Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Pisces moon sign

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  1. Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Pisces moon sign
  2. Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Pisces moon sign

Transit of Mars in Sagittarius for Pisces moon sign

Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius from 8th February to 22nd March 2020. For Sagittarius moon sign this transit will take place in the 10th house of career.

As Mars is the lord of your 2nd and 9th house, its transit in your 10th house will activate the matters represented by each of these houses. Care is recommended, at this time, as challenges are indicated on various levels.

Career will demand focus, during the time of this transit. Patience and perseverance will be deemed essential for success at professional front, at the time of this transit.

Excessive workload could pose a problem to health, so keep a check on it and ensure that you do not take the stress of work home, for a happy family life.

Tracing the positive effects of transit of Mars in Sagittarius for you

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will demand patience and diligence on the part of Pisces moon sign natives to give out the desired results at home and workplace.

Still, luck will favor your expeditions at work and professional challenges seem to get away from your path with your positive approach and determined outlook.

Some unexpected and sudden business proposals will come your way, during the time of this transit. These will be beneficial for you, in the long-term. Do assess them from all aspects before signing on any contact or deal.

New projects at workplace could be assigned to service professionals, so be ready to take up the challenge, as this will be a step in the direction to get greater success and achievements in life.

New career opportunity with a foreign company or in the foreign land can be there for some of you, during this time. Overall, it is will be a fruitful period for career related areas, where support from seniors and elders will motivate your further to take risks and emerge winners.

For students born under the Pisces moon sign, good success and favorable outcomes in higher education are indicate, in the period of Mars’s transit in Sagittarius.

On the personal front, you will get to spend quality time with your loved ones, during the time of this transit. Unplanned get together with family members, will add joy and cheer to your life.

If you are married, this will be a good time to share some alone moments with your spouse to strengthen your relationship further. Make your partner feel special by presenting them with the gift of your presence, so that they feel secured and cherished.

Areas of concern during the transit of Mars in Sagittarius

During the transit of Mars in Sagittarius, Pisces moon sign natives need to focus on their work and career with patience. Aggression and arrogance is a big no, at this time.

To avoid stressful situations, at home, leave work related tensions and load, at your workplace. When at home, be at home in all your physical and mental capacity and offer undivided attention to your family members, especially to your wife and children.

Some unplanned expenditures in meeting family needs can be incurred, at this time, so be prepared and save enough to accommodate such contingencies.

Keep a close watch on your health, as it might get affected because of work load and professional pressures. Doing meditation and yoga, on a daily basis, will help resolve such issues. Besides your own health, health of your children will also demand extensive care and attention.

Your marital life will otherwise be content, but will lack physical intimacy, so keep up with this momentary phase.

Transit of Mars in Scorpio for Pisces moon sign

Mars will be transiting in Scorpio from 25th December 2019 to 8th February 2020. This will take place in the 9th house for Pisces moon sign natives. This transit is going to make the Pisces moon sign natives highly spiritual and religious in their thoughts and actions.

While you will have a favorable period in ere, but to maintain the positive effects of this transit you need to ensure that you are not hasty or anxious while taking critical decisions, as it could bring about detrimental outcomes.

Your social status will rise, but you need to remain cautious of the kind of actions and responsibilities that you undertake during this period.

Health will demand cautions and care, especially from any kind of mental unrest. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and embracing regular exercise regime to ward off unnecessary troubles to health.  

Effect of transit of Mars in Scorpio on the personal life of Pisces moon sign

The transit of Mars in Scorpio is going to mainly influence your religious outlook. Your spiritual enlightenments will give you a new and much profound perspective of things happening around you. Still, you could be confused, at times, mostly with regard to your domestic affairs. In such scenarios you must take advice from your parents or spouse for better clarity and effective decision making.

  • You will have numerous opportunities to travel, both within and outside the country. Adventure trips with siblings, friends and children will offer the much needed enthusiasm in your life.
  • Arguments with family members are also indicated, especially with your in-laws (if you are married), so ensure that you keep a check on your temperament during such times.
  • You will find great support ion your friends and close acquaintances during this time. Listen to them when stuck with any complicated situation.
  • Love life will be monotonous and stable, with no major activities being indicated, during this time. Taking a fun trip with your partner will help bring in some amount of pleasure in your life.

Effect of transit of Mars in Scorpio on the professional life of Pisces moon sign

During the transit of Mars in Scorpio, Pisces moon sign natives will have a favorable professional run. You will have opportunities to get gainful returns from foreign travels. Global connections will help you expand your venture and take it into a fruitful direction. Advancement in career will come through with lot of hard work and efforts. Stay determined and focused on your ultimate objective, never deviating from the righteous path.

  • Possibilities of higher education are there in this transit period, for students born under the moon sign of Pisces.
  • Those who are contemplating job change, must wait for better time to take the plunge. Important career related decisions must be deferred to a better time of the year.
  • Your need for independence is going to be enhanced during this time, so, you will flourish in autonomous endeavors. However, taking the advice of seniors, spouse and parents in critical matters would be advisable.
  • You must stay highly cautious in legal and policy matters, during the period of this transit. You must base your decisions on rationality and logic than emotions.