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Transit of Mercury in Libra for Taurus moon sign

Transit of

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Taurus moon sign is going to take place from 7th November to 5th December 2019. During this time Mercury will be in the retrograde motion until 21st November 2019, post that it will go direct in the Scorpio sign.

Since, Mercury rules the 2nd and 5th house for the Taurus moon sign natives, they need to watch out for their arbitrary communications and temperamental streaks. As Mercury will pass through the Swati nakshatra during its transit in Libra, the Taurus moon sign natives will get a communiqué to not put their blind faiths in anybody – be it friend, family or any work associate.

The presence of the Sun along with the retrograde Mercury in Libra indicates that Taurus moon sign natives could face some health issues, during the period. You are thus, advised to pay heed to your physical and emotional well-being and do not hesitate to consult a doctor, if things go out of control.

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The company of Sun is going to be a plus point for Taurus moon sign natives during Mercury’s transit in Libra, but Sun will have a lesser strength and power, in this period. So, it would be better for you to have a humble disposition for effective professional and personal results.

An overseas trip is also on the cards, but it won’t give you desirable results, so you may choose to escape it for better.

On the work front

Mercury’s transit in Libra is going to make the Taurus moon sign natives career-oriented. However, you will be required to put in extra efforts to get to your professional objectives. A healthy work-life balance will be the key to build a robust life, during this transit period.

  • If you want to get recognition in your job, you will need to polish your creative and inventive abilities, to stand apart from the competition, in this period.
  • Honesty, integrity and humbleness are going to give you better professional outcomes.
  • Stay away from unnecessary arguments and do not invest in share market, in this period.


On personal front

The transit of Mercury will bring about some sudden unpleasant modifications in the health state of Taurus moon sign natives. There could also be an unexpected increase in your expenditures and savings might also get diminished, as a result. Family and love relationships will have to stand up to the test of time. To make things work you will have to embrace humility, patience and modesty and turn away from your ego.

  • Your love life will be outlined with lot of ups and downs and you will need to keep aside your ego, if you want this relationship to work in the long term.
  • Your relationship with your mother will also be under threat and thus, you are advised to avoid any arguments with her, during this period.
  • You will get to make some new friends and social connections in this period. However, it would be good to stay away from social media for a while, as it may get you into some awful situation.