Venus in Transit in Virgo - A close Look on your Relationships

When the planet of love and luxury, Venus travels and transits into the sign of Virgo, which is an earth element, one is likely to be rooted and grounded. This transit will have an effect on all the moon signs especially on your relationships- both professional and personal, depending upon your favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit affecting relationships on all the zodiacs.

Venus in Transit in Virgo - A close Look on your Relationships


Venus is the planet of beauty, luxury, sentiments and materialistic pleasures and will enter its Sign of debilitation Virgo on the 11th of August 2021 and will remain in this Sign till 6th September 2021. Venus is the significator of marriage as it occupies the 7th house in the natural zodiac where this feminine planet depicts the warmth and depth of bonding in all relationships. Venus is exalted and debilitated in the dual sign of Pisces and Virgo.

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Venus will transit in the debilitated sign Virgo and this transit will give less progressive results. So, let us observe its effects on all Moon signs.

  1. Aries

Venus will be in the 6th house of debt and disease and during this transit period you are likely to face contradictions in your personal relationships with partner or spouse due to the lack of mutual understanding. Your partner is likely to face health issues during this transit which will require vigilance over health matters. Repayment of loan and conflicts with your professional partnership is expected due to negligence and caution is advised over finances.

  1. Taurus

Venus will be transiting in the 5th house of love and creativity and those partners who are in love relationships will face conflicts over small issues due to lack of personal coordination which will bring about a loop in your personal relations. Your professional ventures may face the phase of stagnant vibrations of ideas where you will find it difficult to improvise your creative ideas into your creative profile. The medical or health sector professionals will enhance their profile and will possess an increment in their work profile.

  1. Gemini

The transit of Venus will be in your 4th house of stability and domestic peace during this period. There will be less cordial relations among the family members due to lack of mutual understanding and you will feel alone amidst all of them. The spontaneity and warmth of personal relations will be missing in your relationships. Professionals will imbibe a mixed trend in their career where some of you will have to put extra efforts for your career success but it may be a progressive time for the hospitality and healthcare professionals. Caution is advised over laundering your money in expenditure and worthless investments.

  1. Cancer

Venus will be transiting through its 3rd house initiative and siblings during this time. You will face challenges with your relationships with your siblings and you will have to mend ways to get the semblance in your relationship for their support. You will require constant attention on your personal closeness with your partner. Keep vigilance over your expenditure and caution is advised over your finances to avoid money debt for your immediate needs and professional ventures will require extra efforts for success in ventures.

  1. Leo

Venus for Leo natives will be transiting in the 2nd house of family and finance. Your professional arena will be lined up with challenges and you will not get any appreciation for your efforts as an employee. As an independent entrepreneur you will face setbacks in your good will in your respective professional market. More efforts are required on a professional level to keep vigilance over your finances over any unproductive professional pursuit. You will have to be polite and maintain behavioral decorum in your personal and family relationship to earn their affection.

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  1. Virgo

Venus will be transiting in its 1st house of self where your analysis will be strong and you will doubt your own caliber during this transit and you are advised to avoid any major changes in your personality which will not bring any positive impact on yourself. You will lack your stability of security concerning your income and expenditure. Your personal and marital relations will miss the spark of romance in their relationship and you will face the phase of disharmony with your partner.

  1. Libra

Venus will be transiting in the 12th house loss for Libra natives. You will have to keep your health in the most important priority list by maintaining your good eating habits and daily exercise regime to balance your health concerns. Your personal relations will face issues regarding your intimacy in relationships in both personal and marital relations. Your professional tour will consist of efforts in the initial part of this transit to attain the success in your ventures but the end of the month will bring monetary gains as the results of your efforts.

  1. Scorpio

Venus will be transiting through your 11th house of incomes and gains. You will face a tough time in your professional arena where you will not be convinced with your earnings and your expenses will be more than your income. You will have to be diplomatic in your personal and familial relations and you are advised to be less emotional in your relations with your dear ones. You are advised to keep your materialistic comforts aside over your relations or else it will deteriorate your relationships.

  1. Sagittarius

Venus will be posited in the 10th house of career and your career will bring conflicts and dissatisfaction over the professional front as your associates and colleagues will not be very convinced with your professional attitude and you will find it hard to win over your enemies. You will face complexities in attaining perfection in your personal and family relations so you should light the candle of your wisdom and pay quality time attention to your family and your partner to portray your love and affection for them.

  1. Capricorn

The transit will be posited in the 9th house of fortune and spiritual growth. Your professional arena will be marked with discontented relationships with your seniors and this may lead to contradictions in your professional growth. Your personal relationship with your partner and family will be less cordial and you are advised to communicate with them and bridge down the gap to foster a smooth relationship. Students will have to work hard for your educational prospects and your academic negligence will affect your results.

  1. Aquarius

Venus will be posited in Virgo in the 8th house of hurdles and sudden gains for the Aquarius ascendant. Venus is a beneficial planet for Aquarius natives but this transit will be less progressive for you. Your professional routine will not be graceful by itself but you will have to work hard to get professional success and monetary gains. Your domestic arena will be lined up with tensions in your family relations and any kind of auspicious event should be marked with delay when the transit of Venus will be beneficial.

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  1. Pisces

Venus will be posited in the 7th house of marriage for the Pisces natives and the location of transit of Venus will not be favorable for you. You will face conflicts in your personal and marital relations during this transit, so you are advised to maintain your calm and discuss matters with your partner with open verbal communication which will release your stress. You will not have beneficial aspects in your professional front and you will attain all your energy to tackle all your professional hurdles which will bring less progressive impacts in your business dealings. So you are advised to handle all your personal and professional with caution to make both your arena progressive.