Transit of Mercury in Libra for Capricorn moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Capricorn moon sign


Transit of Mercury in Libra is going to be a productive and fruitful period for Capricorn moon sign natives. This transit which is going to take place in their 10th house of career or karma, is going to push their fortunes in their chosen career field.

The Mercury is going to begin its transit in Libra from 7th November and will remain the 10th house of Capricorn moon sign natives, during this time, until 5th November 2019. As Mercury is retrograde at the moment, it is going to stay in this state until 21st November 2019.

The effects of a retrograde and direct Mercury transiting in Libra will be varied for Capricorn moon sign, who will witness old or forgotten opportunities or relationships getting revived, in this period, and will also go on making new connections, with ease.

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This time period is going to offer them immense growth and accomplishments at work, and it will be the right time to sow the seeds of hard work which is going to bear sweet fruits of success in the future.

On work front

Transit of Mercury in Libra will be a good time for Capricorn moon sign natives at work. You will get to do the job you wanted to do for long. This could even mean that you may get a promotion or transfer to another department or location, which will offer you greater satisfaction from your work and workplace.

  • You will make some new connections, in this period, which will prove beneficial for your career in the long run. Business professional will gain some new clients and investment proposals, which will help them in expanding their venture.
  • You will get the required support of your colleagues, staff and seniors in reaching your professional objectives.
  • This will also be the time to finish off your uncompleted tasks which has bene lying pending on your desk for long.

On personal front

Mercury transit in Libra will take place in the company of Sun, which signals some unpleasant impact on the health and well-being of Capricorn moon sign natives. So, you are advised to be cautious of any health needs that may arise in this period and do not neglect even a small health problem.
Other than this, you will have a happy and content family life.

  • The peace and harmony in your personal and domestic life will help you move forward to pursue your career objectives with greater confidence and motivation.
  • You will get respect and affection from your family members and especially from your children, in this period.
  • A check on periodic spurts of aggression will help you in sustaining the amity at home and in your marital and love relationships.