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Transit of Mercury in Libra for Scorpio moon sign

Transit of

Transit of Mercury in Libra is going to happen in the 12th house of Scorpio moon sign natives. This transit of Mercury will start from 7th November and will end on 5th December 2019. During this Mercury will be in a state of retrogression until 21st November 2019, post which it will be moving towards Scorpio sign.

Being the ruling planet of your 11th and 8th house, Mercury is going to bring about certain changes at your workplace and towards your spiritual inclinations. During the time of transit in Libra, the retrograde Mercury which will be in your 12th house is going to be in the company of Sun, which is the lord of your house of career.

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Since, retrogression of any planet is the time to exercise certain level of restrain, similarly retrograde Mercury transit in Libra is going to demand reassessments of things at your end. You need to work towards achieving success on both personal and professional lives, regardless of the environment that you are operating in, only then you are going to get the desired results, during this period.

On work front

Mercury’s presence in the 12th house of Scorpio moon sign can bring about a steady increase in their expenditures leading to financial imbalance. Sudden travels may also lead to expenses and the outcome will not be as per the expectations.  

  • Tread with caution and rationality while approaching tasks at workplace. Thus is not the time to be swayed away by emotions or trust on somebody. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mind active to assess pros and cons of a possible deal or project before finalizing it.
  • Your work environment may change, which could be an unpleasant experience but do not make that an excuse for the shortfall in your performance or productivity, if you want to taste success in this transit period.
  • Expect a sudden proposal from foreign land or from a foreign client that would prove beneficial for your career.


On personal front

The transit of Mercury in Libra in the 12th house of Scorpio moon sign is going to cast a spell on your health status. Avoid any kind of debates and arguments at personal front to maintain sanity and peace in love, marital and family relationships.

  • Be cautious as enemies will try to create problems and confusions in your personal life and this could lead to tensions in your marital and family life.
  • Try and give more attention to your love life, otherwise troubles may crop up in your love paradise.
  • You will be spiritually inclined and may take on some religious trips with your family, in this period.