auspicious. As Saturn will transit in Capricorn, it will diminish the financial status and stability of the Aquarius ascendant. Your wealth accumulation will be negative effected. Your ability to earn and access to parental fortune will be impacted. Your relationship with your siblings will suffer and you be emotionally stressed, during this transit period.

  • You will not be able to amass a lot of wealth. Existing wealth will also diminish.
  • Financial stability will dwindle, and you may not be able to grow your possessions. Buying any valuable or luxurious goods is not advised.
  • There will be hurdles in accumulation of parental wealth. Property related disputes might crop up, which can even hamper your relationship with your siblings.
  • Saturn will cast its bad spell on your savings and your financial progress will be delayed.
  • You might develop health complications, special consideration must be paid to any eye-related problems.

Saturn’s aspect on your 6nd house of well-being will delay chances of success in career

Challenges in career and health will impede the overall well-being of the Aquarius ascendant, as Saturn transit in Capricorn. You enemies will be active, and will try to pull you down, to keep you away from achieving your goals. You will feel gloomy and your physical strength will also weaken.

Health will be an area of concern, don’t ignore any illness that might surface during this transit period.

  • Employment opportunities will be delayed – if you are looking for a new job, you will not get much success.
  • For working professionals this period is going to be full of challenges and difficulties. Job change is not on the cards, so even if you are not happy at your current work place, you need to stay put.
  • Your enemies will pose obstacles in your road to progression. If you are in business, competition will mount and you need to pull-up your socks to keep pace with the opponent.
  • Your debts may rise, but, this will be a momentary phase and shall pass in due time.
  • Your health needs attention – joint problems and stomach disorders must not be overlooked.

Saturn’s aspect on your 9th house of spirituality will take you on the path of illumination

Also known as the ‘Dhrama Bhava’ in Vedic Astrology, Saturn’s aspect on your 9th house will make you spiritual. If you already have a penchant for religious philosophies, you will be further inclined to understand the word of mystic.

Venus rules the 9th house and Saturn feels happy in the company of Venus, thus, the influence of Saturn on this house will give favorable results to Aquarius moon sign.

  • Spiritual inclinations will ascend further, with Saturn placed in the 9th house of your birth chart.
  • You will have a philosophical bent of mind, which will help you justify the hardships that you will face in this transit period.
  • You actions will be governed by ethics and morality. The good ‘Karma’ that you attain here will also assist you in sailing through the deep waters.
  • Your relationship with your ancestors will strengthen – which will give you a sense of security and wisdom.

Any uncertainties or worries during this transit period will not be too big to be handled by you. The same Saturn which has thrown you into this turbulence will give you the wings of faith and determination to rise above the adversities.